King of the World

King of the World
Vol: 37 Issue: 23 Saturday, October 23, 2004

In a couple of years, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan’s term in office will come to an end and the UN will be searching for a new king for the global debating society.

And, given the unfolding details of the Oil-For-Food investigation that continue to pile up on his door step, the job may come up vacant even earlier than that.

The Oil-for-food program, as everybody knows by now, was established by the UN in 1996, ostensibly to ease the impact that economic sanctions were imposing on ordinary Iraqis.

The project was a fool’s errand from the beginning, but it was popular among the Useful Idiot Brigades who argued sanctions should be lifted altogether because Iraqi babies had no milk and Iraqi hospitals had no medicine.

It was a fool’s errand for reasons that should have been obvious to the most intellectually challenged member of the UN Security Council present on voting day: Iraqi babies had no milk and Iraqi hospitals had no medicine because of Saddam Hussein, not because of UN sanctions.

But the UN’s ‘solution’ was to allow Saddam to sell limited amounts of oil in order to make money to buy ‘Iraqi babies milk and Iraqi doctors medicine’ — voting into the record the implausible assumption that Saddam cared more about Iraqi babies than he did his grip on power.

The Oil-for-food program generated enough money for lots of milk and medicine — about sixty thousand MILLION dollar-bills (if there WERE million-dollar bills).

But in January, an Iraqi newspaper listed about two hundred seventy foreigners suspected of illegally profiting from the oil sales. There were more accusations in a report by an American team, the Iraq Survey Group. Chief American weapons inspector Charles Duelfer, a special adviser to the Central Intelligence Agency, prepared the report.

The report said Saddam Hussein made eleven thousand million dollar-bills himself, all in oil profits outside U.N. control. It said his government imported military equipment and other illegal goods.

The report says the former government offered deals to hundreds of individuals, companies and governments in an effort to end the U.N. restrictions.

Many offers were aimed at Russia, France and China, all permanent members of the Security Council. The report also says there were illegal oil sales to Jordan, Syria, Turkey and Egypt during the full period of the restrictions.

Benon Sevan, the former chief of the U.N. oil-for-food program, is listed among those said to have received vouchers. He has denied any wrongdoing. So have Russia, France and others named in the report.

And at the top of the pile is Kofi Annan — a king so out of touch with his kingdom that he decreed that the new, struggling (and innocent) Iraqi government must foot the bill for the investigation of how the UN stole its money in the first place.

Incredibly, Annan’s argument amounted to the fact that, at thirty million dollars, it is only a drop in the bucket compared to what was already stolen from them, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. Nobody laughed.

While the money earmarked for Iraqi babies and Iraqi hospitals flowed into the pockets of the thieves, Saddam’s bloodbaths continued without interference.

Indeed, when the United States declared ‘enough!’ the thieves marshalled their Useful Idiot Battalions the world over to march in solidarity with Saddam, while chanting “Bush’s War” and “no blood for oil.” (Evidently, no food for oil was ok.)

I used to get a lot of flack from readers for referring to the antiwarriors as ‘useful idiots’ — I don’t so much anymore. As the details unfold about the complicity of nations with the UN to steal thousands of millions, it becomes perfectly obvious how useful they were to the theft.

That they were idiots is self-evident. Particularly since they still haven’t shut up, even after they found out what they were defending.


Under the watchful eye of Kofi Annan, millions have been slaughtered, from Kosovo to Iraq to Rwanda to the Sudan. Uncounted billions of dollars were stolen to line the pockets of greedy diplomats, all of which was stained with Iraqi blood.

Despite all that, the UN still has its worshippers. Kofi Annan received the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the UN, while helping to keep a murderous dictator in power until Iraq’s oil wealth could be squeezed dry.

Among the UN’s worshippers are the man who would be the next President of the United States, if there are enough useful idiots left in America to give him the job.

Another is the former president, Bill Clinton. Clinton has been campaigning for Kofi Annan’s job since before he left the Oval Office.

According to a 2003 column by the Pittsburg Tribune-Review, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan is “under pressure to resign before the end of his second term in 2006.” Should he do so, the General Assembly would select his replacement, on the recommendation of the U.N. Security Council.

It noted that Clinton had already lined up support for his candidacy for the secretary-general position from Germany, France, England, Ireland, New Zealand, a handful of African states, Morocco and Egypt, and it is unlikely Russia or China would object.

And it is worthy of note that, while the United States hosts the UN’s headquarters in New York and is its single biggest contributor, no American has ever held the post of Secretary-General.

