The Laodicea Factor

The Laodicea Factor
Vol: 31 Issue: 26 Monday, April 26, 2004

More than a half-million demonstrators descended on the National Mall over the weekend to protest what they call the ‘erosion’ of abortion ‘rights’ during the Bush administration.

It was impossible to find a news account that didn’t present the demonstration using the most glowing of terms, making extensive use of the phrases “pro-choice” and “anti-abortion” to describe the two sides.

Not one news account referred to abortion proponents as “pro-death” or abortion opponents as “pro-life”. After thirty-years of it, it sounds like hair-splitting now, but the fact is, those loaded terms have done more to sustain the pro-abortion lobby than any other part of their brainwashing campaign.

Decoding liberal-speak is a full-time job, and sometimes, it seems like that is all I do to the exclusion of almost anything else. The lies are so pervasive it is impossible to keep up with them.

The abortion debate in the United States is basically divided between two worldviews. Liberals overwhelmingly support abortion, while conservatives overwhelmingly oppose it.

Abortion in the United States is presented by its supporters invariably as a ‘woman’s right to choose’ or as a necessary medical procedure whose abolition would mean the deaths of uncounted women in back alleys, etc., etc.

Note the almost serpentine subtlety here. A ‘woman’s right to choose’ is the slogan, but how much support would be engendered if it were ‘a woman’s right to choose to KILL her baby’?

Since Roe v. Wade, the estimated number of abortions in America exceed one hundred and sixty-five MILLION. Only our Lord knows how many writers, philosophers, scientists, doctors, and future US presidents were among their number.

The sheer number, 165,000,000, exposes the lie that abortion is a ‘necessary medical procedure’ rather than a convenient method of birth control after the fact.

The liberals are loudly protesting the fact the Social Security trust fund won’t have enough workers to support the current generation of workers when they retire. They blame the Baby Boomer generation, poor fiscal planning, (usually by Republican administrations) and things like outsourcing of jobs overseas, but they NEVER MENTION the fact they KILLED the next generation of workers in the womb.

Uber-liberal Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton was among the luminaries chanting for the right to kill their own children.

Hillary urged the marchers to vote in big numbers on Nov. 2 to evict an administration “filled with people who disparage sexual harassment laws, who claim the pay gap between women and men is phony … who consider Roe v. Wade the worst abomination of constitutional law in our history.”

Roe v. Wade denies life to unborn Americans. The Bill of Rights includes the ‘right to life’. There’s a WORSE abomination?


Stirring anger and fear among abortion “rights”supporters are two pieces of legislation President Bush has signed into law in the past six months.

The first is a ban on partial-birth abortion; the other is the first federal law to endow a fetus with legal rights distinct from the pregnant woman.

Let that sink in for a moment, devoid of liberal spin. The marchers OPPOSE a ban on killing a fully-developed baby by plunging a seven inch pair of scissors into the back of its skull, (provided its feet haven’t completely cleared the birth canal).

And they OPPOSE granting legal rights that would make it separate crimes to injure a pregnant woman and an unborn baby, on the grounds they DILUTE women’s rights?

Ashley Judd, Allison Janney, Susan Sarandon, Whoopi Goldberg and other Hollywood celebrities shared the stage with politicians, diplomats and leaders of the abortion ‘rights’ movement.

Whoopi declared anti-abortion legislation was a ‘war on women’, while Gloria Steinham said of the Bush administration’s position on abortion, “This government is the greatest danger on earth.”

Gee! Worse than al-Qaeda? What about North Korea? China? Iran? Cuba? The Clintons? Liberal-speak bears very little resemblance to reality, but what it ignores factually is more than compensated for by its application of hyperbole.

It’s little wonder that the worm is beginning to turn in America. The latest polls show more Americans oppose abortion than support it, and the future is trending toward the pro-life position. Majority support for Roe v. Wade is as mythical as Miz Steinham’s declaration that America is the ‘greatest danger on earth’.

There are lots of people who use the terms ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ as they are used in the United States, but not very many who can accurately explain the difference.

Politically, liberals in the United States are largely represented by the Democrats, whereas conservatives are identified, rightly or wrongly, with the Republicans. It is their worldview that separates them ideologically, and that separation is based on where each side claims its source of political authority.

The difference is explained by Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Law. Blackstone’s Commentaries are the basis for American Common Law and represent the Supreme Court’s reference of last resort.

According to Blackstone, there is a distinct difference between a ‘republic’ and a ‘democracy’. In a republic, Blackstone explains, certain things are outlawed by the Divine and cannot be overturned by a majority ruling.

The authority of government is limited. Those things prohibited by Divine Law, (such as murder) can never be made legal under a Republican government.

In a democracy, Blackstone says, the authority of government is derived from the people, not from the Divine. In such a society, the majority rules — there is no higher authority.

Conservatives trend toward being Republican, whereas liberals (or, as they like to label themselves, “Progressives”) trend toward the Democrats.

America is a Constitutional Republic, but has degenerated into a progressive democracy where the ‘right to life’ is a debatable concept.

At the heart of the debate is the existence of God. Liberals tend to worship a god of their own creation, if at all. Conservatives tend to worship the God Who reveals Himself in Scripture as He is.

In the Book of the Revelation, Jesus addressed seven letters to the Seven Churches of Asia that represented the characteristics and nature of seven church epochs from the first century to the last days. The final, last days’ church to whom Jesus addressed His comments was the Church of Laodicea.

The word ‘laodicea’ is a compound of two Greek words, ‘laos’ ‘the people’ and ‘dicea’ meaning ‘justice’ which could just as easily be translated as ‘democracy’ or ‘mob rule’.

Paul captured the worldview of the marchers advocating the destruction of the unborn, writing, “Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof:” (2nd Timothy 3:2-3)

Paul puts it in the context of the last days, warning, “This know also, that in the last days PERILOUS times shall come.”

Of the Laodiceans, Jesus said, “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of My Mouth.”

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