Can We Talk. . .?

Can We Talk. . .?
Vol: 21 Issue: 30 Monday, June 30, 2003

I continue to be bowled over by the facts presented in Ann Coulter s book, Treason and am even more impressed by the liberal backlash to its contents. Or rather, the absence of any credible backlash. While Coulter utterly skewers all things liberal and more or less asserts being a liberal is ideologically kin to being a traitor to the United States, the best rebuttal I ve seen offered so far was a hearty, Oh, yeah? but not much of substance.

THAT spoke volumes. Not the backlash, but the absence of one.

It is a favored tactic of the Left to attack the messenger when it can t deny the message. But this time, they are at least for the moment, mute on the subject.

At a website appropriately enough called a thread was begun about Coulter s book where Coulter was maligned, insulted, selected paragraphs were singled out for ridicule, particularly those parts about McCarthy. But nobody offered any research; they just kept repeating the same charges that have been rendered against the guy for the last fifty years.

Coulter listed each of the canards and allegations against the Senator, and acknowledged those which were true, but she asked a question none of her detractors either answered or cared to answer: Yes, but WERE there card carrying Communists working within the State Department?

And the Venona cables that were declassified in 1995 say yes not just identifying the handful that stood accused in the McCarthy hearings, but more than three hundred PAID SOVIET AGENTS!


Treason fascinated me because it took on one of my favorite subjects: The application of the Big Lie. But it fails to put it into a context. Treason explains the how part, and Coulter even breaks it down into its component parts to show that it is deliberate and calculated and not merely coincidental. But she doesn t explain the why part.

She tries, but it doesn t quite ring true. Not because Coulter is a liar, or because she didn t do her homework, it s just that she doesn t know.

To Coulter, it is the result of an epic battle between conservatives and liberals, who are, to Coulter, the embodiments of good and evil.

In point of fact, it is part of what is an ongoing battle between good and evil, but politics is only a tiny element of the overall conflict. The deception outlined by Coulter is the tip of the iceberg. The Bible speaks of a world-wide deception so massive that it was unimaginable even a generation ago.

It was particularly unimaginable to Americans who believe themselves to be the most well-informed, well-educated and most sophisticated population that ever graced the face of Planet Earth. It couldn t happen here is probably the most common argument against the Mark of the Beast prophecy, for example.

Coulter proves that the Big Lie not only COULD happen here, but it did happen here, it continues to happen here, and that Americans are no more immune to deception than anybody else.

In fact, with the preponderance of information sources available to Americans, it is probably easier to propagate the Big Lie in America than anywhere else. It is only our faith in the fact they couldn t say that if it wasn t true that separates truth from lies, not facts, since very few people ever actually get the facts.

And amazingly, if the facts are inconvenient or disturbing, most people would prefer to hold onto the lie they find more tolerable.

Coulter s book shows how easily the Big Lie can be propagated, but she doesn t go into why, either because she doesn t know the spiritual part of it, or chose not to marginalize herself outside the mainstream by explaining it.

For more than a year, I ve been sitting on an outline for a book about deception that does. Not just the liberal deception outlined in Treason although that is certainly part of it but also an exploration of the money trust that funds it, the worldview behind it, and the way it all fits together perfectly with the prophecies of the Bible for the last days.

For all its brilliance, Treason left out the most important part of explaining any conspiracy a genuinely credible motive.

Scripture says that in the multitude of counselors there is safety. Please pray for me as I reconsider the outline and what the Lord would have me to do with it.

Maybe it’s time to dust it off and fill in the blanks in that outline. But my schedule makes it all but impossible, so I ask you to join me in prayer that God will make Himself known on this issue.

Our God is the God of the impossible.

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