Descent into Madness

Descent into Madness
Vol: 27 Issue: 27 Saturday, December 27, 2003

All this week, Fox News has been running a series of reports under the banner question, ‘War on Christianity?’ that purports to ‘get to the bottom’ of alleged persecution of Christians in America.

Of course, it doesn’t actually ‘get to the bottom’ of anything, since all Fox did was grant a forum to idiots like Barry Lynn, who insists on wearing the title ‘Reverend’ while doing his level best to ensure the cause of Christ is completely removed from American life.

Lynn explains, “There is no real conflict between my status as a minister in the United Church of Christ and my rigorous advocacy of church/state separation. I have always believed that the strength of American religion is that it is voluntary.”

Therefore, he argues, voluntarily saying the Pledge of Allegiance should be banned. Voluntary school prayer should be banned. Voluntary attendence of after school Bible studies should be banned.

Lynn calls this view ‘progressive’ and believes anyone who disagrees with him should be marginalized as members of the ‘fundamentalist religious right’ whom he works tirelessly to silence. (Is it just me? — or am I just not ‘progressive’ enough?)

While Lynn equated Judge Roy Moore’s stand for the 10 Commandments with fundamentalism as dangerous as Osama bin Laden’s or the Taliban’s, he has no problem with the Byron School District’s mandatory course on Islam.

Students there are REQUIRED to dress in Muslim garb, take Muslim names, and pray in the name of “Allah the Magnificent,” “Allah the Compassionate.” Seventh graders are REQUIRED, as part of the state-mandated curriculum, to participate in their own jihad.

The textbook for the mandatory course — in use by the State of California since 1991 — is called “Islam: A Simulation of Islamic History and Culture”.

Handouts introduce the lessons by proclaiming, “You and your classmates will become Muslims” accompany the book. The student assumes a Muslim name, wears Muslim clothes and even memorizes a prayer that includes the line, “Praise be to Allah, Lord of Creation.”

When the American Center for Law and Justice (the Christian equivalent to the ACLU) filed suit, the 9th Circuit Court agreed with Lynn. Teaching the fundamental tenets of Islam, including praying to Allah, does NOT constitute state-sponsored religious instruction. As long as there isn’t a Bible anywhere on the premises, its merely ‘progressive’ education.

One parent, Jen Schroeder of San Luis Obispo, tried to pull her son out of the class. The school’s principal denied her request. Schroeder wasn’t very ‘progressive’.

One has to be ‘progressive’ to understand the difference. If any state in America mandated a course whereby students were given handouts telling them they will become Christians, carry Bibles and be required to memorize the Lord’s Prayer, that course would not last through the first period.

Progressives like the Reverend Barry Lynn would make sure of it.


The Constitution’s 1st Amendment, the one that Progressives worship as the ‘Separation Clause’ says that Congress shall make no laws respecting the establishment of religion. . .”

There is not a word about keeping faith-based activities out of public activities or public life. If it was their desire to eliminate Christian influence on government, then why has Congress always opened their sessions with prayer? Why must people take an oath on the Bible to tell the truth when acting as a witness in a courtroom?

The founders never meant to deny religious expression in public forums; they only wanted to prevent the federal establishment of a particular religion. More specifically, they didn t want the federal government to endorse a specific Christian denomination.

While the federal government wasn t to endorse a specific religion, nothing prevents the individual states from doing so. In fact, several states had officially recognized state religions, as late as 1877, and these were never considered unconstitutional.

That was then. This is now. Since the rise of the ‘progressives’ (Democrats like that word more than ‘liberal’ America has become the battleground for an all-out war against Christianity. During the Clinton administration, the FBI, BATF and other federal agencies have been used to spy on certain Catholic and Protestant organizations.

The Justice Department kept dossiers on various leaders of these organizations. For an individual to qualify for observation he merely had to be pro-life. A pro-life Christian clearly deserves considerably more watching than illegal aliens or individuals traveling to the U.S. from countries known to train terrorists. Just ask a self-proclaimed ‘progressive’, like Nancy Pelosi or Ted Kennedy.

Why Christianity? Christianity is a religion of faith and conscience. People like Barry Lynn or Nancy Pelosi or Ted Kennedy don’t WANT a conscience.

If they had one, they would have to admit how immoral and unethical they are. They might even actually feel they have to be held accountable. Therefore, they have to attack the source of moral conscience. This explains why school districts can force kids to learn Islam, but would immediately fire a teacher caught with a Bible in the classroom. Even a closed Bible sitting on a shelf. (It’s happened)

For generations, Christians have been allowed to freely and openly worship in America. That is changing. As the servants of political correctness become bolder, the attacks against Christians will become more violent.

It was only a few years ago that discussions about the antichrist and the Mark of the Beast invariably ended with ‘it can’t happen here’ — but it is happening. Any faith except Christianity is protected in America. Is that not the spirit of antichrist?

The Bible says of the antichrist, “And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.” (Revelation 13:7)

Only a few short years ago, that idea was so far-fetched, especially in America, that it seemed impossible. How impossible does it seem now?

The Bible portrays the last days in terms that can only be described as spiritual madness — a time of ‘strong delusion’. Consider this for delusion. According to virtually EVERY poll, the majority of Americans are Christians. Yet practicing Christianity is — think about this — ALREADY illegal under many circumstances. Preaching certain parts of the Bible are ‘hate crimes’ whereas teaching school kids Islam is ‘progressive’.

Progressives argue, in the name of religious tolerance, that Christianity should be outlawed. Progressive ‘tolerance’ doesn’t mean treating people of opposing viewpoints with civility and respect. Instead, it demands that Christians accept anti-Christian values, while simultaneously demanding Christian values be rejected, even by Christians, as ‘intolerant.’

Up is down, black is white, and things that are different really ARE the same.

A kindergartener can’t hold or join hands in prayer with her classmate because she s deemed to be establishing a church. And a high school gospel choir can’t sing in a Florida church off campus because that s an intermixture of church and state.

Janice Price at DePauw in Greencastle, Indiana, put a magazine, James Dobson s “Teachers in Focus,” in the back of the classroom. In it was an article on how to approach homosexuals. She was suspended for creating a hostile environment and fined the equivalent to 25% of her salary.

Scripture explains; “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.” (1 Corinthians 1:18)

This is another example of one of those things that makes NO sense in the natural — because it isn’t. It is supernatural warfare spilling out into the here&now, exactly as the Bible said it would.

We are living in the last days foretold by Scripture. The last of the last days.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

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