Hollywood’s Virtual March

Hollywood’s Virtual March
Vol: 17 Issue: 20 Thursday, February 20, 2003

Hollywood’s Virtual March

Hollywood actors are now promoting a “virtual march” on Washington to protest a possible war in Iraq. They are urging Americans to use their computers and telephones to demand more time for weapons inspections.

Martin Sheen, still thinking he really IS president (in the alternative state of the Union, perhaps), is putting together a campaign-style commercial.

The appeal is sponsored by the organization “Win Without War.” “Inspections work. War won’t,” says Martin Sheen in the ad. Oh, please! Inspections work??

Sheen goes on spinning, “”The virtual march on Washington will allow every American opposed to the war to stand up and be counted by calling, faxing and e-mailing the U-S senate and the White House.”

On February 26, supporters are being asked to log onto an Internet site called Moveon.org. They will be assigned a time to call their senator, while website operators forward their faxes, which have been sent in advance. Organizers hope to inundate officials with an antiwar message, says Robert Greenwald, who is helping organize the protest.

“It will be thousands and thousands of people throughout the day who will be marching in this way, or, as we fondly call it, the million-modem march, or let your fingers do the marching, are slogans that we’re using,” says Greenwald.

The coalition is sponsored by the usual socialists, globalists, leftists and loonies: the National Council of Churches, the environmentalist Sierra Club, and the National Organization for Women. A Hollywood affiliate includes 130 actors.

One of the best known is Anjelica Huston. “I speak out with a loud voice that my conscience demands of me,” she says. “I do not believe that this administration has made a reasonable or logical case for a rush to war, a war with so many terrible risks for the whole world.”

Huston’s got a loud voice and a demanding conscience but a really crummy briefer. The case for war was made 91 days after the Gulf War ended in 1991 when Iraq broke the terms of the ceasefire. By any logical standard — as well as being spelled out in 1441 — it was up to Iraq to make the case AGAINST war, which it has failed to do. Since when is twelve years a ‘rush’ to war?


The political stuff we are hearing today coming out of Hollywood sounds exactly like the kind of stuff that the McCarthy hearings were trying to prevent in the 1950’s.

They were dubbed the “McCarthy hearings” because of the eccentricities of Senator Joe McCarthy, but the House Committee on Un-American Activities set out to ensure that the “Reds” didn’t get control of Hollywood’s propaganda machine.

The goal was noble, but the tactics of Senator McCarthy were so reprehensible that the baby was thrown out with the bath water.

Being ‘blacklisted’ became a badge of honor and formerly blacklisted writers and directors became the talk of the town.

The Communists never actually took over Hollywood, but after the McCarthy hearings, nobody would dare question the morals or political motives of those who did.

The socialists, the leftists and loonies.

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