Globalists seem to love scoundrels. Kofi Annan can do no wrong. Yasser Arafat has more friends than Ariel Sharon. Fidel Castro is just a much-maligned victim of US imperialism. Jacques Chirac enjoys global respect.

While George Bush is arguably the most globally hated American leader in world history, Bill Clinton is arguably the most universally loved — by everybody except the anti-globalist American right.

I am not suggesting that Bill Clinton is running for the role of antichrist. Personally, I think he would be a good candidate, but he doesn’t fit the Bible’s profile. Neither does the UN. But he is the perfect man to finish the job of eroding the United Nations credibility that Kofi Annan started.

The Bible says that under the final form of global government, the power will emanate from revived Rome. As Europe expands, the UN increasingly looks to it for many of its institutions, like the World Court, World Bank, and, most recently, for its standing army.

The United States is steadily being pushed to one side. If Bill Clinton were appointed King of the World, there is no reason to believe the trend will do anything but accelerate.

A Clinton kingdom would be closely watched by his UN subjects for signs of favoritism towards the United States. That pretty much guarantees there wouldn’t be. If anything, Secretary Clinton would have to side AGAINST American interests to prevent appearing to side WITH American interests.

The effect at home would be to accelerate the growing calls for America to pull out of the UN, while increasing America’s global isolation.

Clinton is as unpopular among Americans as he is loved among the Europeans. A US pullout from the UN would mean its collapse. The European Union is the only realistic candidate to step in and pick up the pieces.

Allow yourself to speculate a little about the kind of relationship that would exist between the United States and a European UN in which America was not a member?

How possible does it seem — given the current state of global affairs? Barring a miracle, I don’t see how world events could play out any other way.

Either Kerry subordinates us to the UN, forcing a Congressional showdown and ultimate US withdrawal from membership, or the European and Islamic-dominated UN will force a showdown with George Bush over the issue of global sovereignty.

In either case, UN membership is for us, much like it has always been for the Israelis. It is more like being a observer at an enemy war council than a membership within the council of nations. Eventually, it outlives its usefulness and becomes a threat.

The pendulum began to swing away from ‘usefulness’ during the Bush vs Saddam global popularity contest leading up to the 2003 Iraq war. When Saddam Hussein won the prize in the category of ‘Most Believeable’.

The pendulum passed the half-way point when it turned out the contest was rigged and the judges were bribed, but Saddam still got to keep the title.

(John Kerry has built his entire campaign around his faith in Saddam’s worthiness to that title, in fact.)

No matter who wins in November, one thing is obvious. The UN, in its present form, is doomed — not just according to Bible prophecy — but by the force of unfolding events driving it inexorably towards the edge of the cliff.

No matter who replaces Kofi Annan, from America’s perspective, the UN is not just ‘irrelevant’ — it is an active antagonist.

And a US pullout spells its end — by anybody’s analysis.

Why I Think Bill Gates Is Really the Antichrist. . .

Ok, I am kidding about Bill Gates being the antichrist. But after yesterday, I have to hate somebody. Somehow, a virus managed to evade an internet security suite (that I have trouble penetrating most of the time) and ate my computer.

Well, not exactly, but the net result was the same. It ate a bunch of my operating system files — just enough of them to make it useless. One of the parts of the operating system it made inoperable was system restore.

After three hours of trying to make a dead horse jump, I gave up and reinstalled my operating system. That took most of yesterday, but finally, I got everything installed. Then the final reboot.

No internet connection. I spent the next couple of hours tweaking and fine tuning, trying to fix the problem.

(Of course, the problem was the last thing I actually diagnosed.)

My cable modem needed to be reset — but by the time I realized that, I had so bolluxed things up on my computer trying to fix something that wasn’t broken that I broke something I had already fixed.

Sigh. But I was finally connected to the Internet and could limp out there and finish the millions of Windows updates. Maybe one of them would reset whatever I unhinged.

Then came Service Pack 2 — and it was time to nuke it and start all over again. (Evidently, it only installs right the first time if you are hopping on one leg while patting your head and rubbing your stomach when you press the ‘any’ key. I think I did them in the wrong order)

By the time I got my Bill Gates’ Miracle Time-Saver Computing Machine restored and re-protected (from all the stuff he forgot to fix before he sold it to me), I had spent an entire day working in order to end up where I had started before the thing broke down in the first place.

Without ever getting a chance to do the job I bought it for in the first place.

The irony of it all would have kept me awake, if I wasn’t so tired after working all day with my only accomplishment being arriving where I started . . . or something.

In any case, if there WERE an election for antichrist, I think I’d have to vote for Bill Gates.

Sorry about yesterday’s Omega Letter.

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