Israel s Extrajudicial Killings

Israel s Extrajudicial Killings
Vol: 21 Issue: 23 Monday, June 23, 2003

The Quartet of nations who allegedly worked together to come up with the road map to peace met to discuss why peace is taking more lives per day than war was. They have decided they know what the problem is. Israel isn t letting Hamas kill their citizens with impunity.

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan called on Israel to immediately halt the assassinations, which he described as ”extrajudicial killings.” Annan told Secretary of State Powell he was extremely disturbed by the Israeli policy, according to an official briefed on the Quartet’s discussions.

What is an extra-judicial killing, anyway? That is when Israel kills a proven terrorist, either after he has killed Israeli civilians or sometimes while he is enroute to kill Israeli civilians. That is very important to understand.

What Kofi Annan describes as an extra-judicial killing is also described as targeted assassination but essentially involves Israel identifying a terrorist and killing him. Annan and the other members of the Quartet all bemoaned the innocent Arab loss of life noting that more than 100 bystanders have also died in the attacks.

Here are a few things that the Quartet DIDN T note about Israel s extrajudicial killings in their criticism of the Jewish State.

1) That a targeted assassination is when Israel aims at, and tries to kill a TERRORIST that has already proved himself to have a penchant for killing ANYBODY, as long as they can kill some Israelis in the effort.

2) The Quartet evidently has drawn a distinction between targeted assassinations and terrorist attacks against civilians and determined the targeted assassinations are the biggest stumbling block to peace, not the terrorist attacks that makes them necessary.

3) The Palestinian Authority has not implemented a SINGLE provision of the road map so far. Arafat is still a major player; Abu Mazen is a former terrorist himself; no effort has been made to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure; not a single terrorist has been arrested since the road map was officially accepted; there has been no visible effort on the PA side to discourage future attacks; and there is NOTHING in the road map about securing a cease-fire agreement with the terrorists.

(Abu Mazen, the Palestinian Authority, the surrounding Arab states and three out of four Quartet members all blame Israel s assassination of wanted Hamas terrorists for undermining the efforts to get a cease-fire with terror groups. Did they read the roadmap before they imposed it?)


It is impossible to overstate the difference between Israel s targeting of terrorists and terrorists targeting little girls, as in a case last week when Palestinian gunmen shot a 7 year old.

Let s revisit the major provisions of the road map, just to make sure we are all on the same page here. The Road Map states: “In Phase 1 [May 2003], the Palestinians immediately undertake an unconditional cessation of violence.”

Last week, there were 45 terror attacks or attempted terror attacks against Israel. Nineteen civilians (men, women and children) were murdered and 117 were wounded.

The Israeli targets that so upset Kofi Annan were known, proven terrorists; whereas the Palestinian targets were randomly selected Jews deemed guilty of breathing Arab oxygen.

The Road Map obligates the Palestinian Arabs to “issue an unequivocal statement reiterating Israel’s right to exist in peace and security and calling for an immediate and unconditional cease-fire to end armed activity and all acts of violence against Israelis anywhere.”

BUT PA Minister of Information Nabil Amr said (Doha Al-Jazira Television,

June 14, 2003): “As regards the word terrorism, I do not know why when the Palestinians denounce the word terrorism; certain people think that this means resistance. There is no text anywhere that says that the Palestinian people’s resistance is terrorism, which we denounce…Yes, we denounce terrorism. Anyone who says that denouncing terrorism means denouncing resistance is doing an injustice to legitimate resistance and is in effect labeling it with terrorism.”

In other words, terrorism is when innocent civilians are killed who are NOT Israelis. Killing Israeli children on a city bus isn t terrorism , but rather it is ‘resistance’, which the Palestinians say they will NOT renounce.

The Road Map obligates the Palestinian Arabs to “undertake visible efforts on the ground to arrest, disrupt and restrain individuals and groups conducting and planning violent attacks on Israelis anywhere.”

There were no reports of any arrests of terrorists by the Palestinian Authority since the May 2003 kick-off to the peace effort.

The Road Map obligates the Palestinian Arabs to “commence confiscation of illegal weapons.” There are no reports of the PA disarming any terror groups or seizing any weapons.

The Road Map obligates the Palestinian Arabs to carry out the “dismantlement of terrorist capabilities and infrastructure.”

The PA did not outlaw Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, or any other terrorist groups; there were no reports of the PA shutting down any bomb factories or terrorists’ training camps; the PA continued to ignore Israel’s 45 requests for the extradition of terrorists; there were no reports of the PLO leadership punishing PLO factions that are engaged in terrorism, such as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP).

The Road Map requires that “all official Palestinian institutions end incitement against Israel.”

On June 13, 2003, official PA Television and PA Radio in Gaza broadcast a sermon by Sheikh Ibrahim al-Mudayris, from the Sheik Ijlin Mosque in Gaza, in which he said: “O God, punish our enemies. O God, destroy those who have harmed us. O God, destroy those who harm Muslims. O God, destroy the Jews and their supporters. O God, destroy the United States and its allies.”

The same day, official PA Radio in Ramallah carried a sermon by Sheikh Yusuf Abu-Sunaynah, from the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, in which he said that the Arabs goal must be “to establish the cherished Islamic state as the only solution to our causes” and added that “when Muslims in the era of Prophet Muhammad applied this rule, they conquered many countries.”

The list of PA violations is long because the Road Map is a long document that demands many concessions of the Palestinian side. The easiest way to list the Palestinian violations would simply be to reprint the Road Map here verbatim. Then just look for any provision imposed on the Palestinian side and count that as a violation.

The Quartet had no words of praise for Israeli efforts to dismantle settlements, as required by the Road Map.

No praise for Israel s unfreezing of Palestinian funds, although the Israelis know it will be used to fund terror attacks against it. That is why the funds were frozen in the first place.

No praise for Israeli withdrawal from Palestinian ruled areas, although the withdrawal allows the enemies of Israel to regroup and prepare new attacks.

No praise for Israel s lifting of the closure, although allowing the Palestinians to return to work inside Israel means allowing terrorists to resume their attacks inside Israel.

The process is meaningless unless both sides work towards the same goal.

To Israel, the road map to peace means an end to terrorism against Israel. That is Jerusalem s and Washington s — ultimate objective.

But to the Palestinians, the road map to peace means an end to Israel itself and its replacement by a Palestinian state. They talk peace, but practice war, and blame Israel for the violence they themselves set in motion.

With the full support of the UN, EU and Russians, who evidently have decided to back the terrorists.

Think this through carefully. The Palestinians are NOT a state. They are not even a people in the sense of having a national culture, language or unique identity.

Despite the spin, that’s the truth, because that is the historical reality. Wishing yesterday wasn’t what it was doesn’t make it so, or I’d be doing it right now. So would you, unless yesterday was so perfect that in thinking back, there was no room for improvement.

They have promoted and supported terror since 1948, and terrorism has been their official policy since 1967. Their goal is to destroy a legal state whose existence has been recognized by the United Nations.

The Europeans, the Russians and the UN s global governing body, are by their actions, rhetoric and policy, support the terrorists and condemn the recognized state of Israel for retaliating.

It seems bizarre, until you turn to the Scriptures and see who God says will be Israel s most implacable enemies in the last days.

Lessee the revived Roman Empire, the global government and the Gog-Magog alliance.

And when these things BEGIN to come to pass, look up and lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh. (Luke 21:28)

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