Arafat Scuttles Geneva Accord

Arafat Scuttles Geneva Accord
Vol: 26 Issue: 30 Sunday, November 30, 2003

Four prominent Palestinians who negotiated the so-called Geneva Accords have decided against attending the signing ceremony in Geneva. They made the decision after finding out Yasser Arafat wouldn’t support the agreement.

They could tell he was unhappy with it after they asked him for a letter of support, which he refused. They could tell HOW unhappy Arafat was with it when shots were fired at one of the negotiator’s homes.

After that, about 200 Palestinian members of Arafat’s Fatah party blocked a road near a crossing into Egypt and beat and kicked the Palestinian negotiators and dignitaries as they emerged from their cars. Unarmed Palestinian police had to restrain the demonstrators to allow the officials to get through.

The officials were traveling to Cairo, and from there were to fly to Switzerland.

The Al Aqsa Brigades Fatah’s ‘military wing’ also issued a leaflet condemning the Palestinian negotiators as “collaborators.”


That is how things are done in the land that the White House wants to see achieve statehood. You know, a free and democratic State of Palestine, living side-by-side at peace with Israel?

Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia said the reason for scuttling the agreement is Israel’s security fence. Israel is building the fence to prevent Palestinian terrorists from entering Israel unchecked. The United Nations has condemned the security fence, calling it a violation of international law.

The deal, reached by former Israeli and Palestinian negotiators, would establish a Palestinian state and includes unprecedented concessions by both sides, especially Israel.

Under its terms, Israel must surrender control of Temple Mount to the Palestinians, plus control of the holy places in East Jerusalem. The deal would divide Jerusalem in half, with both countries claiming the other half for their capital.

In exchange, the Palestinians must make the ‘unprecedented concessions’ of stopping terrorism and giving up the ‘Right of Return’ that would turn Israel into a majority Arab state overnight and end the existence of a Jewish State at the next election.

The Geneva Accords were negotiated without the involvement of the Israeli government, who opposes them because they give away too much. But Arafat had given the deal tacit support — until last night when he pulled the plug.

The Geneva Accord, to Arafat, was a way of embarrassing the Israelis, whom he knew would object to being cut out of negotiations over its own future.

But then the agreement began to take on a life of its own, as it occurred to both sides that it actually might work.

This is an excellent time to remember the thirty-year existence of the Berlin Wall, since Israel’s security fence is now the latest symbol of ‘Israeli oppression.’

The Berlin Wall was built by the Soviets to keep East Berliners in, to keep them from escaping to freedom. It divided German families down the middle, separating loved ones and creating two cities — one rigidly controlled by the Soviets and mired in poverty, and West Berlin, the most prosperous city in Cold War Europe. The UN Security Council passed NO resolutions declaring the Berlin Wall a violation of international law.

Israel’s security fence will NOT divide loving families. Israeli Arabs will be able to pass through checkpoints to visit loved ones. The fence is designed only to keep Arabs bent on attacking Israel out.

If Arafat can’t send terrorists into Israel to launch suicide attacks, then he is powerless. THAT is why Arafat hates the fence, and it is also the stated reason why Kofi Annan says the fence is illegal under ‘international law.’

(What exactly IS international law? Where is it written down? Who passed it? And why is Israel’s fence illegal, whereas the Security Council remained silent about the Berlin wall for 28 years?)

“International Law” is whatever the UN declares it to be at any given moment and Israel appears to be the only nation subject to it. Israel has been condemned by the UN more times than any other nation in the world and more times than ALL the Arab states in the world, COMBINED.

There has been NO peace between Israel and the Arab world at any time in Israel’s history, although Israel has extended the olive branch many times. Israel was attacked five times by the combined armies of the Arab world in wars of annihilation that the UN failed to condemn as violations of international law until AFTER Israel won them.

Then Israel was condemned for annexing the territory it won repulsing those invasions.

Kofi Annan released an eleven-page report in which he called the barrier fence “a deeply counterproductive act” that had already caused “serious socioeconomic harm” to the Palestinian people.

What kind of double-speak is this? The “serious socioeconomic harm” to the Palestinians has been wreaked by Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian Authority. Arafat tried governing legitimately for a couple of years after Oslo, but found he could get more concessions through violence than through negotations. That violence is responsible for the plight of the Palestinians today, not the still-incomplete security fence.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry issued a simple response to Annan’s report that spoke volumes, if anybody was listening.

“There is no alternative to the construction of the security barrier as long as the Palestinian Authority does not make a real and concentrated effort to face Palestinian terrorist organizations.” The Israeli Foreign Ministry says such criticism amounts to rewarding all who use terror as a means to realize their political aims.

Israel says the security barrier is a non-violent, efficient and proven method of curbing Palestinian terrorism against citizens of the Jewish state.

Try as I might, I can’t find a flaw in that logic, just as I can’t find any logic in blaming an incompleted fence for three years of Palestinian sponsored violence that has totally wrecked the Palestinian economy and destroyed any realistic hopes for peace.

Except when viewed through the prism of Bible prophecy for the last days. The Bible predicted Israel’s restoration in the last days. The Bible predicted the restored Jewish state wouldn’t be called “Judah” or “Zion” and that it exist on the mountains of Israel, ‘which had always been waste’, and not in Uganda where the Zionist Council had asked Britain for a homeland in 1897. (The British told them to set their sights on the southern province of Syria, (modern Israel) then under the control of the Ottoman Empire)

Having been restored, properly named and properly located, the Bible then predicted Israel’s constant state of war, the intermittent periods of false peace, and an almost unreasoning global hatred of the Jewish state that will eventually culminate with the armies of the world meeting on the plains of Megiddo and the Second Coming of Christ.

Viewed that way, the whole security fence/false peace deals/UN criticism and all the rest of it make perfect sense. Because these are the last days.

“And when these things BEGIN to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” (Luke 21:28)

I’m beginning to suffer from neck strain.

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