Fact or Fiction?

Fact or Fiction?
Vol: 33 Issue: 27 Sunday, June 27, 2004

Being temporarily internet challenged until we can move into our house, I ve had little material to work from other than the talking heads on TV.

Good heavens! (And more Americans get their news from ABC than any other source.)

I listened to one hour s worth with a notepad at my side. I just jotted down the allegations and compared them to just a few of the known, indisputable, provable facts.

Allegation: There is no evidence of pre-9/11 collaboration between Saddam Hussein s government and Osama bin-Laden.

Fact: New documents signed by Uday Hussein prove that there was a direct, collaborative effort to conduct joint terrorist attacks between Iraq and bin-Laden s group that were, in the words of the Iraqi intelligence document, initiated by our (Iraq s) side.

Allegation: The White House ginned up evidence to support a case for war.

Fact: There is clear evidence that until America actually got boots on the ground, that EVERYBODY, from the French to the conveniently amnesiac Al Gore, ALSO expected to find WMD.

Allegation: Saddam did NOT have weapons of mass destruction because he destroyed them all during the weapons inspection s regime.

Fact: There exists the possibility that those weapons may yet turn up either buried in Iraq, or transferred to neighboring Syria or Lebanon. At best, all we know now is that we can’t find them.

Fact: Saddam Hussein used weapons of mass destruction on numerous occasions in the past.

Fact: In order to use weapons, one must first HAVE them.

Allegation: The Bush administration did not have Congressional authorization for invading Saddam Hussein s Iraq.

Fact: Congress authorized the White House in September 2001, to make war on any country that collaborated with al-Qaeda.

Allegation: The Bush administration used the 9/11 attacks as an excuse to remove Saddam at the expense of the war against al-Qaeda.

Fact: America made war on Afghanistan in October, 2001. Documents found there linked al-Qaeda and Taliban to Saddam Hussein.

Fact: America did not go to war against Saddam Hussein until 2003, and after those linkages discovered in Afghanistan had been investigated.

Allegation: The United States acted unilaterally in invading Saddam s Iraq.

Fact: The United States headed a larger coalition of nations when we went into Iraq in 2003 than his father put together in 1991.

Allegation: The United States ignored the United Nations, and in so doing, defied world opinion.

Fact: The Oil-for-Food investigation has already established that UN officials, French officials, German officials and Russian officials were being paid off by Saddam Hussein.

Allegation: The United States was only interested in stealing control of Iraq s rich oil fields.

Fact: The first thing the United States restored to Iraqi sovereign control was Iraq s oil industry.

Is there an alternate universe? If not, somebody is lying. Check the facts. Maybe I’m the liar. Or confused? Or uniformed? You tell me.

Things that are different are not the same.

Note from Jack:

It appears we will be able to take possession of our home sometime tomorrow. I have an appointment scheduled for Wednesday to install broadband, and the phone goes live on Thursday.

In the meanwhile, a friend of mine told me he has broadband wireless so I can come over and sit on his deck in the mornings and work until everything is finally set up. God bless you all for your prayers. And God bless America.

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