Feeding the Dragon

Feeding the Dragon
Vol: 34 Issue: 26 Monday, July 26, 2004

While the Western propaganda machine continues to spin out stories about America’s leadership and how dishonest and evil they are, it turns a completely blind eye to the activities of its sister organization in the Arab world.

The New York Times has murdered millions of trees in order to communicate the evils of the Bush administration to the Arab world, but nary a sapling has been sacrificed to give coverage to something as inconsequential as the evils of the enemy.

In the Middle East, there is a saying; “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” If the Western media were accurately reporting the anti-American incitement still ongoing in allegedly ‘moderate’ places like Saudi Arabia, support for the war would rise — which would aid George Bush’s reelection effort.

The Arab world wants to see John Kerry elected over George Bush — all the polls bear that out. So does liberal America. ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’ principle in action.

Given that Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Wahabbi Islam, Osama bin-Laden, the modern concept of ‘jihad’, and sixteen of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers, it seems odd that the only evil the liberal Western press can locate currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


News Flash! The true source of evil facing America isn’t the President of the United States, even if you don’t like him. Even should the unthinkable actually happen and America decides to trust John Kerry with its national survival (let THAT scenario play out in your mind for a second), the true source of evil will remain the ideology that drives young men to kill innocent strangers in order to receive an eternal ‘reward’.

The Saudis claim they are opposed to Islamic terror and that terrorism in any form is against Islam. Evidently, the folks down at the Saudi Ministry of Education didn’t get the memo.

An investigation by the Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace looked into what Saudi kids are learning in official Saudi government-sanctioned schoolbooks.

Here are the kinds of things you won’t learn from our own press, currently preoccupied with explaining why the Arabs hate us because of George Bush.

Saudi children in order to learn proper diction, are taught to saw the following phrase;

“Now [Palestine] is occupied by the Jews, a people of treachery and betrayal, who have gathered there from every place: from Poland, Spain, America and elsewhere. Their end, by God’s will, is perdition.”

In geography class, they learn that New York Jews are actually behind what Saudi kids call ‘the gang state’ occupying ‘Palestine’.

In history, schoolkids learn that the Jews were behind the First World War and the Bolshevik Revolution. (Not to mention both Gulf Wars.)

Among the standard classes in the Saudi education system, of course, are classes in Islam. While the Saudi government assures the West that Islam is a religion of tolerance and love, one text book has school kids filling in the blank in the following sentence: “Those who have incurred God’s wrath are_________.” The correct answer to that question, according to the teacher’s edition, is “The Jews.”

Saudi ‘education’ is free from kindergarten to the university level. By the time Saudi kids have finished with their primary education, then they are ready to enter universities like Un al-Qura.

Dr. Ahmad abd al-Latif teaches there. al-Latif was asked on the Saudi government-owned TV1;

“Some imams and preachers call for Allah to annihilate the Jews and those who help them, and the Christians and those who support them Is it permitted according to Islamic law?” Professor Al-Latif responded: “What made them curse the Jews is that the Jews are oppressors The same goes for the Christians, because of their cruel aggression against Islamic countries while the truth is that this is a crusading war whose goal is to harm Muslims. This is why a Muslim is allowed to curse the oppressors from among the Jews and Christians Cursing the oppressing Jews and the oppressing and plundering Christians and the prayer that Allah will annihilate them is permitted.”

On May 10, Dr. Yassin Al-Khatib, a professor of Islamic law at Um Al-Qura University, declared on the UAE’s Al-Majd TV;

“. . . the honor, blood, property and mostly the fact that they entered the country [i.e. Iraq] make it every Muslim’s duty to go out against them, not only the Iraqis. This is every Muslim’s duty. Jihad today has become an individual duty that applies to each and every Muslim. It is forbidden for a person to remain silent When the Muslims fought in Afghanistan they destroyed the Soviet Union, which was a superpower. It collapsed and Allah willing, so will this [the U.S.] collapse.”

Saudi preacher Sheik Said Al-Qahtani told his Iqraa TV audience;

“In this case, there is no choice besides defense, self-sacrifice, and what religious scholars call Defensive Jihad We attacked their country, and this caused them to wake the dormant enmity in their hearts Especially since there is global Zionism, the enemy of Islam, and Judaism, and fundamentalist Crusaders They interpret this whole incident as only the beginning and thus there is no choice but a preemptive strike. . . .Allah said, ‘prepare against them all the force and horsemen that you can.’ What for? In order to strike fear into their hearts At the same time, [we should] establish strategies for the future, even if only for the short term, and prepare so that one of these days, even 100, 200, or 400 years from now, we will become a force that will be feared by the infidel states.”

Consider the choices facing the editorial boards of the liberal left spin machine, as exemplified by the New York Times. (But you could also use CNN, the Washington Post or the LA Times as examples. It’s just the New York Times is the one that claims to be America’s ‘newspaper of record’ — so they asked for the spotlight)

The Saudis continue to turn out ideological jihadists despite assurances to the contrary. Bush relied on the same intelligence every other country had regarding Saddam’s WMD program when he made his ‘Yellowcake’ statement that was eventually vindicated by the 9/11 Commission.

So the editorial board meets to sift through the news to determine what is the most important information Americans need to know.

(“Hmmm. A tough call. Saudis Train Jihadists to Kill US? or – British Intelligence Report May Have Been False? Stop the presses!” Headline: Bush Lied)

In the last days scenario as outlined by Scripture, all of America’s traditional enemies play prominent roles, from the Russians to the Chinese to the Islamo-facist Middle Eastern states to Europe. The central focus of global attention is the tiny state of Israel. All the major players for the last days are on stage, already on their marks, and awaiting their cue.

Except America. For whatever reason, she isn’t there.

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