Special Report: Axis of Crybabies

Special Report: Axis of Crybabies
Vol: 27 Issue: 12 Friday, December 12, 2003

There is something obscene about the idea that the nations who wanted to keep Saddam’s torture chambers open, the rape squads gainfully employed and the grave-diggers on overtime demanding ‘their fair share’ of American taxpayer money being spent to rebuild Iraq.

The self-loathing side of Americana has already begun hand-wringing, crying the Bush is ‘alienating our allies’ and ‘provoking the international community’ and so on and so forth. Which ‘allies’ have we alienated, exactly? The French who actively worked against the United States at the UN? The Germans who chose their leaders based on which one was the most adept at anti-American rhetoric? The Russians? These countries might not exactly be America’s enemies, but they certainly aren’t America’s allies in any identifiable sense. Especially the French.

France, Germany, Belgium and Russia pulled out all the stops, played every dirty trick in the book, and fought tooth and nail to keep Saddam in power for one reason only. Because they were making money off Saddam. Which means they were making money at the expense of Iraqi freedom.

Well, maybe not JUST the money. In the case of France, it was also an opportunity to take the US down a peg or two, which, when added to the finanical incentive, was just too good to resist.

Now they are crying that they are being unfairly excluded from bidding on $18 billion worth of reconstruction contracts. They, together with the United Nations, have made allies out of murderers and tyrants, but that is in the past, they say. Now they just want to ‘help’ Iraq rebuild — provided they get paid.

The Bush administration warned the Axis of Crybabies that US contracts (using US money) would be awarded based on the level of support they gave the coalition. Since the fall of Saddam and the resulting evidence of his brutality, you’d think that Paris and Berlin would be mortified at having fought to keep him in power. But to this point, they have still refused to offer any meaningful assistance to the Iraqi people. Instead, the Germans unashamedly sought to preserve in Iraq a regime of the sort from which American and British troops saved them from in 1945.

The hand-wringers and self-loathing Americans in the Congress and elsewhere don’t seem to be aware of the fact that Iraq’s reconstruction is already underway. Look who is helping right now — and look who is not.

Iraq was left with crushing debts by Saddam Hussein — debts owed to Germany, France and Russia for military hardware and equipment they sold him on credit. Saddam is gone, but the Axis of Crybabies not only demand payment from the already suffering Iraqi people, but they also expect to profit from a liberation effort they did their best to prevent. It seems probable that the ordinary Iraqi on the street is unlikely to forget who underwrote their suffering at the hands of the mad tyrant.

The Pentagon is excluding these countries, together with the other nations that aided and abetted Saddam’s murderous regime, for what it says are ‘security reasons.’

It is entirely reasonable. Who knows what contacts they or their governments still have with Saddam or his henchmen, many of whom are involved in terrorist attacks on Coalition forces, aid workers and so forth?


The Germans complained that the Bush decision to exclude them from the bidding was a ‘violation of international law’ — to which President Bush replied, “International law? I’d better call my lawyer.” The comment was instantly pounced upon by the European press, who called the joke a ‘sneering dismissal’.

Why not? It isn’t like America hasn’t been sneered at for wanting to liberate Iraq, sneered at as ‘war profiteers’ (since America is out billions, that one still baffles me) and sneered at for asking the world community for help building hospitals, clinics and schools for a people whose suffering goes beyond anything most people can even imagine.

One of the more interesting complaints coming from the Axis of Crybabies is the ‘nerve’ of President Bush in excluding them from reconstruction and then phoning each of the leaders to ask them to forgive Saddam’s Hussein’s debt to give the Iraqis are running start.

“It does seem gratuitous and unnecessary,” said Anthony Gooch, a spokesman for the EU’s delegation in Washington. “On a day when you see President Bush seeking the active support of three heads of government from Russia, Germany and France to help restructure Iraq’s debt, that while the left hand is doing one thing while the right hand is doing something else, it does suggest a certain incoherence,” he continued.

Certainly does. It is incoherent for the Axis of Crybabies to actively work against both America and the ordinary Iraqi people, demand repayment of debts ordinary Iraqis never incurred, while expecting to profit from a liberation effort they opposed.

“Our people risked their lives,” the President explained, coherently enough. “Friendly coalition folks risked their lives and therefore the contracting is going to reflect that and that’s what the U.S. taxpayers expect.”

The amazing part is that this is even a topic of debate. It is another example of common sense being turned on its head. The Bible says that in the last days, the nations of the world will lose their collective sanity, to the degree that when Jesus returns at the end of the Tribulation, they will turn their puny weapons on the Lord of Glory and try to shoot Him out the the sky.

It appears that the descent into madness is already in progress.

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