Meanwhile, Back in Fantasyland. . .

Meanwhile, Back in Fantasyland. . .
Vol: 27 Issue: 18 Thursday, December 18, 2003

According to ABC News, the trial of Saddam Hussein will be an ’embarrassment’ to the United States. Hours after the rest of the world press rejoiced about his capture, ABC News reporter Terry Moran reminded viewers that America has only itself to blame for Saddam in the first place.

“For many years the United States had an interesting relationship, to say the least, with the Iraqi government as Secretary Rumsfeld was over in Baghdad meeting with Saddam Hussein years ago and there are allegations that the United States provided weapons to Saddam Hussein s regime during the Iran-Iraq war. And all that could spill out in a big show trial.

Earth to ABC — it ‘spilled out’ in 1983. Back in 1983, Iraq and Iran were embroiled in a bitter war of annihilation. The Iranians had just overthrown the Shah, set up an Islamist Republic under Ayatollah Khoemeini, violated the US Embassy and took its American occupants hostage for 444 days.

They were released by the Iranians the moment that Ronald Reagan succeeded Jimmy Carter as President of the United States. Saddam Hussein was an unknown quantity who appeared friendly to US interests, while Iran represented an immediate threat to the United States that continues to the present day.

But ABC didn’t mention any of that. Too much history spoils a good story. Speaking of history, in the same broadcast, Moran worried about whether Saddam Hussein would get a fair trial, or whether he would be ‘railroaded’ — you know, the same way the Allies ‘railroaded’ the Nazis.

Honest — he said that! I’m not making it up, although I wish I were.

According to ABC’s Moran, the Nuremberg trial of Nazis was not considered to be a model of legal niceties. They RAILROADED, in some respects, those defendants (the NAZIS!! – ed.), in the eyes of many jurists today.

Moran failed to identify the ‘jurists’ who believed the Nuremberg trials ‘railroaded’ the top surviving Nazis, including Gestapo leader Ernst Kaltenbruner, Hans Frank, the Butcher of Krakow, Luftwaffe commander Hermann Goering and SS head Heinrich Himmler.

Meanwhile, ABC’s Charlie Gibson worried about the problem of finding ‘impartial judges’ to try Saddam Hussein. It would seem the only ones who could be ‘impartial’ about mass murder, institutionalized rape and organized torture would be guys like Himmler & Co or maybe Saddam’s late sons.

(Unfortunately for ABC, they are currently otherwise occupied and unavailable to bring their dispassionate viewpoint on mass murder and torture to the table, thanks to the impartiality of allied bullets)

A bit later, Peter Jennings hosted a special called, “Saddam Hussein – Captured”. (catchy title – no wonder Jennings gets the Big Bucks).

Understandably not wanting Americans to get the wrong idea that catching Saddam was a GOOD thing, Jennings helpfully reminded America that, there s not a good deal for Iraqis to be happy about at the moment. Life is still very chaotic, beset by violence in many cases, huge shortages. In some respects, Iraqis keep telling us life is not as stable for them as it was when Saddam Hussein was in power.

(Evidently, Jennings was talking to Iraqis who lived in a DIFFERENT Iraq, but I digress. . .)

Instead of seeing the massive, spontaneous and — dare I say, JOYOUS demonstrations across Baghdad, Jennings discovered a strangely muted response from HIS Iraq at hearing the news.

This muted response is really shock, that he went down without a fight. In fact, some people say that while they re happy he was captured, they re disappointed because that the man who terrorized them for so many years went down without a fight. They feel cheated. They re essentially saying that it would have been much better, they would have been happier to see him fight because it would have justified the fear that they had for him for these so many years.


President Bush’s approval ratings jumped by ten points when the news of Saddam’s capture was made public. But you knew that, didn’t you?

Well, you did if you AREN’T among the “more Americans [that] get their news from ABC than from any other source” because ABC buried it.

Although the poll was commissioned jointly by ABC News and the Washington Post, Peter Jennings never mentioned it a single time during his World News Tonight broadcast.

On Good Morning America, Clair Shipmen explained what the ten point jump for Bush REALLY meant.

“And look, this is a personal victory and a political coup for President Bush, but interestingly, Americans are still very cautious. ABC News has a new poll out today that shows most Americans don’t believe Saddam’s capture means the job is done there; in fact, far from it. So I think six months from now, if you still see exploding violence there, if the situation isn’t stabilized, Saddam’s VICTORY is not going to seem decisive for this administration.”

I’m not sure how to characterize being pulled out of a hole in the ground, matted with dirt and cowering in fear represents a victory for Saddam, but hey, I have OTHER sources of news than ABC. I guess they were only talking to their regular audience.

I could go on and on. But I think I’ve gone on enough already on this topic, and then something even more outrageous comes up.

The mission of your Omega Letter is to serve as a Christian Daily Intelligence Digest designed to separate fact from fiction so you are better equipped to deprogram the brainwashed skeptics each of us comes into contact with every day, so there will be room in their brains to hear the Good News that the Lord is coming back soon.

Sometimes I feel like I am repeating the same things every day or harping on the same theme every day. As I was meditating on this, it suddenly occurred to me that it seems like it because there is so much deception out there to expose.

Not isolated instances of media bias or evidence of secret agendas, as was the case in years past. Now it is DAILY examples so numerous that it is difficult to decide which deception is the MOST relevant.

ABC s tag line is More Americans get their news from ABC News than from any other source.”

If true, how terrifying is that?

Deception is the hallmark of the last generation. Everything accomplished by the antichrist in the last days requires a campaign of deception on a scale so massive this is the only generation in history that would be capable of pulling it off.

The antichrist deludes the world into believing he is the man with the plan for world peace.

He deludes the world into believing he is the man with the plan for a kinder, gentler, all-inclusive global religion.

He deludes the world into believing he can solve the Arab-Israeli conflict and eventually deludes the world into accepting him as a deity worthy of worship.

When asked of the signs of His coming and the end of the age, the Lord of Glory began to tick off a list of events that sound like He was reading today s headlines; wars, rumors of wars, ethnic unrest, killer diseases, widespread earthquakes and famines, signs in the sun, moon and stars, and rampant sin that causes the love of many to grow cold’.

But the very FIRST thing he said was this:

And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. (Matthew 24:4)

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