How Much Is That Ally In The Window?

How Much Is That Ally In The Window?
Vol: 12 Issue: 28 Saturday, September 28, 2002

UN diplomats have leaked details on the US sponsored draft resolution on Iraq. The draft would give Iraq seven days to agree to unlimited weapons inspections.

The resolution, if passed, would warn that if Iraq fails to comply, all necessary means – a diplomatic term for military action – would follow.

Some other provisions to the draft that are unlikely to make the cut:

Iraq would have 30 days to make a full declaration of any and all nuclear, chemical, biological or ballistic weapons.

There is also talk of what some diplomats are calling a protection force that would accompany UN weapons inspectors while they work in Iraq.

The operative phrase here is “if passed” since it appears unlikely that it will.

The French, Russians and Chinese have already voiced their objections.

Since France, Russia and China are all Permanent Members of the Security Council, any one of them can veto any resolution the US might bring to a vote.

The French are demanding a nonsensical two step process. In Step One, the UN votes a new resolution into effect so that Saddam can violate it.

If he does, then the French want to implement Step Duh. We go back to the UN to debate a new resolution warning him about the importance of keeping UN resolutions.

The Russians now say that there is “no clear proof” that Saddam has weapons of mass destruction. (That statement alone should be all the proof necessary for even the most thick-headed in the Congress).

Beijing also opposes a military strike ‘unless it is authorized by the UN’ — an authorization that requires Beijing’s approval to pass.

The inscrutable Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji explains China’s ‘position’ that the inspections Saddam won’t allow must be completed before taking any action against Saddam for not allowing them.

“If the weapons inspections do not take place, if we do not have clear proof and if we do not have the authorization of the Security Council, we cannot launch a military attack on Iraq – otherwise, there would be incalculable consequences”.

Ah. Confucious would be proud!

Since the beginning of the decade-long struggle between the United States and Iraq, France and Russia have been the leading powers sympathetic to Saddam Hussein.

Linked by oil contracts, military sales, and loans, they have been Iraq’s partisans, protectors, and proxies.

This isn’t about inspectors or evidence, this is about money.

Russian and French economic interests are not insignificant. Few reliable statistics are available, but trade between Russia and Iraq could run as high as $4 billion a year.

The Russian firm Lukoil, which is trying to extract 667 million tons of crude from the West Qurna oil field, says its contracts could be worth another $20 billion.

And let’s not forget that Iraq still owes Russia $7 billion for weapons purchased during the Cold War.

France’s economic stake is also substantial. The largest long-term contract in Iraq’s oil-for-food program is with Paris.

The French helped develop industrial support for Iraq’s military and helped build the nation’s electronics facilities.

US intelligence has officially designated China as one of the world’s main suppliers of missile-related technologies and nuclear materials, in particular to North Korea and Iraq.


This reads very much like the history books explaining the root causes of World War II.

You know the ones I mean. Where they lament the fact that all the signs were there, but none of the world leaders at the time could read them?

The regional conflicts remain unresolved; Greece vs Turkey, Pakistan vs India, Israel vs the Arabs; the former Yugoslavia continues to smolder beneath the surface.

The Russians still want the world to look the other way while they deal with Georgia and Chechnya.

The Chinese want the world to look the other way while they deal with Taiwan.

The French are just being French.

Historians would note as a telling sign the speed with which the UN mobilized global condemnation against Israel for cornering terrorists in Yasser Arafat’s compound, rushing to the rescue of one terrorist while obstructing action against another.

All the while proclaiming solidarity with America’s war on terror.

The world is crying — screaming! — for leadership at the global level before we destroy civilization in a new global war.

The Bible pictures exactly that scenario in the last days. It is out of exactly this kind of chaos that such a leader will emerge.

The stage is set for the final seven year drama that begins with the rise of antichrist and ends with Christ’s return.

The coming Tribulation Period is close. It could take another few years for the remaining details to fall into place. Or it could begin with the next war. Or it could start tomorrow.

This much is certain. Time is running out.

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