Crossing the Invisible Line

Crossing the Invisible Line
Vol: 31 Issue: 23 Friday, April 23, 2004

According to the most recent polls, in spite of all the negative publicity, body slams from both the mainstream media and John Kerry over the Iraq war, plus the efforts to blame him for 9/11, George Bush is inexplicably moving ahead of John Kerry.

An ABC News/Washington Post survey released on Tuesday recorded a five-point lead among registered voters for President Bush over Senator Kerry when Ralph Nader was offered as a choice (48 percent to 43 percent to 6 percent) and a one-point lead when the matchup was narrowed to President Bush and Senator Kerry (49 percent to 48 percent).

In a USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll released the same day, Bush led Kerry 47 percent to 44 percent, with Nader drawing 5 percent. Without Nader, it was Bush over Kerry 50 percent to 46 percent. The next day, a poll from Investor’s Business Daily confirmed the trend, showing Bush at 44 percent, Kerry at 40 percent and Nader at 4 percent.

The press is incredulous, as evidenced by a glance at the morning headlines detailing the results of the polling. MSNBC all but admits the existence of its anti-Bush propaganda campaign in its headline, “Despite Iraq News, Bush Hangs On”.

The Miami Herald led with, “Bush Leading, Despite Setbacks”, while Newsday moaned “Despite Criticism, Bush Still Leads in Polls”. In order to take some of the luster off polls favoring Bush, the Miami Herald had to reach clean to the Left Coast to justify its negative spin on the story, saying; “Poll: Bush Popularity in California at an All Time Low”.

How’s THAT for spinning a story about Bush leading Kerry in the polls? Do you think the Miami Herald has a political agenda?

On the Left Coast, the Los Angeles Times headlined its story, “Economy, War Mean Uphill Battle for Bush”.

Keep in mind these are headlines for stories detailing how Bush is moving AHEAD in the polls.


It is a mystery to the liberal establishment that they have been unable to fulfill the promises they made in 2000 to make George Bush’s presidency as unsuccessful as possible as payback for ‘stealing’ the election from Al Gore.

In fact, the establishment has been so single-minded in its focus on defeating George Bush that it has stripped away any pretense at objectivity, making necessary the creation of a new term for the political lexicon to describe the phenomenon of ‘Bush-bashing’.

Take the 9/11 Commission, for example. It is a textbook example of ‘Bush-bashing’ — not to mention a perfect example of objectivity being thrown out the window in the pursuit of the goal of ‘getting’ George Bush.

Critics of the administration, especially among the media, simultaneously accuse Bush of not acting preemptively against the Taliban on one hand, while criticizing Bush for acting preemptively against Saddam Hussein.

All the while, they have to juggle the eight months of the Bush administration against eight years of Clinton inaction, without actually mentioning Clinton by name in the process.

After all, it was Clinton who declared regime change in Iraq to be official US policy back in 1998, not George Bush. Bush was acting on Clinton’s policy in 2003 when he deposed Saddam as a preemptive measure as part of the overall preemptive strategy of the war on terror.

And every previous terror attack on the US prior to 9/11 took during the Clinton administration. But somehow, the press has anointed George Bush the scapegoat and given the Clinton administration a pass.

It is hard to manipulate all that and still appear to be objective. So they aren’t even trying. America’s Fifth Estate has crossed an invisible line.

In the early days of the Nazi regime, the press was taken over by Nazi propagandists, but at first, they tried to maintain some semblance of objectivity. If they had simply taken over the press and begun broadcasting blatant propaganda from the start, nobody would have paid any attention to them.

Propaganda, to be successful, has to be believable, at least on the surface. The Nazis discovered after a while that people got used to being lied to, and then it really didn’t matter anymore. People came to expect it, in the same sense that during the Clinton administration, America came to believe that ‘all politicians lie’ — but then they voted for the candidate of their choice in the next election, anyway.

America is slowly being taught in the same way that ‘all newspapers have a bias’. Everybody knows the New York Times and CNN tilt to the left, while the Washington Times and Fox News tilt to the right.

Except that conservatives think Fox News and the WT are ‘balanced’ and the NYT and CNN are not. And liberals think CNN and the NYT are ‘balanced’ while Fox and the WT are not. BOTH sides are delusional.

Which is why both sides go to THEIR source of ‘fair and balanced’ news in a subliminal admission that both sides are biased, but one side leans their way.

Neither side realizes what has happened, but both have crossed over to where they openly accept a VERSION of the truth AS the truth, all the while knowing in the back of their minds it is a MANIPULATED truth.

The Nazis, once they crossed that threshold, were able to move from manipulating the truth into openly fabricating stories that fit the party line, and eventually, enslave a continent.

The Bible says that in the last days, the antichrist will seize control of the global propaganda machine and convince a willing world to accept him as a god and their savior, in much the same way the Nazi propaganda machine deified Hitler.

But in order for the antichrist to control the global propaganda machine, there must first BE a global propaganda machine to control. As we’ve seen, it takes some time to build, and even more time to condition the public to accept propaganda as ‘truth’. The antichrist only has seven years, so the global machine must already be up and functioning when he comes to power.

It wouldn’t take much fine tuning to use the one in place right now.

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