China, EU Defense Bloc?

China, EU Defense Bloc?
Vol: 24 Issue: 20 Saturday, September 20, 2003

Both America s enemies and her allies watched the war against Iraq very carefully. What they saw terrified friend and foe alike. American warplanes were able to put bombs down chimneystacks, through windows, while ships based half a world away fired missiles that landed within six feet of their targets.

We had decent military hardware during the first Gulf War. When America’s military machine cut through the world’s fifth largest military power like a hot knife through butter, the rest of the world knew there was NO ‘balance of power’.

Just America. Within a matter of months, the Soviet Union announced it was dissolving itself.

The European Union accelerated its planned integration, but failed to develop a cohesive system quickly enough for it to exploit the resulting power vacuum. Recognizing a missed opportunity, the Old Europeans resolved to keep America off-balance, politically, economically and militarily — until it could.

America’s military power is technology-driven and America is the world’s unrivalled technological leader, in large part because of the Pentagon’s lock on the Global Positioning System.

It was because of the GPS that a general in Florida could order a plane in Kuwait to drop a 2,000-pound block of cement on a tank in central Baghdad, without damaging the building beside it.

So, the Europeans are developing a rival global positioning system, dubbed Galileo. China is also eager to invest in Galileo, boosting Europe’s hopes of competing with the US in navigation satellite technology.

The investment, which according to senior Commission officials could total more than $259 million, could lead to closer defense co-operation between Beijing and Brussels – a prospect that should have anyone familiar with Bible prophecy hearing alarm bells.

The Pentagon is, not surprisingly, opposed to the EU developing its own independent satellite system. It insists the existing American GPS provides an adequate satellite umbrella and warning that Galileo would lead to duplication. It is the GPS system that gives America its unrivalled military power.

Loyola de Palacio, the EU transport commissioner in charge of the Galileo project, hailed the deal, saying: “China will help Galileo to become the major world infrastructure for the growing market for location services.”

The Chinese investment will provide Beijing with a more sophisticated satellite system, allowing it to upgrade its communications systems and provide greater accuracy for a broad range of ‘civilian’ activities, say Galileo’s planners.


In the long run, the Europeans hope that China will decide to base some of its military hardware on Galileo’s technology, which would put additional pressure on the US — plus lead to lucrative defense contracts for European companies.

An EU diplomat, who has been involved in the development of Galileo, said: “The point is that if a country opts for Galileo, it will opt too for defense systems that are compatible with Galileo – a move that could be of great concern to US defense manufacturers.” (Not to mention US defense planners).

Commission officials said China was mainly interested in investing in the top end of Galileo, the Public Regulated Service, which will be used by police and security services and is expected eventually to play a role in the EU’s budding defense structures.

The Commission said China would not have access to the highly encrypted code for PRS – expected to become fully operational by 2008. Instead, said one official, the EU will see how the first investment “takes shape”.

The Bible divides the world into four spheres of global influence in the last days. Scripture is very specific. Ezekiel 38-39 identifies the Gog-Magog alliance, which encompasses Russia and the Islamic countries of the Middle East.

Daniel speaks of the revived Roman Empire of the antichrist, (Daniel 2:43, 9:27)and the pan-African alliance called the King of the South. (11:40)

The Apostle John identifies the Kings of the East, (Revelation 16:12) saying it would field an army of two hundred million. (9:16) All four spheres of power named by Scripture for the last days are already identifiable as regional power blocs in this generation.

But our world has FIVE spheres of power, with the fifth being more powerful than the other four combined, thanks, in part to America’s generation-long lock on technology.

Technology is America’s edge — and America’s Achilles Heel. Remove the technological edge, and America’s military edge vanishes.

At this point, America’s technological edge is considerable, but one of the more troubling aspects to the war on terror is the increasing level of hack attacks against the computer networks that operate America’s infrastructure.

Hacking attempts, new virus attacks and other computer disruptions have been traced to both suspected al-Qaeda hackers and to China, where internet access is carefully monitored by the government.

At the same time, the Europeans and Chinese are developing their own global positioning system to erase America’s military edge.

In Africa, there is a growing movement that favors uniting all Africa into a federal system similar to that of Europe. The Gog-Magog alliance is already in place and awaiting its appointed time. When it will attack ‘the mountains of Israel, which had always been waste’ (Ezekiel 38:8) that Ezekiel called the ‘land of unwalled villages’ (38:11).

Israel continues to wall itself in, building a fence along the entire length of its border. Israel could not BECOME a ‘land of unwalled villages’ until it first became a land of WALLED villages. Exactly as it is now doing.

Think of it! All of this in a single generation! The generation that began with the rebirth of Israel in 1948.

The generation of whom Jesus said, “This generation shall not pass, until ALL these things be fulfilled.” (Matthew 24:34)

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