Special Report: Bizarre in Boston

Special Report: Bizarre in Boston
Vol: 34 Issue: 25 Sunday, July 25, 2004

Democrats are gathering in Boston for their national convention – with John Kerry expected to be crowned as their nominee to run for president. With just 100 days left before polling day, Kerry told the New York Times enough time remained for him to prove his credentials on national security.

“I’m just quite confident that as the next months of the campaign go on, I am going to have the ability to be able to make it clear to America that I can make this country safe and strong,” he said.

This morning, as part of its coverage of the week-long party, MSNBC profiled the beginnings of John Kerry’s political career, including considerable footage of young John Kerry’s criticism of the Vietnam War and the men who fought in it.

The footage included the famous medal-throwing incident in which Vietnam veterans took turns throwing their medals over the White House fence. There was footage of John Kerry describing his former comrades-in-arms as ‘monsters’ who committed unspeakable atrocities in combat.

I don’t know if it was deliberate or not, but during the commercial break, a John Kerry campaign ad aired in which Kerry’s service in Vietnam and his three Purple Hearts were the highlight of the spot.

It was probably a coincidence that it aired when it did, but it seemed more than a little bizarre to watch the young John Kerry damning all Vietnam veterans as monsters in one moment, and then to see an older John Kerry asking voters to elect him because he is a Vietnam war ‘hero’.

Even more bizarre, given the circumstances, was when MSNBC returned to its coverage of John Kerry, describing his efforts to convince America that the Kerry/Edwards ticket will make America safer than George Bush — because Kerry served in Vietnam while Bush was a National Guard pilot, ‘ensuring Texas didn’t get invaded by Oklahoma’, as Kerry once sneeringly described it.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think John Kerry quite gets it. The Vietnam War is over, and we lost. The reason that we lost was because of John Kerry and his compatriots. The Vietnam War had been won militarily in 1969, but the political war concurrently waged by Hanoi on the home front was racking up victory after victory. Hanoi’s aim was to use public opinion to accomplish what the communists failed to do using force of arms.

In the political war against America, Hanoi’s top ‘general’ was John Kerry. The Watergate Scandal resulted in a judicial coup d’etat by the Democrats against Richard Nixon. John Kerry led the anti-war front, while Hillary Clinton was among the fresh-faced Democratic lawyers orchestrating Nixon’s ultimate removal from the Oval Office.

I know, I know. Nixon broke the law. Then he lied about it. So did Johnson (Gulf of Tonkin), as did Kennedy before him (Bay of Pigs) and Eisenhower (Gary Powers/U2 incident) before him . . . I could go on, but that should be sufficient to making the point.

Historians like to explain it as a ‘turbulent time in our history’ and let it go at that, because nobody wants to be seen defending Richard Nixon. Forget about Richard Nixon for a minute, and look at the Big Picture.

The sitting President of the United States was forced from office — during wartime — over a cover-up effort that, when compared to the whoppers told by his three consecutive predecessors, barely rose to the level of a scandal, let alone a full-blown impeachment. With Nixon’s resignation, Gerald Ford became the first appointed President in US history. (Nixon appointed Ford as VP after Agnew had similarly been forced from office)

Are you starting to get the picture? No? Within months of Nixon’s resignation, Hanoi declared victory over South Vietnam and Saigon was renamed Ho Chi Minh City.

We now return to John Kerry’s Vietnam ‘service’ — not the part he wants to highlight, but the part he wants to hide. The part where he went to Vietnam, somehow managed to garner three Purple Hearts in four months without actually getting hurt, before returning home to lead the political effort to end the Vietnam War in Hanoi’s favor.

What Kerry doesn’t get is that there aren’t any more Vietnam War protestors, especially among its veterans. Like Kerry, they’ve gotten older, and now see things from the perspective of hindsight. In retrospect, they see what their comrades died for. One need look no further than what Vietnam became once the North took control. I typed the search phrase “Vietnam Christian” into Google and the following news report came up second.

“An estimated 400 Christians have been killed in brutal repression of peaceful and prayerful demonstrations by Montagnard Christians in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, according to the Barnabas Fund, quoting information from The Montagnard Foundation.

The report states that on Saturday April 10 up to 400,000 Vietnamese Christians, from the Degar people, gathered in several Vietnamese cities to demonstrate against the government s refusal to allow them to follow the Christian faith freely.

“The demonstrators in the cities, which included the Central Highland city of Buonmathuot, were attacked by soldiers, police and other Vietnamese civilians. The Christians were shot at, beaten with electric batons and bombarded with rocks and stones. Hundreds were killed (400 according to one report) and many others have suffered broken bones,” the Barnabas Fund said.”

To get a sense of what Americans shed their blood on the battlefields of Vietnam to PREVENT, browse http://www.persecution.org/Countries/vietnam.html — judge for yourself.

The men who died in Vietnam didn’t ‘die for nothing’ — they died for a noble cause that guys like John Kerry dragged through the mud for their own political gain. They died for the cause of freedom — to prevent Vietnam from becoming what it is today. They didn’t die for a lost cause; the cause was betrayed for political gain.

This week, the Democrats will honor their heroes, with Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore and Jimmy Carter all slated to speak to the party faithful, and by extension, to the nation and the world.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Watergate lawyer. Bill Clinton, who avoided the draft by breaking the law, Jimmy Carter, who was elected on a platform that amounted to a total capitulation to Hanoi. Al Gore, whose own service in Vietnam was the subject of controversy after it was revealed that Senator Gore’s son Al was kept from combat and had a cadre of ‘bodyguards’ assigned to him.

All there to introduce John Kerry, the antiwar leader that Richard Nixon himself called the ‘most dangerous’ of the antiwarrior leadership. Kerry will undoubtedly cite his service in Vietnam, proudly display his medals that he once claimed to have returned in the medal-throwing protest, and talk about how only John Kerry can keep ‘America safe’.

And there are still people out there who think they are too smart to be brainwashed. Even as their brains are in full spin cycle. Previous generations of Americans would shake their heads in astonishment — this generation is unique.

It is the generation that will one day worship the antichrist, mindlessly chanting the mantra of the day;

“And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?” (Revelation 13:4)

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