No Wonder Nobody is Talking

No Wonder Nobody is Talking
Vol: 31 Issue: 29 Thursday, April 29, 2004

This morning’s headlines are inaccurately reporting that a peace deal had been negotiated between the Fallujah fighters and the US and that the Marines were pulling out and being replaced by elements of the Iraqi military. Shortly after the story hit the wire services, the Pentagon denied it, saying that at the moment, the two sides aren’t even talking. Such a deal seems unlikely, in any case.

The uprisings in Fallujah and Najaf were organized and often carried out by members of Saddam Hussein’s secret service, who planned for the insurgency even before the fall of Baghdad, according to a Pentagon intelligence report.

The report states that Iraqi officers of the “Special Operations and Antiterrorism Branch,” known within Hussein’s government as Force M-14, are responsible for planning roadway improvised explosive devices and some of the larger car bombs that have killed Iraqis, Americans and other foreigners.

Suicide bombers are using explosives-laden vests made before the war under the direction of of M-14 officers, according to the report, prepared by the Defense Intelligence Agency. The report also cites evidence that one such suicide attack last April, which killed three Americans, was carried out by a pregnant woman who was also an M-14 colonel.

The report’s findings were based on interrogations with high-ranking M-14 members who are now in American custody, as well as on documents uncovered and translated by the Iraq Survey Group.

The seven-page “Special Analysis” was written under Defense Intelligence Agency guidance by the Joint Intelligence Task Force, which includes officers and analysts from across the civilian and military espionage community.

The document says that “cells of former M-14 personnel are organizing and conducting a terrorist I.E.D. campaign against coalition forces throughout Iraq. The explosives section of M-14 prepared for the invasion by constructing hundreds of suicide vests and belts for use by Saddam Fedayeen against coalition forces.” The fedayeen are former government paramilitary forces that attacked American forces on the initial offensive toward Baghdad, and are said to be among the insurgents still fighting today.

The report says that under Saddam, M-14 was responsible for “hijackings, assassinations and explosives,” and that its officers are responsible for “the majority of attacks” today. In one detailed section, it describes how M-14 organized “Tiger Groups” of 15 to 20 volunteers trained in explosives and small-arms who would organize and carry out bombings, including suicide attacks.


Much is being made of the breadth and depth of Iraqi resistance to the US-led occupation, particularly by the press. They are fond of pointing out that, far from being greeted as ‘liberators’, our troops are occupying conquerors fighting against Iraqi ‘resistance’.

Now would be a good time to point out that a significant number of these alleged ‘Iraqi’ resistance fighters aren’t Iraqis, but members of al-Qaeda. According to the Pentagon, one in ten resistance fighters are foreign, and the rest are members of the Feyadeen Saddam and Force M-14.

So, why would these guys fight for Saddam, even after he was toppled, arrested and imprisoned as an enemy POW? It is obvious to even the most dedicated Ba’athist fighter that Saddam isn’t coming back to power. There is no reward awaiting them from Saddam’s treasure chest — that’s in custody as well.

To the global press corps eager to give the US a black eye, it is evidence that America is an overbearing occupation force that bit off more than it can chew. Saddam wasn’t REALLY as evil a dictator as Washington made him out to be. After all, look at all the loyalists still willing to die for Saddam.

Unspun, there are, according to military estimates, about 1,500 fighters out of an Iraqi population of about fifty million people. These are the guys who, during Saddam’s reign of terror, cut out the tongues of their fellow citizens.

They ran the prisons and torture chambers, rounded up people in the middle of the night, participated in public torture and executions, and stood behind the weapons that mowed down the victims found in all those mass graves.

They aren’t willing to ‘die for Saddam’ — they are fighting because they have no other choice. They can die fighting Americans, or they disarm and subsequently be torn apart by their Iraqi victims and their surviving relatives.

Meanwhile, they roam the countryside in heavily armed groups, threatening death and destruction to anybody who cooperates with the Americans. Ordinary Iraqis know Americans won’t kill them if they don’t talk, but that the insurgents will if they do.

A similar situation exists with the weapons of mass destruction. The media has concluded those weapons don’t exist because captured Iraqi scientists failed to give any up after the fall of Saddam. Therefore, the weapons don’t exist, since those scientists have no loyalty to Saddam and Saddam has no power over them anymore.

Wrong. At least eight Iraqi scientists have been killed in the past few months by Iraqi terrorists. No wonder nobody is talking!

An examination of the mainstream news coverage of the situation in Iraq says little or nothing of any of this. Instead, the Fallujah and Najaf uprising are evidence of Iraqi discontent with their American occupiers. Ambassador Bremer dropped the ball and should be fired. The Bush administration went to war without a post-war plan. The US should have waited for UN support. Inspections were working. Vote for John Kerry!

‘Truth’ in the 21st century, isn’t what is actually true, but is instead what people BELIEVE to be true. The world is already preconditioned for the eventual fulfillment of Paul’s prophecy for the last days; “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:” (2 Thessalonians 2:11)

And there are no shortage of liars to help move things along.

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