Is America a Safer Place?

Is America a Safer Place?
Vol: 27 Issue: 21 Sunday, December 21, 2003

Is America a Safer Place?

According to some of the most vocal critics of the US invasion of Iraq, the destruction of Saddam Hussein’s regime did NOT make America a safer place.

Indeed, Howard Dean used those exact words in a recent speech. Like so many other similar comments, one week after the candidate made them, they were proved wrong.

Libya’s Muammar Khadaffi (there are seemingly thousands of ways to spell his name — I picked this one) looked at what happened to Saddam Hussein and decided he didn’t want to spend his last months hiding in a hole in the ground.

Khadaffi initiated the dialogue as the US as America and Britain were massing along Iraq’s borders in preparation for the invasion. As the war progressed, Khadaffi called back to say, yes, Libya has weapons of mass destruction.

And when you are done in Iraq, would you PLEASE come and destroy them?

The CIA said in an unclassified report that Russia had been in negotiations with Libya over cooperation on nuclear programs. The same report concluded Libya had received help on its missile programs from Serbia, India, Iran and China as well as North Korea.


Since then, we’ve learned that Khadaffi’s scientists had built a working centrifuge for uranium enrichment. To make weapons-grade uranium, a raw form of the substance can be passed through a series of centrifuges that slowly create a product capable of nuclear fission.

Khadaffi also provided other information about Libyan weapons programs that Western intelligence agencies had been unaware of (again).

The Libyans had chemical weapons and medium-range missiles from North Korea and, at a minimum, a program to make uranium for nuclear weapons.

US intelligence agencies do not yet know if Libya had enriched the uranium to make a nuclear weapon or possessed biological weapons. But it is clear that was the ultimate goal.

Libya had produced about ten tons of mustard gas in the early 1990’s following the first Gulf War. It also has developed air-burst bombs capable of dispersing mustard gas in combat over the battlefield.

Libya also has a supply of Scud-C missiles made by North Korea. They are capable of striking targets five hundred miles away.

Khadaffi has been among the most prolific sponsors of terrorism in the North Africa/Middle East region dating back to when he seized power in 1969. Khadaffi admitted that Libya was behind the Lockerbie Pan Am bombing in 1988.

Khadaffi has provided terrorist training and money to Palestinian terrorists for decades, and is believed to have connections with al-Qaeda, having provided them with both training and a safe haven at various times during the 1990’s.

The war with Iraq, Saddam’s downfall, the destruction of the Ba’athists and Saddam’s ignomonious capture, hiding like a rat underground has the rest of the Middle Eastern states taking another look at their hole cards, just as Khadaffi has.

US intelligence says that Khadaffi’s cooperation would lead to a windfall of intelligence that could help stop the spread of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons across the Middle East.

Point of order, Mr. Dean! Is the world a safer place today than before the invasion of Iraq? Saddam is gone.

Khadaffi wants to play nice with his neighbors. That means he might not bomb anymore commercial aircraft, like the one that killed more than 300 Americans in 1988. Don’t they count? Is America safer NOW than when Saddam was in power and when Khadaffi was developing (and hiding) his WMD program?

Do you live in the SAME world as the rest of us?


I am afraid this flu has still got me floored; yesterday I was too sick to even crawl to the computer and send an emailed apology. I am not entirely sure today’s OL is completely lucid.

I hope you will forgive me for missing two Omega Letters in a row. I do believe this is the first time in more than two years this has happened.

I also had a chance to read some of the dozens of emailed notes of encouragment and prayer and they moved me to tears. Thank you so much for your expressions of love.

“But as touching brotherly love ye need not that I write unto you: for ye yourselves are taught of God to love one another.” (1 Thessalonians 4:9)

Well, the room is starting to spin again, and I am seeing little champagne bubbles bursting in the air all around me. Time to lay back down.

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