10,000 Lawyers

10,000 Lawyers
Vol: 37 Issue: 21 Thursday, October 21, 2004

One could argue convincingly that America entered into a period of cold civil war on November 2nd, 2000. The post election recount debacle exposed Al Gore and his party as a ‘second’ America, and creating the ‘Red State/Blue State divide.

All wars, even cold ones, have underlying causes. Taken to its lowest common denominator, the Red States believe that our rights are guaranteed by our Creator, whereas the Blue States believe they are guaranteed by government.

The Red States believe that certain things are so obviously wrong that defining them as wrong is unnecessary, whereas the Blue States are in a perpetual search for the next legal loophole.

Don’t misunderstand — I am not saying everybody in the Red States thinks one way, or that everybody in the Blue States thinks another. But in each case, the majority of voters do.

At stake in the ongoing cold civil war is nothing less than America’s future as a sovereign nation. That is why US politics is so important to Bible prophecy for the last days. Because America isn’t there.

The four predicted spheres of global power are already in place. The Gog-Magog Alliance, the Kings of the East, the Kings of the South and the revived Roman Empire all exist in some form today.

Remove the United States of America from the global equation and the world is divided up along the EXACT geopolitical lines the Bible prophesied. Without the United States as the world’s only superpower, the only power strong enough to step into the vacuum is the steadily expanding European Union.

Consider this statement carefully. As long as the United States remains the world’s most powerful and influential nation, the Tribulation Period CANNOT begin. In a natural sense, it is the United States that currently functions as the ‘restrainer’ in this world.

No nation could move against Israel in a world dominated by the United States. The Gog-Magog alliance couldn’t. The Europeans couldn’t. The Islamic ‘Kings of the South’ are restrained, as are the Kings of the East, by the United States of America.

THAT is what makes America’s political civil war so relevant to the study of the last days. It could not possibly be MORE important to understanding the signs of the times. It is no coincidence that the world’s only Christian country is absent from the Big Picture after the Restrainer is taken out of the world.

If EVERY single Omega Letter were about US politics, we couldn’t do justice to the relevancy of America to the last days’ scenario.

Culturally, America is, as I noted, the world’s only Christian nation. An ABC News poll conducted in February found more than 80% of Americans identify themselves as Christians. While we can quibble about how many are real Christians as compared to cultural Christians, the fact remains that America is as Christian as Israel is Jewish.

Americans have always been extremely religious and overwhelmingly Christian. The 17th-century settlers founded their communities in America in large part for religious reasons. Eighteenth-century Americans saw their Revolution in religious and largely biblical terms.

The Revolution reflected their “covenant with God” and was a war between “God’s elect” and the British “Antichrist.” Jefferson, Paine and other deists and nonbelievers felt it necessary to invoke religion to justify the Revolution.

The Declaration of Independence appeals to “Nature’s God,” the “Creator,” “the Supreme Judge of the World,” and “divine Providence” for approval, legitimacy and protection.

Noted the Wall Street Journal recently,

“When asked in 2003 simply whether they believed in God or not, 92% said yes. In a series of 2002-03 polls, 57% to 65% of Americans said religion was very important in their lives, 23% to 27% said fairly important, and 12% to 18% said not very important. Large proportions of Americans also appear to be active in the practice of their religion. In 2002 and 2003, an average of 65% claimed membership in a church or synagogue. About 40% said they had attended church or synagogue in the previous seven days, and roughly 33% said they went to church at least once a week. In the same period, about 60% of Americans said they prayed one or more times a day, more than 20% once or more a week, about 10% less than once a week, and 10% never. Given human nature, these claims of religious practice may be overstated, but the extent to which Americans believe the right response is to affirm their religiosity is itself evidence for the centrality of religious norms in American society.”

One can learn a lot about America by looking at what Americans think is funny. Jay Leno told one joke last night that captured the essence of the cold civil war ongoing between the two Americas.

