The Media’s Memorial Day

The Media’s Memorial Day
Vol: 32 Issue: 30 Sunday, May 30, 2004

The memorial honoring what is now officially known as ‘the Greatest Generation’ was, fittingly enough, timed to open for this year’s Memorial Day. Those who fought World War Two aren’t known as the Greatest Generation just because they endured the challenges of war, although that by itself would qualify its members for the title.

Throughout the history of warfare, the principle; ‘to the victor go the spoils’ generally described the purpose of warfare in the first place. The Axis’ goal was world domination, and they raped every country that they conquered.

But when they were conquered in turn by the Greatest Generation, the victors turned the spoils back over to the vanquished. For the first time in the history of war, (but not the last) nations vanquished by the Greatest Generation could count on emerging from the conflict better off than they were when the entered it.

(This was famously illustrated by the hysterically funny Peter Sellers in the 1960’s movie, “The Mouse that Roared.”)

It is hard to imagine the hardships endured by the men who landed on the Normandy beacheads. The late Stephen Ambrose and WWII historian (and veteran) helped design a computer game called Medal of Honor that simulates the journey from the landing craft to the seawall at Normandy from a first person perspective. (Ambrose oversaw the historical accuracy of the simulation)

Playing it, one wonders how ANY of the flesh and blood heroes it simulates ever actually made it to the seawall alive.

It strains the limits of the imagination to contemplate what it must have been like to be one of the men climbing up the sheer faces of the cliffs at Normandy as enemy forces shot them down from above.

And having survived, imagine the prospect of facing perhaps YEARS more of the same, liberating the whole of Europe, one town at a time.

The Greatest Generation was the generation that, having endured all that they endured at the hands of a determined, sadistic and vicious enemy, left their bitterness on the battlefield and built a world in which most of their children lived out their lives having never heard a shot fired in anger.

The Greatest Generation is also so-titled because of the tenderness with which it is treated by the media. It was the Greatest Generation that built and controlled the great media empires of their time. The veterans who had seen war understood both the cost of war and the price of peace.

They didn’t come home to saturate the pubic with stories of American atrocities against the enemy. They didn’t defame the men who fought and died for freedom, or those who survived to enjoy its benefits.

America’s warriors were portrayed by John Wayne and Randolph Scott, and they weren’t cowards or baby killers. To this generation, they seem corny and almost like caricatures, but to their audiences of the time, they were believable because they reflected the character and nature of the people that they attracted to the theaters.

There were honors and parades and plenty of commentators lamenting the passing of the Greatest Generation (somebody calculated it at 1,057 a day) and there were news cameras all over the place to capture the event — before broadcasting snippets of it in between stories of military misconduct and accusations of war crimes being leveled against US troops fighting in Iraq.


As America honors — and deservedly so — the generation that made America the greatest nation in the history of the world, an ROTC recruit complained to the New York Post Friday, “I’ve been called a baby killer,” by her fellow students at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University.

The future military officer told the paper, “I was thinking, I took an oath to defend their right to call me that.”

The peace and safety that was won by the Greatest Generation is now being defended by troops no less committed to America than were their grandparents, but it seems unlikely they’ll get any parades.

Since none of the other efforts to discredit the administration have borne fruit, the media has decided to attack the current Commander in Chief through his troops.

Consider the efforts that have been tried so far without success;

The war against Saddam was a neoconservative conspiracy, a capitalist conspiracy, a Zionist conspiracy, a Jewish conspiracy, and, according to some, a conspiracy between all the above and the faceless ‘oil companies’, (which are not to be confused with OPEC — the liberals LOVE those guys!)

Howard Dean went so far as to claim Bush knew in advance of the September 11 attacks, but did nothing to stop it. Dean’s comments were immediately picked up by the wire services and flashed to every newspaper editor in the world.

Then there was the effort to claim there is no evidence of a link between al-Qaeda and Saddam. (Despite reams of evidence to the contrary that seldom gets mentioned outside the pages of the Washington Times).

There has been what can only be called a bizarre effort to convince America there is absolutely no evidence that Hussein ever possessed WMD s, effectively rewriting history as it unfolds.

None of that has worked. So now the mainstream has turned on the military forces fighting in Iraq, representing them as war criminals fighting an illegal war.

Right now, as we honor the sacrifices made by our fighting men in prior wars, there are convoys of reporters scouring Iraq and Afghanistan, looking for former detainees to tell their stories of abuse and torture at American hands.

America is a nation at war. We are in a battle for our national lives, against a world filled with enemies. Even our alleged friends are suspicious of our motives, prepared to accept any story that confirms their pet suspicions, to the point that even when confronted with the evidence, still condemn us for removing Saddam Hussein and his terror machine from power.

And most of the anti-American propaganda abroad is being spread by the liberal media and American politicians so hungry for power that America’s national interests are secondary to partisan propaganda. And the idiots that support them.

The media’s Memorial Day honors those who protected America’s freedom in past wars. As we pray for America, let us remember those who are protecting us right now. May God bless and keep them safe.


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