And Little Tiny Handcuffs . . .

And Little Tiny Handcuffs . . .
Vol: 21 Issue: 27 Friday, June 27, 2003

And now for something completely different. The pro-gun lobby argues that the Constitution gives ordinary Americans the right to keep and bear arms. The anti-gun lobby argues that the Constitutional guarantee to keep and bear arms applies only to state ‘militias’ which they in turn define as the National Guard.

In other words, according to this line of thinking, the Constitution gives the right to bear arms to the GOVERNMENT.

There’s the first problem, and also an object lesson in the way that the liberal left invents stuff as it goes along and proving that there are too many people out there who’ve repeated so many mindless mantras that they have became permanently mindless.

In this instance, the mantra is ‘Guns kill people.’ Repeat it long enough and it starts to make sense. Once it does, your mind has gone numb and you are ready for the next step.

It has been observed (by me) that a person could fall into a dumpster FULL of guns and not ONE of them will shoot you in retaliation. Guns don’t kill people — people kill people. Sometimes they use guns. Sometimes knives. An occasional beer bottle. A baseball bat. A pair of scissors. Yesterday, a woman was convicted of murdering a man after she hit him with her car. (The car was not charged)

I don’t want to get into the gun debate itself, since it is stupid and I get embarrassed trying to explain to grown people that inanimate objects can’t do anything by themselves. It is a bit like explaining that beer can make you drunk or that you won’t fall off the edge of the earth if you drive too far in a straight line.

What is significant isn’t the details of the debate, since there is nothing to debate. What is significant is that there IS a debate, or that there is anybody who openly takes the position that you fix a social problem by banning the symptoms.

While I agree that too many bad guys have guns, the only reason why it is a problem is because none of the good guys do. That certainly seems to be self-evident, but it is also historically provable.

The bad guys had guns in Arizona in the 1880’s, but then again, so did the good guys. Women were respected. Rape was unheard of, as were home invasions, burglaries and casual violence. An armed society was a polite society. And statistically, there were far fewer murders per capita, if one excludes self-defense related deaths.

But facts don’t stop liberals from advancing their agenda.


Thanks to the idiotic premise that guns are capable of self-determination, it is largely illegal in the United States to possess guns, except in certain circumstances. The liberals won the argument over whether the 2nd Amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms, or whether it refers to the government.

I have often wondered why the government would feel the need to give ITSELF the right to bear arms by Constitutional Amendment.

The Constitution already charges the government with providing for the common defense. Is it possible that when the Founding Fathers decided that the government should defend the country, that they expected to do so using bows and arrows?

I am trying to picture Thomas Jefferson slapping himself on the forehead, and exclaiming, “Omigosh, we forgot to give the army permission to have guns . . we need to amend the Constitution, right now!”

Now comes a new law that proves the old adage that people only go into politics when they are too stupid to get a real job. In Maryland, there is an Annapolis lawmaker who is seeking to ban TOY guns.

Alderwoman Cynthia A. Carter, Democrat, said the law would ban all toy guns except for clear, brightly colored plastic guns. Mrs. Carter said the law also would give prosecutors more leverage against defendants who use toy guns to hold up banks or other establishments.

“If someone commits a felony with one, they will not only be charged with the crime but also with using a toy gun,” said Mrs. Carter, who has been a member on the Annapolis City Council since 1997. (A CAREER idiot!)

Lessee. A bad guy is ready to face a rap for felony robbery, but now, his toy gun is illegal. So he goes home and forgets about it?

Carter said she hopes her legislation, which she plans to introduce next month, will set a precedent for other cities to follow. Annapolis is blessed with a cadre of career idiots, four of whom have joined Carter in supporting the ban. Of the nine city councilmen, five support making toy guns illegal.

Mrs. Carter’s legislation is based on a similar New York City proposal, (home of the Career Idiot). New York bans anyone from selling or possessing a “toy or imitation firearm” that can be mistaken for a real weapon.

The ban excludes brightly colored or clear plastic guns. Police, however, could impose a $50 fine if the toy gun is altered to look like a real weapon. And if you happen to be smoking in a public place at the time, NYC police are authorized to SHOOT you. (Ok, I made that part up)

Perhaps there is some merit to this argument. It would keep the police busy preventing five year old boys from impersonating police officers, since that was one of my son’s favorite games. That way, we can cut down on the incidences of people being taken into custody by kindergarten cops.

(Johnny arrested me and many of my friends on a regular basis. We survived the experience, and we didn’t even end up with a record).

It will also prevent police from accidentally gunning down little kids carrying toy guns that police think are real guns. Banning toys is evidently more cost efficient than training police officers.

And it will be good for the business community.

Somebody will have to manufacture all those little tiny handcuffs.

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