Image is Everything . . . Except True!

Image is Everything . . . Except True!
Vol: 26 Issue: 23 Sunday, November 23, 2003

The demonstrations against President Bush in Britain were headlines all week, until pushed from the page by Michael Jackson. Before I continue, let me say this about Jackson. Surprise!

But Michael Jackson is one pervert (albeit a famous one) in a much-too-large pool of perverts already. Michael Jackson is not the most powerful man/boy/it in the world. And while Michael Jackson’s woes may be upsetting to the pop world, the only reason it is newsworthy is because he got away with it for years in full view of the public eye.

The story deserves a front page column and maybe some background in the entertainment news. Not wall-to-wall 24 hour coverage. We’re in the middle of a WAR!

President Bush’s woes can make the difference between war and peace, and victory or defeat for America’s way of life in a dangerous world. So let’s get real.

Returning to the president’s trip, before Bush ever boarded Air Force One, the media breathlessly warned of ‘unprecedented protests’.

ABC s Peter Jennings asserted that a very large segment of the British public is opposed to Mr. Bush for one reason or another.

President Bush has arrived for his state visit to Britain. It’s going to be a very difficult few days, or potentially very difficult. The President has not made any other overseas visit quite so controversial. This one was planned some time ago. The British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has been his most loyal ally on the war in Iraq. And a very large segment of the British public is opposed to Mr. Bush for one reason or another.

On the CBS Evening News, John Roberts highlighted a Member of Parliament who rued how the British had to be subject to the dumb and dumber show across London when the situation in Iraq is seemingly getting worse by the day.

President Bush is the target of massive protests, announced NBC s Tom Brokaw before Dawna Friesen in London echoed how anti-Bush and anti-war feelings run deep among many here.

From London, David Wright reported how Bush flew by helicopter in the dark to Buckingham Palace because of the massive security effort prompted by anti-war protesters who will dog the President.

NBC Nightly News Dawna Friesen wanted to be sure America knew that, [A]nti-Bush and anti-war feelings run deep among many here. The biggest protest is planned for Thursday. Organizers expect hundreds of thousands of people.

Note the selectiveness of this reporting. The way they present it, it’s not America that is getting British contempt. According to the US networks, the British only hate George Bush. What a coincidence! Just like the networks!

Without Bush in office, Americans are universally loved, evidently.


Here what didn’t make most network broadcasts. As Paul Harvey would say, ‘the rest of the story’.

The day before Bush’s arrival, the London Guardian (no friend of the right) published a poll it took that showed that only 15% of Britons disagreed with the statement that ‘America is a force for good, and not evil in the world’. Although a third of the British public opposed Bush’s visit, almost half said they welcomed Bush’s arrival.

While it isn’t exactly evidence of British universal love for America, it was hardly the catastrophe Peter Jennings, Dan Rather and Tom Browkaw would have us believe.

The networks eagerly anticipated the protests, making sure that the protestors got plenty of air time and lots and lots of attention. Good thing, too.

They needed it, since the predicted hundreds of thousands of anti-American demonstrators didn’t show up.

All the networks gleefully reported the symbolic toppling of a papier-mache statue of President Bush, the highlight of the event, done to parody the toppling of the Saddam statue in Baghdad.

Somehow, the chants of the protestors as the statue went over lacked the fervor and joy of the Iraqis emerging from a forty-year nightmare.

But despite the network hype and the disproportionate attention given the protestors, the largest rally on Thursday only netted, according to official estimates, between seventy and one hundred thousand people.

It sounds like a lot, but compared to the ‘hundreds of thousands’ predicted by the networks, it was pretty much a disaster for the protests organizers.

For comparison, last year, the Blair government was considering outlawing fox hunting in England. THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND demonstrators marched in the streets. And that was WITHOUT the help of the US news media.

Imagine if Peter Jennings, et al, had droned on for days about the evils of fox hunting in endless specials given from the perspective of the fox. Might have gotten a million or more.

Indeed, the anti-Bush demonstrations were dwarfed by the anti-Reagan demonstrations when he visited Margaret Thatcher in the 80’s. As a Washington Times op-ed writer noted, “the Rolling Stones squeeze more people into stadiums every day than showed up to protest Mr. Bush on one targeted date.”

Good point.

In reality, all the major polls demonstrate a global fear that America will pull out of Iraq too soon. Especially the Brits. And the Iraqis fear they will be abandoned altogether, as they were in 1991.

The networks continue to inflate the protests and opposition to America and the Bush Doctrine, as they continue to broadcast endless specials, all produced, as it were, from the perspective of the fox.

Peter Jenning’s often predicted ‘Vietnam-style quagmire’ in Iraq is failing to come true as hyped, despite the best efforts of the liberal media elite to create one.

Deception on a massive scale is one of the bedrock prophecies for the last days. The Apostle Paul wrote in his 2nd Letter to Timothy, “This know also, that IN THE LAST DAYS perilous times shall come.”

Paul goes on to list the characteristics of end times’ society. I’m only going to hit the high points here. . . you pick through them and see which you think DON’T apply:

“covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof.”

Paul concludes, “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.” (2 Timothy 3:1-5, 13)

Watched any network news lately?

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