‘This is Your Captain, Paladin, Speaking’

‘This is Your Captain, Paladin, Speaking’
Vol: 17 Issue: 26 Wednesday, February 26, 2003

The Transporation Security Administration has launched a test program in which four dozen commercial pilots will be permitted to carry a firearm while flying passenger planes. The test program is to begin sometime this spring.

The fed rules are as strict as they are predictably idiotic. The pilots won’t be permitted to carry the weapons on their persons, but will instead carry them in locked cases as they walk through the airport. The pilots can’t open the cases until airborne. And, if the pilot has to leave the cockpit, he has to lock the gun back in the case, first. It makes one wonder who the gun is designed to shoot — the co-pilot?

The pilots welcome the authority to be armed, but consider the rules to be a bit, shall we say, stupid?

Pilots don’t want to carry a weapon in a locked case they carry through the airport. They rightly point out that it’s far more likely to fall into the wrong hands if it has to be transferred back and forth.

They have a solution for the TSA, but the TSA was horrified at the prospect.

“We propose that we carry the weapon concealed personally on our body because that is the safest, most secure way for us to transfer the weapon,” said Al Aitken, spokesman for the Allied Pilots Association.

TSA spokesman Robert Johnson said the law says pilots can carry guns for only one purpose: to defend the cockpit during flight.

“We don’t want that weapon floating around inside the cabin,” Johnson said.

Yup. That’s likely to happen. A highly trained commercial airline pilot, surrounded by electronic gadgets and gizmos and charged with the lives of hundreds of people, sitting in the cockpit, playing catch with his gun with the co-pilot. Or worse.

Pilots will be required to undergo psychological and background checks before being selected for a five-day training program that will include lessons on marksmanship, defensive tactics and legal policies, Johnson said. After finishing training, pilots would be issued .40-caliber, semiautomatic pistols.

Some pilots object to the psychological testing they’d have to undergo if they volunteered for the program.


The plan to arm airline pilots comes at least eighteen months too late. On September 11, 2001, 19 guys armed with box knives killed three thousand people. Four armed pilots would have eliminated the possibility that could have happened. All four planes would have landed safely.

But thirty years of brainwashing, the residuals of which can be found in the program itself, meant that no airline pilot could carry a gun.

It wasn’t always so. Once, when I was a Texas police officer, I had to fly from Lubbock to Dallas. I was armed, and notified the stewardess. The pilot asked me to leave my weapon with him in the cockpit while we flew.

I knew nothing of the pilot. I had no idea what his training with weapons was. But I handed over a loaded .357 Magnum without batting an eye. Why?

For the same reason that the TSA regulations are so stupid. Residual stupidity inserted by the ‘guns kill people’ crowd behind the thirty year brainwashing campaign that has resulted in the only people in America carrying guns being the outlaws.

I gave the pilot my gun because the guy was in charge of a multi-million dollar aircraft containing hundreds of people that was gonna fly in the air, and somehow find a little patch somewhere out there that was Dallas, line up with that one driveway out of all the rest in Dallas, from miles and miles away, before he can even see it, and set that big old plane filled with people down exactly where it is supposed to land.

If the TSA trusted him to do that, then I had little reason to doubt his psychological instability or to worry about how the presence of a gun might turn him from a competent airline pilot into a crazed killer.

I admit, it was a snap decision, giving him that gun, based on logic and circumstance. The logic being a lunatic pilot with an airplane is as equally dangerous as a lunatic pilot with a gun on an airplane.

Consequently, the pyschological screening process that prevents lunatics from being given multi-million dollar aircraft filled with passengers should be sufficient to include giving him .357 Magnum and six bullets?

It is a testimony to propaganda that the gun has been so vilified that using it to protect 300 people 35,000 feet in the air is optional.

For thirty years, people have been taught that ‘guns kill people’, without finishing the sentence with, ‘if somebody shoots one’. Guns by themselves can’t kill anybody. People kill people and use guns to do it. They are used by soldiers to defend our country. They are used by police to defend our society. They used to be used by citizens to defend our homes. And guns are used by our enemies to attack us.

In the post 9/11 world, arming airline pilots is controversial still. The brainwashed liberal left continues to believe guns are an evil, corrupting influence because that is what they want to believe.

It is fascinating to me that so many are so easily blinded. Here is the power of propaganda.

The whole issue boils down to the question of whether some Americans are more afraid of terrorists with box knives, or airline pilots with guns.

There are 100,000 commercial airline pilots. By spring, we’ll have armed 48 of them. Sort of.

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