Claiming The Higher Moral Ground?

Claiming The Higher Moral Ground?
Vol: 16 Issue: 23 Thursday, January 23, 2003

It appears that former US Marine and former UNSCOM inspector Scott Ritter is upset that the revelation that he is a pervert might cut into his crusade to stop the war in Iraq. To Ritter, it isn’t about the fact he was arrested for trying to solict sex from underage girls via the Internet.

Ritter says it is all about the fact that somebody leaked the story to the press because he is critical of the Bush administration. Evidently, that’s dirty pool.

Ritter finally ‘fessed up – sort of – to the fact he had been arrested, but, according to him, it’s nobody’s business what for. Originally, Ritter denied it, saying it must have been some other Scott Ritter — until his mugshot showed up on the front page of USAToday.

First, a little background: The Schenectady Daily Gazette and New York Daily News originally reported Ritter allegedly had an online sexual discussion with someone he thought was an underage girl. The “girl,” however, turned out to be an undercover police investigator. Darn!

WTEN-TV, the ABC affiliate in Albany, reported that Ritter contacted the teen-age girl/police officer twice in the spring of 2001. As part of his sentencing, he was ordered to undergo sex-offender counseling from a psychologist in Albany.

He did it not once, but twice.

The first occurred in April 2001, as he reportedly drove to a Colonie business to meet what he thought was a 14-year-old girl with whom he had chatted online. That little girl, as previously noted, turned out to be a great, big cop.

Two months later Ritter was caught in the same kind of sex sting after he tried to lure a 16-year-old girl to an area Burger King restaurant.

Ritter has an interesting way of looking at things. When you dissect it, his argument is that his credibility has nothing to do with his career as a talking head, so why is it the public’s business? Ritter will tell the public what is their business and what isn’t.

Ritter made an appearance on CNN (Fox says it won’t give him any more airtime) with Aaron Brown, who almost (but not quite) played hardball with him. Brown asked him specifically why he was arrested at a Burger King 18 months ago in New York State. It was a fascinating dance. “Aaron, I will respond the same way, this way, until Sunday. I was arrested in June 2001, charged with a Class B misdemeanor. I stood before a judge and the case was dismissed. The file was sealed. And I certainly wish you and everyone else would respect that.”

He went on to explain that he was legally forbidden from discussing the facts in the case, and, to my astonishment, CNN’s Aaron Brown didn’t back down, but pressed on. He pointed out to Ritter that there was NOTHING in New York State law that would disallow him from discussing the case, observing that criminal procedings are engineered to protect the public from offenders, and not the other way around.

To Ritter, being arrested as a pedophile is an inconvenience that might prevent him from doing the important work of being the chief American apologist for the regime of Saddam Hussein. Indeed, claims Ritter, he could have saved the world if we would just mind our own business.

“I was supposed to be on an airplane yesterday flying to Baghdad on a personal initiative that could have had great ramifications in regards to issues of war and peace. I wish people would keep the eye on the ball here. It’s about war and peace. It’s about the potential of conflict with Iraq, many thousands of Americans dying. And whether you agreed with me or disagreed with me on the issue, there’s no doubting and you can’t rewrite history I was a very effective voice in the anti-war effort in the campaign to keep inspectors on the ground.”

But now, claims Ritter, going to Baghdad to stop the war and talk Saddam Hussein into obeying the United Nations resolutions, Saddam would probably want to know if Ritter really liked little girls instead of wanting to talk about the destruction of his country.

“If I went to Baghdad and tried to talk responsibly about issues of war and peace, this issue would have come up. And it would have been a distraction and it would have actually been a disservice. There are people in Baghdad right now pursuing the initiative that I started. And I want to give them every chance of success. I don’t want to provide any distractions.”


Ritter did an abrupt about-face in 1998 following the expulsion of the UNSCOM inspectors by Iraq. Previously, Ritter was an outspoken critic of the Iraqi regime, claiming that Saddam had hid massive quantities of prohibited weapons and that he had rebuilt is military offensive capabilities up to nearly what they had been just prior to his invasion of Kuwait.

Then, inexplicably, he did a one hundred and eighty degree turn, claiming that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was incapable of manufacturing a thumbtack, let alone weapons of mass destruction.

So complete was his reversal that his former boss, Richard Butler, commented that either Ritter was lying then, or he is lying now.

But what nobody could figure out before was why. I don’t usually indulge in speculation, but at the same time, some things are pretty obvious. For one thing, people don’t wake up one day and become pedophiles. Most medical professionals who have studied pedophilia have come to the same conclusion; once a pedophile, always a pedophile.

Which suggests that if Ritter did it twice in two months — the second time being AFTER he had already been caught — maybe he’s done it before.

Ritter spent a lot of time in Iraq — he was the first American to ever address the Iraqi National Assembly, for example. There are little girls in Iraq, too. And Saddam has a very effective secret police apparatus. One that would not blink at arranging a ‘rendezvous’ for him — someplace equipped with cameras and two-way mirrors.

That would explain a lot. Wouldn’t it?

Musing Right Along . . .

Today’s OL is later than usual, but not because I slept in. Had some trouble for a while getting an internet connection this morning.

I mentioned the other day that we had decided we would continue south until we didn’t see any more snow.

Consequently, we ended up on the Carolina coast where the average winter temperature is 54 degrees. We woke up this morning to find a six inch snowdrift — in our room — that had blown in under the crack in the door.

The biggest snowstorm to hit the area in years. LOL!

We wanted to relax and take it easy. Since it snows here about every ten years, and the standard method of snow removal is to wait until tomorrow, we’ll be watching a lot of TV today.

The Lord has it all under control.

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