Judas Would Have Been Proud

Judas Would Have Been Proud
Vol: 37 Issue: 19 Tuesday, October 19, 2004

It is somehow, fitting, that the dawn of the 21st century would witness what is the first truly planetary scandal in world history. Oh, nations have betrayed one another in the past — that’s what causes wars — but this is a case of the world betraying a people.

The Oil-For-Food scandal is, at its heart, the story of the time the world openly conspired together and sold an entire people for money.

Again, that isn’t all that unique among nations. But seldom in history have so many countries conspired together to trade a nation’s treasure for the souls of that nation’s people.

That is what the United Nations has done — and continues to do — to the people of the Iraq. Iraq isn’t Saddam Hussein — it never was. Iraq was and is a nation consisting of human beings with the same potential for greatness as any other group of human beings.

Iraqi children are like our children. Iraqi families care for one another as we care for ours. Iraqis have brave men willing to trade their lives for freedom just as we have.

One need only think about the fact that the terrorists keep blowing up Iraqi army and police recruits as they line up outside recruiting stations. The next day, the lines are even longer.

The United States is under global condemnation for being the only honest broker in the Iraq affair. Only the United States and a handful of allies were willing to do the decent thing for Iraq and expend blood and treasure, not just to remove an obvious threat, but to stick around afterwards and give the Iraqis a shot a greatness.

A chance to build a free society — unique in the region — despite the global enmity this unselfish act of humanity has earned America and its leaders.

From John Kerry to the New York Times to the ABC Evening News broadcasts, the stereotype that America is a global bully led by an incompetent pretender who is bent on conquest is reinforced and polished and packaged and presented, not just to America, but to the entire world.

The only country in the world, apart from Iraq, that wants to see George Bush reelected is Israel. This is to be expected. They understand freedom and peace can only come with security.

It is an object lesson in the decency of nations governed by Biblical principles that the Jewish state harbors no animosity against the Iraqi people. Iraq joined in the pan Arab efforts to annihilate Israel in the 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973 wars. During Gulf War 1, thirty-nine Iraqi Scuds rained down on Israeli cities.

Israel, like the United States, puts the responsibility for such conduct where it belonged. Not on the Iraqi people, but on Saddam Hussein and his Ba’athist thugs.


As the United States continues its own investigation of the UN Oil-For-Food Scandal, new Iraqi documents appended to the Duelfer report published last week identify figures in Russia, France and the Vatican as alleged recipients of oil deals personally approved by Saddam Hussein.

Duelfer’s report documents how Benon Sevan, the top U.N. official who ran the Oil-for-Food Program, purportedly got deals for 7.2 million barrels of Iraqi oil. One focus of investigators is Kojo Annan son of U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan who once worked for a Swiss company hired by the United Nations to inspect Oil-for-Food shipments.

Saddam had American customers, as well. The Duelfer report indicates Houston oil mogul Oscar Wyatt got oil allocations from Saddam which could have earned him and Coastal Corp. a company he founded and ran until 2000 profits of more than $22 million. Wyatt and wife Lynn are major donors to political causes: since 1989 they have given nearly $700,000 in contributions, of which more than $500,000 went to the Democrats.

When the decision was made to remove Saddam, the administration was opposed domestically by the Democrats. At the UN, we were blocked by the backroom machinations of French diplomat Dominque de Villepan, stonewalled by the Chinese, openly opposed by the Russians, while the Vatican issued pronouncement after pronouncement against going to war.

At stake, we’ve since learned, were the lives of hundreds of thousands of ordinary Iraqis who were systematically being starved and killed — for profit — while the profiteers blamed the United States for the carnage. Had the US lifted objections, the UN would have long since lifted the sanctions against Saddam.

In lobbying efforts to have the sanctions lifted, useful idiots from the United States and elsewhere produced documentaries depicting the plight of suffering Iraqis dying of malnutrition and disease, thanks to US unwillingness to lift the sanctions.

It was this lobbying effort that was responsible for the creation of the Oil-for-Food program in the first place. Between Kofi Annan’s ability to use the fund as a personal bank account and the oil deals Saddam was subsequently allowed to allocate in return for favors, the world effectively sold out the Iraqi people for money.

Make no mistake — Kofi Annan and the top UN officials, together with the French Russians, Germans, Chinese — and even some American Democrats — KNEW what atrocities Saddam inflicting on his population. After the Gulf War ceasefire, Saddam rounded up and killed insurrectionists in full view of UN peacekeepers.

Defectors from Iraq were all thoroughly debriefed by UN officials, as well as officials of the governments where they sought refuge. Oh, they knew what life was like for an Iraqi citizen of Saddam’s regime. Be sure of that.

A full accounting of the money stolen by the UN and the Axis of Weasels may never see the light of day — but it is certain to run into the tens of billions. That’s ‘billions’ with a ‘b’.

(A million seconds is twelve days. A BILLION seconds is thirty-two years. A billion is a lot of money — especially to Iraq)

The evidence is now legion of the $10 billion or more grafted by Saddam out of Oil-for Food; the expired medicines and rotten cooking oil shipped into Iraq; the relief funds spent on palaces, fancy cars, illicit arms, and whiskey for Saddam’s Republican Guard.

Yesterday, Kofi Annan announced that the UN could not afford to pay the estimated thirty million dollars it will cost the UN to investigate the UN’s ripoff of the Iraqi people.

In his capacity of King of the World, Kofi Annan decided that the tab for investigation into where all Iraq’s money went should be paid for by the remaining money in the UN’s Oil-For-Food account! In other words, the remaining money not yet stolen from Iraq by Saddam, the Axis of Weasels or the UN already. I’m NOT making this up!

The UN has failed miserably. It failed the Iraqi people. It failed the people of Rwanda. It is failing the people of the Sudan. It is currently failing the new Iraqi government. It has made a career out of failing the Israeli people. It has failed America.

Instead of representing the interests of the people of the world, it represents the interests of a selected group, mainly among the European and Islamic blocs.

But, incredibly, the UN continues to exist. Its days are clearly numbered, but its time has not yet arrived. According to Scripture, the final form of global government will be the ‘ten toes’ of a revived Roman Empire — the modern EU.

But Europe isn’t quite ready yet. America still stands in her path. For now.

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