More Muslims Fall Victim to al-Qaeda

More Muslims Fall Victim to al-Qaeda
Vol: 26 Issue: 17 Monday, November 17, 2003

Two Arabic-language newspapers received separate statements Sunday claiming al-Qaeda was responsible for bombing two Jewish synagogues in Istanbul, Turkey. One of the e-mailed statements warned of further attacks and demanded that the United States release Arab prisoners held at Guantanamo in Cuba. It also warned President Bush that attacks would be directed at the United States itself.

“There is more to come. By God the Jews of the world will regret that their (men) thought of invading the lands of Muslims,” the statement said.

“We tell the criminal Bush and his Arab and non-Arab followers (especially Britain, Italy, Australia, and Japan) that cars of death will not stop at Baghdad, Riyadh, Istanbul, Jerba, Nasiriyah or Jakarta,” it said, referring to past attacks in Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Indonesia.

In the Istanbul attack, both buildings were virtually destroyed and twenty-three people were killed. Six of the dead were Jews. The remaining victims were all Muslims. Almost all of the three hundred plus victims wounded in the blast were Muslim passers-by.

In recent weeks, al-Qaeda has been somewhat less than discriminating in its attacks. The suicide bombing attacks in Riyadh two weeks ago targeted an apartment building in which the majority of the inhabitants were Lebanese Muslims. The attack against the Italian police HQ in Nasariyah killed more than a dozen Muslim Iraqis.

One would think that once al-Qaeda started killing Muslims in the name of Islam, al-Qaeda recruiters might find their jobs getting more difficult.

But a Pakistani newsmagazine reported this week that Pakistani youths are joining al-Qaeda ‘by the thousands’ and streaming across the border into Afghanistan to repel the ‘Crusaders’.

At least 5,000 youths including former Taliban soldiers and students from religious seminaries of Baluchistan, have joined their compatriots in Afghanistan,” Pakistani magazine ‘Newsline’ reported.

“Regrouped, reorganized and re-armed, these warriors are now all set to launch a new guerrilla war for as long as it takes to expel what they call the ‘infidel forces’ from Afghanistan,” it said in an exclusive report based on interviews of Taliban leaders.

It said the fugitive Taliban chief, Mullah Omar, was directly involved in the reorganization process. The magazine also says that al-Qaeda and Taliban operatives have heavily infiltrated the ranks of the Afghan army.

And the Weekly Standard is reporting a direct link between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin-Laden dating back to 1991 and continuing all the way through September 11 and beyond, explaining the upsurge in al-Qaeda activity there.


Most newspapers are giving the war against terror secondary coverage to the war against the White House. To listen to the media, the path to victory doesn’t depend on defeating al-Qaeda. It depends on defeating George Bush.

Most Iraqis are terrified that the United States will pull out and leave them to the tender mercies of the Fedayeen Saddam and their al-Qaeda cohorts. Those Iraqis that trusted the United States’ staying power in 1991 now inhabit mass graves all over the Iraqi countryside. Those who survived have long memories.

Which is the reason more Iraqis are not coming forward to help the US identify the terrorists. Iraqis know there is an election coming, and they hear the rhetoric of the candidates.

Every single one of them has positioned themselves as against the war and has promised, if elected, to pull out our troops. President Bush continues to promise that America is in for the long haul, but the ‘long haul’ might only mean until next November and the Iraqi man on the street is keenly aware of that. So he keeps what he knows to himself, and American soldiers continue to pay the price demanded by the useful idiots back home.

One of the cries of the anti-warrior is “No more Vietnams!” What about Vietnam made it such a quagmire? The anti-warriors.

America had the Vietnam War won by 1970, but the political pressure applied by the anti-warriors back home kept us from pressing on to final victory. Instead, we scaled back operations and eventually fled, turning it over to the North Vietnamese.

George Bernard Shaw’s most famous quote is famous because it is so accurate; “We learn from history that we learn nothing from history.”

Except that whoever controls the useful idiots usually wins.

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