Daniel, Ezekiel, the Press Corps and Saddam

Daniel, Ezekiel, the Press Corps and Saddam
Vol: 18 Issue: 26 Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Watching the way the various news organizations report on the Iraq war was puzzling until I figured out that there are two wars in Iraq. There is the war that is being reported from the field and described in macro terms by Centcom.

Then there is the other war that seems like the war in Iraq except in that war, the Iraqis are winning, or seem to be.

The war that actually is being fought is not too dissimilar to what the military planners predicted all along. We were told to expect losses and setbacks, but that the outcome was not in doubt. We’ve endured losses, but so far, they are surprisingly light.

There are a quarter million troops in country and our losses so far are less than three a day. Buffalo, New York is a city of about a quarter million. There are more than three obituaries in the Buffalo News every day.

Statistically, at least, as many Americans die every day in Buffalo, New York as are dying as a consequence of fierce Iraqi resistance.

We were told to expect the sand storms. Thank the French for that, in the main, with a tip of the cap to the UN Security Council. The game plan all along from the opposition’s perspective was to delay the war until the weather favored the Iraqis.

In the other war, the one being described by the media outside the theater, any resistance is unexpectedly fierce, and our losses are approaching unacceptable limits.

Tactics like pretending to surrender and then opening fire when the coalition troops expose themselves to accept them are giving way to new reports of Iraqis dressing in American uniforms and capturing their own troops. Then the Iraqis in the US uniforms MASSACRE the surrendering Iraqis.

The mainstream press gleefully reports that Iraqi regulars ‘aren’t surrendering in droves as we were led to expect’ and that more Iraqis seem ready to fight to the death.

Most Iraqi soldiers have been told they will be executed if captured by the Americans anyway. Now these guys don’t know if they are surrendering to fake Americans who WILL massacre them, or real American troops who MIGHT massacre them.

But the mainstream press presents the Iraqi defense as evidence Iraqis are ‘surprisingly loyal’ to Saddam Hussein.

I have also noted with great interest the stories that get the most attention, and the ones that get relegated to the status of background information.

CNN’s lead stories were about how tough the Iraqis are “End of Week Brings Tough Battles” with an analysis piece from former NATO General Wesley Clark entitled “Quick Victory Not Going to Happen”.

MSNBC leads off with “Resistance Endures Amid Rubble” and “Casualties Grow As Troops Head North.”

TIME is focusing its attention on “Why Saddam’s Not Done Yet” and “Baghdad Prepares to Fight.” And EVERYBODY is talking about civilian casualties reported by the Iraqi press and shown outside an allegedly bombed apartment building near a market.

So far, the US has avoided civilian casualties to the extent they have placed their own troops at increased risk. And we know that Saddam’s end game is a ‘scorched earth’ policy. But the news media is reporting it as a US strike as if it were fact.


While the press continues to make its case that the war with Iraq was a grave mistake, the French continue to make the same case, often pointing to the media to support it, among those nations that will still listen to them.

Jacques Chirac did his best to keep us out of Iraq for fear we would upset the business deals (including prohibited military sales) it had cooking with Saddam Hussein, but now that the war has begun, has started a campaign to put Iraq’s reconstruction in the hands of the UN Security Council where France still wields a veto. That way, they can block any reconstruction efforts that cuts them out of the loop.

Francois Heisbourg, director of the Foundation for Strategic Research, notes that an Iraqi governing authority set up by the coalition after Saddam’s ouster will “will presumably want to see a lifting of the sanctions and the embargo. It can only be done if there is an affirmative vote by the Security Council.”

The threat is clear. France can block any lifting of UN sanctions by the application of its veto.

Such a cynical manipulation of France’s Security Council power would almost certainly be the death blow to the United Nations. It would also fracture the European Union, since only France, Germany and Belgium would support maintaining an economic embargo on a liberated Iraq as a method of punishing the United States.

Guillaume Parmentier directs the Center on the United States at the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI). He says that to prevent France from taking that route, the US may try to “isolate France — to go through mechanisms that do not include France — by bypassing the Security Council of the UN, to a degree [by] bypassing the European Union, trying to do things with a select number of partners.”

This would have almost the same effect of nullifying the UN and the European Union, not to mention fracturing the NATO alliance even more than it already is.

The war with Iraq has pushed the various states of the various global alliances closer to where the Bible said they would be politically during the approaching Tribulation Period.

Russia is seizing on the anti-American sentiment in the Middle East to build secret and not-so-secret alliances with rogue states like Iran, Syria, Libya and Iraq. All are part of Ezekiel’s Gog-Magog alliance.

And so is Turkey, who up until now has been the most pro-Israel and pro-Western Muslim country in the Middle East. Now Turkey seems to be cutting itself adrift from its traditional western alliances.

If we are as close to the Tribulation Period as I think we are, we can expect to see relations with Turkey deteriorate even further, until the Turks seek alliances with other Muslim states and probably with Moscow.

The original ten states of the European Alliance are also in danger of coming apart, with three of the original ten, France, Germany and Belgium, standing in defiant opposition to the majority position expressed by both the greater European Union and NATO.

Daniel’s ten heads had only seven horns because three of the original ten were ‘plucked up by the roots’.

“I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things.” Daniel 7:8

Then there is the United Nations. The UN has built a considerable infrastructure over its fifty-year history. There are global institutions like the World Bank, IMF, WTO, the World Court, etc., etc., that are necessary elements to what is the now-necessary global government.

If the UN does implode, something will have to take its place. The Bible says the global government of the last days will consist of the seven out of the original ten plus the eleventh little horn.

Things certainly seem to be moving that way, don’t they?

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