The Wall

The Wall
Vol: 27 Issue: 29 Monday, December 29, 2003

The Israeli decision to act unilaterally by dismantling some illegal settlements in the West Bank, complete the security fence and redeploy its troops inside it sounds like its everything the Palestinians have been demanding.

The fence does run through some territory beyond the ‘Green Line’ (pre-1967 borders) but the land involved is negligible, especially when viewed historically.

The ‘Green Line’ is not a border — it was the armistice lines as they existed at the end of the 1948-49 Israeli War of Independence. Historically speaking, then, Israel’s Green Line existed for just 19 years.

Following the 1967 Six Days War, (the fourth of five wars of annihilation launched against Israel by her Arab neighbors), Israel retained and annexed the territory of the West Bank and Gaza that it won in battle, claiming it as a ‘buffer zone’ against future attacks.

Let’s stop here, for a second, and take a second look. Question: WHY would Israel NEED a buffer zone against future attacks?

Answer: To make it more difficult for the countries that had already attacked them four times in 19 years to do it again. Even with that buffer zone, the Arabs, led by Egypt and Syria, attacked Israel only seven years later, during Israel’s highest holy day, the Day of Atonement.

Despite the buffer zone, the Yom Kippur War of 1973 almost accomplished the Arab goal of annihilating Israel.

I don’t know if anyone has articulated Israel’s situation more succinctly than Prime Minister Golda Meir when defending Israel’s annexation of what are now called ‘Arab lands’.

She told a press conference in 1967, “The Arabs can fight, and lose, and return to fight another day. Israel can only lose once.”

The buffer zone plan didn’t work. The Jordanian Arabs who found themselves inside the buffer zone were abandoned by Jordan. Jordan declared them ‘Palestinians’ as did the other losing Arab states. Any ‘Palestinians’ living in these Arab states were promptly interned in Arab concentration camps. Thus began the myth of the ‘displaced Palestinians’.

This isn’t political opinion — it is history. Whether or not one likes the historical record is immaterial. Something either happened or it didn’t.

What didn’t happen was that Palestinian territory was ‘occupied’ by a ‘brutal occupier’. Israeli administration meant economic opportunity, safer streets, and functioning municipal services.

I was in the West Bank in 1992 under Israeli ‘occupation.’ Bethlehem and Jericho were as clean and safe as was Jerusalem. There were tourists (and tourist money) everywhere.

Garbage wasn’t piled in the streets, homes weren’t shattered, the water was clean, the street lights were on, and it was hard to tell from looking around which side of the ‘Green Line’ one was actually on.

Then Yasser Arafat signed the Oslo Agreement and took over the administration of municipal services. Does anybody else see the connection between that event and the spiral into chaos that now characterizes the ‘territories’?

Oslo initially gave Arafat civil administrative authority over Jericho to see how that worked out. Arafat demanded the entire West Bank, the Gaza Strip and half of Jerusalem, looted the Palestinian treasury, began the current terrorist war and ultimately turned it into the garbage dump it is today.


The ‘Green Line’ existed for just 19 years. For the next 30 years, the West Bank and Gaza were entirely within Israel’s de facto borders. The Arafat administration has only existed for a decade. Israel has only existed for fifty-five years. So for the majority of its history, Israel was bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and Jordan River.

The ‘Green Line’ was not only a temporary armistice line, it was pushed back as the direct result of Arab violation of that original armistice.

Now, we return to the fence and Sharon’s unilateral steps. Since Oslo, Arafat has demanded a Palestinian state with recognized borders. Sharon’s unilateral peace plan would accomplish exactly that.

Only ten years ago, Israel controlled the entire West Bank. With the fence, Israel’s buffer zone shrinks to only a few miles in some places — with most of the fence following the 1948 armistice lines.

For ten years, the Palestinians under Yasser Arafat have refused to take yes for an answer, culminating with Arafat’s refusal in 2000 of a contiguous state comprising 97% of the West Bank and ALL of the Gaza strip.

Instead, Arafat launched the current war against Israel that has destroyed the Palestinian economy, its social infrastructure and claimed thousands of lives.

Among Sharon’s unilateral peace efforts being denounced world wide is his acceptance of the Arab demand for ethnic cleansing of Jews from PA controlled territories.

“There will be no construction behind the existing construction line, no expropriation of land for construction, no special economic incentives and no construction of new settlements,” Sharon said earlier this month.

Ok, let’s look at the scorecard. Arafat demanded ethnic cleansing of the West Bank. Sharon has already begun that process — unilaterally. Arafat demanded a state with firm borders. Sharon has agreed to statehood, and the fence provides those borders.

From the beginning, Israel had only asked to be left in peace. The 1949 armistice was supposed to mean peace. The Arabs started the wars of 1956, 1967 and 1973, wars in which the intent was to annhilate Israel.

Oslo was supposed to bring peace to Israel and a state to the Palestinians. Arafat started the current terror war, aimed primarily at Jewish women and schoolchildren.

Israel entered into peace talks at every possible opportunity, despite Arafat’s oft-repeated statements that the peace agreements were really a delaying tactic until the Arabs could destroy Israel from within.

In it’s desperation to live, Israel has abandoned any claim to the West Bank or Gaza. And one needn’t be a rocket scientist to figure out that the fence would not have been necessary if the Palestinians weren’t waging an offensive war against them to force Israel to modify agreements that the PA had already signed.

But the UN General Assembly says that by constructing a security fence to protect themselves, Israel is violating agreements it NEVER signed, but were instead issued unilaterally against them by UN resolutions.

The World Court is expected to rule that Israel’s security fence is a violation of ‘international law’ — something that can’t be defined, since it gets redefined every time Israel attempts to comply with it.

Israel is the only genuinely free democracy in the Middle East, surrounded by tyrants, dictatorships and monarchies appointed by the British in the 1920’s.

Despite these facts, fully forty-three percent of Americans in a recent poll feel that Israel is the greatest threat to world peace today. An EU poll showed 59% of Europeans ranked Israel the number one threat to global security.

In the final analysis, Israel earned global emnity for the crime of wanting to live. The Palestinians have earned global sympathy, not for wanting a state BESIDE Israel, but for actively working to create a state INSTEAD of Israel.

The modern state of Israel has only existed for fifty-five years. Historical Israel was destroyed by Sargon II in 702 BC. Writing two generations AFTER there was no such place as Israel and two and a half millenia BEFORE there would again be a Jewish state by that name, the prophet Zechariah, under inspiration of God, wrote what could serve a kind of Israeli ‘Year in Review, 2003’.

“The burden of the word of the LORD for Israel, saith the LORD, which stretcheth forth the heavens, and layeth the foundation of the earth, and formeth the spirit of man within him. Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem. And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.” (Zechariah 12:1-3)

And in that day, wrote Zechariah, “I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon Me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for Him, as one mourneth for his only Son, and shall be in bitterness for Him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn.” (Zechariah 12:10)

‘That day’ is coming. It is coming very, very soon.

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