The Babel Effect

The Babel Effect
Vol: 11 Issue: 25 Sunday, August 25, 2002

Like most of the UN efforts of the past decade, the World Summit on Sustainable Development in South Africa is going nowhere.

According to its planners, the aim of the Johannesburg summit is to reach agreement on reducing poverty in developing nations by fuelling environmentally-friendly economic growth.

The way the UN sees it, poor nations want more aid and better access to the markets of wealthy nations, but developed countries are concerned about the potential impact on their economies.

More than 100 heads of state accompanied by 40,000 officials are expected to attend the summit. There will be the usual bickering and infighting, and all the unresolved problems will be blamed on the United States. President Bush will not attend.

The World Summit on Sustainable Development is supposed to be the followup to the Rio Earth Summit a decade ago.

The Rio summit, championed by Al Gore (whose ‘Earth in the Balance’ was timed to be released at the same time) set goals for protecting the planet, ranging from curbing emissions of the polluting gases blamed for global warming to preventing the spread of deserts.

Kofi Annan characterized the progress since Rio as ‘far from satisfactory’.


Part of the reason that the various summits produce more hot air than greenhouse gases is because off of them arrive at the same, predictable conclusion. It’s up to the United States. The US is the big polluter. The US is the richest nation.

What happened at Rio was all the nations of the world got together to decide what America would do to clean up the global environment.

They talked about all the things they would do after the US got the ball rolling and paid for everything, but basically, the Rio Summit was just a global Brazilian Mardi Gras.

When it was over, everybody went home and complained about what the US wasn’t doing and why it was all our fault Rio was a failure.

Here’s an example. According to the BBC’s World News, Rio was a UN conference that produced tangible results, including international conventions on climate change and bio-diversity.

Since then, says the Beeb, ’emissions of greenhouse gases heating up the world have increased and natural resources have been further degraded – but campaigners say there was nothing wrong with the commitments, only with the failure of governments and others’ to carry them out’.

The ‘governments’ is code for the USA, and ‘others’ is code for George Bush.

The Beeb’s cracks its own code in the next paragraph. “But the prospects today are less promising. The withdrawal of the Bush administration from the Kyoto treaty on global warming demonstrates how crucial American involvement is to international action.”

The Beeb doesn’t say that not one single other country ratified Kyoto, the US Senate refused to ratify Kyoto when Clinton first brought it home, and that it was Clinton who first pulled the US out of Kyoto. Bush merely continued the same policy on Kyoto after he took office — he didn’t originate the policy.

The Clinton administration is ‘governments’ — George Bush is ‘others’. But it s all, ultimately, America s fault.

The World Summit on Sustainable Development is like other world summits. It’s a place for lobbyists and special interest groups to meet to plan how to make the rest of the world see things their way.

It attracts the various lunatic fringe groups from all across the spectrum. They march and chant and riot and smash and go home when its over.

Invariably, when the various summits are over, the only thing still clear is that God knew what He was doing at the Tower of Babel.

The UN Conference at Rio was just one in a long running series of abysmal failures in global summiteering.

The Vienna Conference on Human Rights ended without reaching an agreement on whether human rights are universal, for example.

The Durban Conference on Racism broke up while still debating the fact that a ‘Jewish state’ is racist, whereas an ‘Arab world’ is not.

The UN Population Conference at Cairo determined that women should rule the world and that abortion should be like having a tumor removed.

What the various UN summit debacles do establish beyond doubt is universal recognition of the need for a working system of global government.

And they establish with equal clarity that the UN doesn’t fit the bill.

The Bible says that in the last days, a global government will exist. The UN is a prototype of that final form of world government, but it isn’t it. The UN has served a purpose; it has established the necessary infrastructure in which a global system could operate.

Europe has modeled much of its superstate after the UN system and is perfectly positioned to take the torch when passed. It shares most of the UN’s values, but has fewer built-in weaknesses. And, unlike the US, Europe wants the job.

That is precisely how Daniel said it would eventually play itself out, writing from Babylon, 2500 years ago.

And that’s how it is developing now. It is either a colossal coincidence, or additional evidence that this IS the generation that ‘shall not pass, til all these things be fufilled’. (Matt 24:34)

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