Special Report: Six Reasons Why We Believe These Are the Last Days

Special Report: Six Reasons Why We Believe These Are the Last Days
Vol: 13 Issue: 26 Saturday, October 26, 2002

Special Report: Six Reasons Why We Believe These Are the Last Days

From where we sit, the reality that these are the last days is like the reality that this is the 21st century.

Amazing and marvelous, but somehow, at the same time, not as much of a whiz-bang experience as it would have been if we went to sleep in 1976 and woke up to this morning’s news.

Global terrors like al-Qaeda, weapons of mass destruction, the seemingly inevitable Indo-Pakistani nuclear war — these scarcely rate headlines unless they are a hair’s breadth from catastrophe.

Global wonders like the internet, global positioning, Moore’s Law of Computer Processing (CPU power doubles every 18 months) genetic breakthroughs, new cures for old scourges — again, they compete for headline space.

In Europe, new moves towards integration continue to accomplish voluntarily what Charlemagne, Napoleon and Hitler failed to accomplish by force. Soon, the European Union will consist of as many as 25 European states.

In the Middle East, Israel appears doomed to existence as a armed camp in the midst of her enemies, despised by the global community, as evidenced by the sheer weight of one-sided resolutions passed against her — despite the fact she was the victim of five wars of aggression in the last fifty years.

Although Israel is the only Western style democracy in the Middle East, surrounded by a sea of Arab dictatorships, the entire Western world (with the exception of the US) has embraced the Arab cause.

The United States is currently embroiled in a bitter dispute with the United Nations regarding Iraq. At issue is whether or not UN resolutions imposed as a condition of ending the Gulf War should be enforced. The debate is one of complete reverse logic.

On the table is more than just Iraq. The relevancy of the United Nations as a global system of government is at stake. If the UN doesn’t enforce its own resolutions — and then PROTECTS the offender who ignores them, of what value are its resolutions?

The North Koreans recently announced that they never really abandoned their nuclear weapons programs, and Western intelligence analysts believe Pyongyang could have as many as two nuclear bombs right now.

A strike on Iraq could well be the tinder that ignites the Middle East. For Iraq, that imagery could easily become literal.

Saddam has threatened to strike Israel with weapons of mass destruction if the US tries to unseat him. Israel has promised to retaliate with ‘overwhelming force.’

Saddam has a chemical and biological arsenal big enough to kill every human being on earth — if he had the means to deliver it. He doesn’t — but he has the means to deliver it to Israel.

Israel has an estimate 400 nuclear warheads and at least two nuclear-capable submarines patrolling the Mediterranean.

Israel won’t wait for a second strike against it with chemical or biological agents before it incinerates the source and eliminates the threat.

We’ve been explaining all this for more than a year, piecemeal, making broad assumptions that everybody is on the same page.

Beginning with the Sunday edition of the Omega Letter, we will begin a six-part series called “Six Reasons We Believe These Are the Last Days.” We’ll look at Scripture, verse by verse, as it relates to these global developments, and explain how seemingly unconnected events are now coming together — as predicted, and thousands of years in advance.

For some of you, it will be a review. For a few others, it will fill in some gaps. But we hope it will renew that excitement of realizing that we are the generation of which the prophets spoke, the one Jesus was addressing when He said, “This generation shall not pass til all these things be fulfilled.” Matthew 24:34

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