Analysis: After Yassin . . .

Analysis: After Yassin . . .
Vol: 30 Issue: 23 Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Analysis: After Yassin . . .

In a ridiculous sort of way, Yasser Arafat feels that he has been upstaged by Sheik Ahmed Yassin, whose killing by the Israelis sparked protests in the Arab world by millions of demonstrators.

It underscored to Arafat just how weak his Palestinian Authority has become, compared to Hamas. And all that popular outpouring of grief made him a wee bit jealous.

After Yassin’s killing, Arafat’s aides were all over the airwaves — not so much to condemn Yassin’s killing as to get Arafat a little sympathetic press coverage by speculating that he might be next.

“Arafat feels he is threatened, and we feel he’s threatened because when they target Sheik Yassin, they are not far from Arafat,” said Palestinian Communications Minister Azzam Ahmed.

The PA certainly condemned the killing of Yassin — they’d condemn the killing of a Palestinian goat if the Israelis did it. But the condemnation statements from the PA sounded more perfunctory than heartfelt — in point of fact, the PA was worried that Hamas is planning a coup against it and, if anything, Yassin s death strengthens the PA’s hand.

The IDF didn’t just eliminate a threat to the Jewish State; it also eliminated a threat to the efficacy of Arafat’s non-state administration. And if he plays his cards right, Arafat can get almost as much sympathy as if Israel really did hit him, too, only without being blown to smithereens in the process.

In a sense, the killing of Yassin was a victory for the terrorists, particularly in Europe. The editorial pages across Europe condemned Ariel Sharon across-the-board as the REAL terrorist, as if Sheik Yassin was really a humanitarian sort of guy invariably described as a ‘paraplegic cleric’ instead of the murderous mastermind at whose direction hundreds have been murdered and thousands maimed.

The French daily, ‘Le Figaro’, accused Sharon of “having acted solely in accordance with military logic in ordering the extra-judicial killing” of Yassin. The paper also criticized the United States for its guarded response to the death of the man it referred to as ‘the cleric’.

In Luxembourg, the ‘Wort’ wrote that “Yassin s killing is further proof of how the peace plan envisaged by the US, EU and Russia has been rubbished by Sharon who has tried at every opportunity to sabotage it, thereby making it impossible for the creation of a Palestinian state.”

The paper said that Yassin s death had opened up a Pandora s Box from which ‘all conceivable evils’ will escape.

The Italian paper, ‘Il Messagero’, said it fears the conflict could spread to other countries identified as Israel s allies, in particular the United States. The paper wrote that the Intifada was limited to within Israel and that Yassin had many times stipulated that Hamas s goal was to free Palestinians and not to embark on a world wide campaign of terror.

With the death of Yassin, Il Messagero expressed concerns that Palestinian militants could now join up with Osama bin Laden s Al Qaeda terrorist network and take the fight ‘overseas’.

Capitalizing on European fears, Al Jazeera ran a web poll asking readers the question, “Do you support that Palestinians transfer their [reprisal] operations outside Palestine [against Israeli interests and targets abroad]?”

So far, those who were in favor of transferring the “vengeance operations” constituted 61% of the voters, against 39% who believed reprisals should be kept inside Israel and the Palestinian territories.

The number of people who participated in this opinion poll, which will last till March 25, has reached 48,112 voters so far.


The Europeans are terrified. So terrified that they are distancing themselves from any appearance of solidarity with either Israel or the United States. Since that is the goal of terror, the terrorists are winning.

Despite Yassin’s long and bloody career, his open admission that his goal to was destroy the Jewish State and kill every Jew on what he claimed as ‘Palestinian land’, his publicly issued fatwas calling for every observant Muslim to kill an American, and his huge body count (more than any other Palestinian terror group), virtually every state on earth condemned Israel.

Most Western newspapers feted Yassin as if he had been the Pope. An editorial-obituary in the Houston Chronicle subtitled its story, “Hamas Leader Known for Compassion, Violence”. I read the piece carefully looking for the part where Yassin’s ‘compassionate’ side deserved top billing over violence.

In the entire piece, what its author termed ‘compassion’ was found in a single sentence, saying, “At the same time, Yassin built a network of health, education and welfare services funded privately from donations collected worldwide that helped thousands of Palestinians.”

The reason Yassin built that network wasn’t to help the Palestinians, it was to gain their support. And to use that support (financial and moral) to further his violent campaign against Israel. But Yassin’s ‘compassion’ got top billing when examining his life.

If Israel were to finally take out Yasser Arafat, you can bet that his obit headline will read something like, Israel Assassinates Nobel Peace Prize Winner” instead of “Israel Kills Terrorist Leader”.

But it seems unlikely that the Israelis will take any action against Yasser Arafat. Why should they? He’s safely tucked away in his Ramallah compound; too afraid to step outside his front door for fear an Israeli Predator might target him, too.

It is interesting that for much of the past thirty years, Arafat has been a merchant of violent death, sending thousands to their deaths, both attackers and victims. With all his babble about becoming a ‘martyr for the cause of Palestine’ he refused to even step out the front door of his compound to rouse the rabble gathered at his doorstep.

Israel would be foolish to waste a missile on the pathetic shell of the old terrorist. It is better for Israel to ignore a live coward than create a dead martyr.

Not a single country, including the United States, missed a chance to condemn Israel. The mildest condemnation came from the US State Department, who termed the killing of Yassin ‘very troubling’.

Although virtually the entire civilized world recognized Hamas as a deadly terrorist group, and Sheik Yassin as its leader, to them, Israel is worse, and Sharon is worse.

They fear that calling a spade a spade will bring the wrath of Hamas or al-Qaeda down on them. So instead, they curse Israel and fete the terrorists.

Appeasing the terrorists by cursing Israel won’t grant them immunity from terrorist attacks. The promise of Scripture says exactly the opposite.

The Bible recorded God’s promise to Abraham, given some four thousand years ago.

That promise has never been repealed, something that Washington would do well to remember in the days ahead.

“And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” (Genesis 12:3)

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