“The Sleepers Have Awakened”

“The Sleepers Have Awakened”
Vol: 12 Issue: 25 Wednesday, September 25, 2002

US intelligence officials present at the interrogation of Ramzi Binalishib say that the rules have changed for al-Qaeda sleeper cells world-wide.

According to the most recent information being developed, the al-Qaeda network has decentralized its command structure, and has sent instructions to sleeper cells to attack their assigned targets at will.

The information was developed by Bill Gertz of the Washington Times, one of the most well connected reporters in Washington and one of my most trusted sources.

Gertz said that terrorist cells now have more autonomy to conduct attacks around the world, quoting officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

“The decentralization means the danger from this group is growing,” one U.S. intelligence official is quoted as saying.

So, how credible is the ultimate source? Is Binalshib for real?

One of the al Qaeda militants arrested two weeks ago with Binalshibh in Pakistan has been identified as one of the killers of Wall Street Journal correspondent Daniel Pearl, a senior Pakistani police official told the Associated Press last week.

The official, who also spoke on the condition of anonymity, refused to identify the suspect but said he was not among the five persons, including Binalshibh, who were handed over to U.S. authorities on Sept. 16 and flown out of the country.


If true, it would be the first evidence linking al Qaeda to Pearl’s abduction and killing. Pearl was kidnapped in January while investigating links between Pakistani militants and Richard C. Reid, the ‘shoe bomber.’ Reid was arrested in December on a flight from Paris to Miami trying to set off explosives in his shoes.

So let’s start connecting the dots.

Binalshibh’s a Yemeni national. So are the Lackawanna Six. Pearl was investigating Reid’s connections to al-Qaeda when he was killed by an al-Qaeda terrorist arrested with Binalshib, from whom this information was obtained. Previous US intelligence estimates put as many as 5,000 al Qaeda members of sleeper cells inside the United States.

Attorney General John Ashcroft said two weeks ago in announcing a heightened alert status that “widely dispersed, unsophisticated strikes” by lower-level al Qaeda operatives are a danger.

The alert status has been downgraded from ‘High’ to ‘Elevated’ but Ashcroft says it was because maintaining the level at ‘high’ without a specific threat would be meaningless.

Added together, one comes up with a pretty accurate picture. And it isn’t pretty.

How America reacts under the strain will determine America’s future role in the global political arena.

There are already calls to abandon ‘traditional foreign policy objectives’ — double-speak for abandoning Israel — and embrace the ‘common global security structure’ of the United Nations.

Christians are now a target of Islamic warriors world-wide. Six Pakistani Christians were executed at a Pakistani charity for the crime of being Christians earlier this morning. This is just one in an ever-increasing wave of attacks specifically targeting Christians.

America is perceived as a Christian country by the Islamists. The next logical step for appeasing the Muslims would seem to be for a movement calling upon America to disavow Christianity.

Where is America in Bible prophecy? It isn’t mentioned. We may soon find out why.

Now is the time to pray for our country. And for our faith. And for the lost in America at risk of having their chance to decide for Christ robbed from them by an al-Qaeda sleeper cell terrorist.

Your friends and co-workers will want to know what it is that the war is all about. First, tell them what it s NOT about. It s NOT about US foreign policy. It s NOT about US support for Israel. It s NOT even all about the USA, in the final analysis.

Christians anywhere in the Islamic world are at risk. Now so are Christians in America.

What is this war about? Add up the available facts, filter out the spin and take a look at who this war is against.

It s against Jesus Christ — and those who claim Him. We are dedicated to providing you with the truth and the evidence to back it up. That s why we come at you from some many different angles; media propaganda, liberalist agendas, national politics, international politics, the Middle East all point to war against the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus and those who claim Him.

A war against those who believe the Bible is the living Word of God.

Is this the beginning of the Tribulation? No. That comes with the signing of the confirmation of the treaty of Daniel 9:26. We aren t there yet. But we are certainly close.

This isn t the end, or the beginning of the end.

But it is certainly the end of the beginning, to borrow a line from Winston Churchill.

Pray for the spiritual condition and enlightenment of our leaders. Pray for America.

But keep your powder dry.

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