“Al Gore accused President Bush of using religion to support his presidency. And George Bush fired back that ‘Al Gore’s just mad because God made me president.'”


The Al Gore joke is fitting, because it was Al Gore who first declared war on Red State America. Al Gore initially conceded defeat in 2000, going so far as to call George Bush on the telephone to congratulate him on his narrow victory.

The next morning, Al Gore awoke to find out just HOW narrow, called Bush, retracted his concession (unheard of in US political history) and launched an all-out assault on the election process itself.

He challenged the voting machines, the honesty of election officials, fought to suppress the military vote, attempted to disqualify entire categories of voters, and brought America to the edge of a Constitutional crisis that had to finally be solved by the US Supreme Court.

Losing seemed to unhinge Gore somewhat. In fact, John Podheretz speculated in a New York Post column that he believed Al Gore had gone legally insane. But the insanity infected Blue State America as well.

Blue State America (the Democrats) has spent the last four years systematically dismantling America, keeping its promise to destroy the Bush presidency by ‘any means necessary’ — and at whatever cost.

Bob Just noted in a column at WorldNet daily that, “The furious fringe is taking over the party. They are solidified in their sense of victim hood. They aren’t looking for compromise, but for total victory revenge almost in fulfilling their vision for a new America, one that has nothing to do with biblical Christianity or Judaism, the pumping heart of true Americanism.”

During the Iraq War, Blue America took every opportunity to undermine the administration — and the United States, giving aid and comfort to the enemy, while reshaping world opinion of America with phrases like ‘selected and not elected’ and ‘regime change’ and ‘Bush lied, people died’.

That it aided America’s enemies is a no-brainer. The terrorists are crazy, but they are not stupid. They know that a divided America is easier to defeat and they are doubtless endlessly grateful for the daily reports from US newspapers that encourage them to persevere in their cause.

Just as the Democrats seem endlessly grateful to the terrorists for each act of terrorism, so that they can trumpet America’s failures as evidence we are fighting the ‘wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time’ hoping to scare enough votes to their side so that they can win this year’s election.

Consider this. The Kerry campaign told Fox News this weekend that they have recruited an army of TEN THOUSAND lawyers — just in Florida — to challenge the results of this election. John Kerry has announced that he will challenge the election results, whether the vote is close or not.

With less than two weeks to go before Election Day, an unprecedented number of lawsuits challenging basic election rules are pending in many of the battleground states.

“Bush v. Gore really let the genie out of the bottle,” said Richard L. Hasen, an election law professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. “Election law has become just another part of the political strategy of the parties.”

Democratic legal specialists are ready to wage recount battles in as many as five states at once. The Kerry campaign said it has raised more than $3 million for legal expenses.

Incredibly, the Democrats are openly admitting that if they can’t win the election, they intend to attempt a legal coup d’etat — using an army of lawyers instead of armed revolutionaries — but a coup effort nonetheless.

“This has been one of the top, if not the top, priorities,” said the Kerry campaign’s general counsel, Marc Elias. “The legal team is satisfied that we are working for a candidate who will not shy away from a full engagement with the other side.”

The Kerry strategy is to win the election. For four years, the Democrats have been exploiting voter anger over Election 2000, promising Anybody but Bush will restore integrity to the electoral process.

But just in case, they have an army of ten thousand lawyers standing by to steal it. And, even if it doesn’t work this time, the DNC thinks long-term.

If they can keep the ‘selected not elected’ label on Bush for another four-year term as a lame-duck, they hope America will be in such a mess by then that voters will rush to join the Blue States. That is the game plan, and it is already in play.

In terms of Bible prophecy, it could not be clearer how it all will turn out.

During the Tribulation, the Bible says there is no ‘restrainer’. And the world’s only Christian country is mysteriously absent from the Big Picture. Taken as a whole, it gives a new sense of urgency to what Jesus meant when He said;

“And when these things BEGIN to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” (Luke 21:28)

Tick . . . Tick . . . Tick. . .

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