Iran Next ‘Regime Change’ Target

Iran Next ‘Regime Change’ Target
Vol: 20 Issue: 25 Sunday, May 25, 2003

Shortly after the September 11 attacks, President Bush made his now-famous Axis of Evil comment, naming Iraq, Iran and North Korea as its points. Iraq has been removed from the list, and the Bush administration evidently intends to remove the remaining members, one by one.

It seems equally clear that the White House has already prioritized the order of removal — and Iran is next on the list. The White House is stalling the North Koreans not negotiating, not responding in any meaningful way and carefully keeping Pyongyang on the back burner for now.

On the other hand, Washington announced it is severing what diplomatic and political ties it has with Tehran and has let it be known that it is considering public and private actions to destabilize the Iranian government with an eye toward effecting regime change there.

Bush administration officials are scheduled to meet Tuesday to discuss strategies concerning how to deal with the Islamic Republic that it accuses of harboring al-Qaeda terrorists.

The Iranians have launched their own PR campaign (with the aid of ABC News) to convince the US that it is another victim of US disinformation. It appears ABC News is ready to cooperate as fully with the ayatollahs as it was with Iraqi Ba athists.

ABC s report of the US decision to cut ties with Tehran bore the headline, Iran Says It Takes Fight Against Al Qaeda Seriously and was full of quotes from Iranian officials denying any cooperation with terrorism, while it prefaced each of the US allegations against with qualifiers like allegedly or reportedly .

The Washington Post says that the State Department is evidently willing to go along with the Pentagon s proposed policy of destabilization, in spite of State s reservations that the level of popular discontent in Iran is not as widespread as the Pentagon believes it is.


Although the North Koreans have nuclear weapons now, and are pursuing a program of obtaining more, the US is more worried about Iran s burgeoning nuclear ambitions than it is Pyongyang s existing arsenal.

While North Korea is as much a terrorist state as Iran, the North Koreans are motivated by profit rather than ideology. Pyongyang facilitates terrorists in exchange for cash.

Iran is one of the principle suppliers of that cash, as well as one of the principle purveyors of terrorist ideology.

The North Koreans don t sponsor terror in the sense Iran does there are no North Korean-backed terrorist groups, whereas the phrase Iranian-backed is almost an official part of Hezbollah s name.

Iran had a hand in the bombing of the US barracks in Beirut in 1983. Last year, a former 20 year CIA operations officer published a book entitled See No Evil .

Bob Baer was badly shaken by the bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Beirut in 1983, in which several of his buddies were killed. His obsession for the next 15 years was to figure out who had done it, and how.

As he kept looking for the answers, he was astonished that the CIA apparently didn’t know very much about it, and didn’t seem to obsess about it nearly as much as he did. But he kept at it, and finally arrived at a minor epiphany: In my last months (at CIA),” he tells us,

“I unraveled the…bombing, at least to my satisfaction: Iran ordered it, and a Fatah network carried it out.”

The Beirut bombing was a consequence of the unholy alliance between the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the Palestine Liberation Organization.

That alliance between Iran and Palestinian terrorism continued even after the Oslo Agreement rehabilitated the PLO into the Palestinian Authority.

Remember the Karine A, loaded with fifty tons of explosives and weapons from Iran headed for Palestinian territory?

Baer s book also revealed that, by at least 1997, the CIA knew the Pasdaran’s command structure inside and out, just as it knew that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Rafsanjani approved every terrorist operation to come out of Iran.”

“As I looked at the evidence in front of me, the conclusion was unavoidable: The Islamic Republic of Iran had declared a secret war against the United States, and the United States had chosen to ignore it. – ( See No Evil )

If Baer s allegations are true, then the CIA knew all this at least five years ago, but either nobody told Bill Clinton, or he chose to look the other way.

In any case, the cat s out of the bag now.

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