Whose Side Are They On, Really?

Whose Side Are They On, Really?
Vol: 16 Issue: 24 Friday, January 24, 2003

Despite the war of words between Germany, France and Washington, we aren’t as alone as the media would have us believe. Rummy’s comment that Germany and France aren’t Europe, but may instead just be ‘old Europe’ may have ‘vexed’ the French, but the fact is, it’s true.

(see the Omega Letter report, “French Offended at Rumsfeld’s Comments” http://www.omegaletter.com/articles.asp?ArticleID=634)

(I heard Brian Kilmeade this morning on the Fox News Channel comment on the French Environment Minister, Roselyne Bachelot. She said Rumsfeld’s comments made her so angry she was speechless. Kilmeade suggested we repeat the phrase ‘old Europe’ over and over since it would be the only way to make the French government shut up).

But we are nowhere near alone, even if the French and Germans think that without them, we have no European support. Spain is part of ‘old Europe’ but it has aligned itself with the ‘new Europe’ and is firmly behind us.

So is former Warsaw Pact enemy Hungary. Hungarian Ambassador Andras Simonyi, for example, spelled out a position on Iraq yesterday that was as tough as that of the Bush White House.

“Our wish and hope is that this can be resolved through the United Nations,” Mr. Simonyi told reporters and editors in an interview at The Washington Times.

“But we have also made clear that a situation might occur when the U.N. process might fail and an international coalition would have to be organized to disarm Saddam Hussein, who we believe poses a clear threat to the region,” he said.

The Germans also had their nose put out of joint by the ‘old Europe’ comment. German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer bluntly told Rumsfeld to “cool down” his rhetoric.

Rumsfeld shot back, this time through a spokesman: “If one considers the vast number of countries in Europe, they’re not with France and Germany on this. They’re with the United States.”

What you won’t find in most mainstream coverage of Europe’s support is the fact that when it was put to a vote at NATO, 15 members out of 19 voted to extend support to the United States even if the UN didn’t authorize it. Only Belgium and Luxembourg joined France and Germany in blocking the action. (‘Old’ Europe).

Hungary has opened a military base in the town of Taszar to train up to 3,000 Iraqi opposition volunteers who could support a military operation and postwar reconstruction in Iraq.

The Czech Republic has stationed a 250-man chemical- and biological-warfare unit in Kuwait, although it cannot deploy inside Iraq without a second U.N. resolution.

Spanish Foreign Minister Ana Palacio indicated to a parliamentary committee yesterday that Madrid was ready to offer the use of its military bases to U.S. forces in the event of war, despite public opposition.

Polish Foreign Minister Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz said this week his country will support a U.S.-led war in Iraq “even without the agreement of the United Nations.”

Prominent backers of a tough line against Saddam yesterday announced a “Committee for the Liberation of Iraq,” whose board includes former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt, former Bulgarian President Petar Stoyanov, and Klaus Naumann, the German general who once headed NATO’s Military Committee.

According to Gary J. Schmitt, a member of the committee’s board and head of the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board under President Reagan, “There was always that danger that when we took this issue to the U.N., the U.N. would behave like the U.N. always does,” he said. “It’s increasingly apparent that France and Germany are digging themselves into a big hole. . .This could be the U.N.’s Abyssinia.”

(see the Omega Letter Report “Abysinnia, UN!” http://www.omegaletter.com/articles.asp?ArticleID=238 — note the report’s publication date)


The liberal elites that control the media are firmly opposed to action against Iraq, mainly because George W. Bush favors it. And by selectively reporting what they claim is global opposition to America’s potential unilateral action, they are winning their self-declared war against the administration.

Most of the country evidently now believes that the United States cannot make a move without permission from the global government. Do YOU remember the day America surrendered its sovereignty to the UN? I don’t either, but it evidently happened — or so many Americans now believe.

Opinion polls in both the United States and Britain show that public support for a war against Saddam Hussein drops sharply in the absence of a supporting U.N. vote. Only 29 percent of Americans back military action against Iraq without U.N. support, according to a poll released yesterday by the Wall Street Journal and NBC, while the figure in Britain is just 13 percent.

It is clear that the liberal media and liberal politicians who remain bitter over Election 2000 oppose action against Iraq because of George Bush and for no other reason.

As evidence, consider Clinton’s 1998 bombing campaign, codenamed “Operation Desert Fox”. There was no UN authorization. There was no Congressional authorization. It was a unilateral US action in response to Iraq’s expulsion of UN inspectors. It didn’t seem to offend the liberals then. Interestingly, Clinton enjoyed wide support from the conservative side of the aisle, even though they were at the time, impeaching President Clinton as you’ll recall.

This time it’s different. Why?

“Surely we can have effective relationships with other nations without adopting a chip-on-the-shoulder foreign policy, a my-way-or-the-highway policy that makes all our goals in the world more difficult to achieve,” said Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.

We didn’t hear much from Senator Kennedy when we were dropping bombs on Iraq during the Clinton administration. Were Clinton’s bombs more humane than Bush’s will be?

The liberal elite have aligned themselves with some pretty strange company in their opposition to America. They are on the same side as the Russians. The same side as the Chinese. The same side as the Germans and French.

But countries like Great Britain and Australia are already sending troops to the region to bolster the American forces already there. When was the last time the media elite had anything good to say about either the Brits or the Aussies? Hmmmm.

Musing right along . . .

We sure picked the wrong week to try and escape the cold. But the sun is shining, the ocean is a beautiful blue, and it at least LOOKS warm (as long as we stay inside). I am warmed more by the many emails we’ve received from you than this cold snap can touch. God bless you all.

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