‘with a double heart do they speak’ Psalms 12:2

‘with a double heart do they speak’ Psalms 12:2
Vol: 10 Issue: 21 Sunday, July 21, 2002

Hopefully, yesterday’s Omega Letter dealt with the issue of what partisanship is. This morning, we’ll follow up with a look at what partisanship does in America. Or, rather, what it does to America.

Continuing The Crisis of Confidence

I confess to be staggered with the ease with which America’s politicians can speak out both sides of their mouths, while simultaneously drinking water and humming ‘America the Beautiful.’

But I am thunderstruck by how well it works — even when I am watching them do it. I often have to do a reality check: look at all the available information, piece by piece, comparing deeds to words carefully, just to make sure I’ve not slipped over the edge.

When it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, but everybody tells you it’s a chicken disguised as a duck, it’s good to go back and examine the Audobon Society’s Photographic Essays of ducks first. Makes you feel better.

The ‘crisis of confidence’ occurs when the consumer doesn’t believe his investments will pay off in the market and so he sells off and gets out, taking his cash with him.

We discussed what happens when too many receipts compete for the available gold on deposit in a previous issue.

Exploiting The Crisis of Confidence

The following is a statement from DNC Chairman McAuliffe on Vice President Cheney and Halliburton:

“Vice President Cheney should explain to the people of Houston why his company misled investors while he was CEO of Halliburton. The people of Houston know all too well the painful results of corporate accounting tricks.

“Vice President Cheney should spend more time explaining his business practices and the accounting tricks he used as CEO of Halliburton and less time raising money for the Republican Party.

“Restoring investor faith in corporations is vital to getting the economy moving in the right direction. The administration has to come clean on questions surrounding their business practices before the American people take them seriously on corporate responsibility.”

Creating the Crisis of Confidence

In the late 1990s, some of McAuliffe’s business ventures came under investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor, which filed suit against two labor-union officials, both of them with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers pension fund, for entering into questionable business arrangements with McAuliffe. Both officials later agreed to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties for their actions, and the union itself had to reimburse its pension fund by nearly $5 million.

The lawsuit that details McAuliffe’s dealings with the electrical workers’ pension fund is Herman v. Moore, filed in May 1999.

According to Herman v. Moore, on November 19, 1990, the fund entered into a partnership with a firm called American Capitol Management Company, which was owned by McAuliffe and his wife, Dorothy.

The purpose of the partnership, according to the suit, was “to acquire, hold, improve, lease, operate, and sell a shopping center and various apartment complexes located in central Florida.”

McAuliffe and the fund officials created a partnership to buy a large block of commercial real estate in Florida. McAuliffe put up $100 for the purchase, while the pension fund put up $39 million.

Yet McAuliffe got a 50-percent interest in the deal; he eventually walked away with $2.45 million from his original $100 investment. In another instance, the pension fund loaned McAuliffe more than $6 million for a real-estate development, only to find that McAuliffe was unable to make payments for nearly five years.

In the end, the pension fund lost some of its money, McAuliffe moved on to his next deal, and fund officials found themselves facing the Labor Department’s questions.

The Gilded Lily Award

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee executive director Howard Wolfson flatly declared that the party had found its magic bullet this week.

According to the Washington Post, Wolfson believes ‘every single Republican up for election will be on the defensive this November on the issue of corporate responsibility, while “I can’t think of a single Democratic candidate who would be vulnerable on this issue.”‘

If ever a quote deserved to win the Gilded Lily Award, it would be that one. ‘Not a single Democrat vulnerable to charges of corporate responsibility.’

Just what we need to fix the economy! Corporate irresponsibility in our politicians!

Economy Isn’t Partisan

Whether or not the economy tanks due to a crisis in confidence is an issue that transcends — or should transcend — party politics. Cheney’s relationship with Haliburton doesn’t prove anything except that he was part of the same corporate structure as the head of the Democratic Party. Bush’s Harken Oil deal is even thinner than that. It only proves that he was less skilled a corporate raider than most.

(The Harken stock Bush sold doubled in value a year later.)


The fact is, even if Bush and Cheney were typical corporate raiders when they were private citizens, they are no longer private citizens.

And the allegations against them are far less egregious than those that could be leveled against Terry McAuliffe, Senator Jon Corzine or than those which have already been leveled and disposed of by the courts.

The DNC has undertaken to make the economy a campaign issue by presenting Bush and Cheney as corporate raiders who can’t be trusted to oversee the economy.

They intend to accomplish this, as Wolfson pointed out, by attacking corporate America, hinting that all CEO’s are crooked and so is the Executive Branch of government.

In what way will that help restore confidence in American business, reverse the slide, restore the jobs lost by layoffs as investors flee with their money and put it in offshore investments?

This is what partisanship is. It has nothing to do with what is best for America. Partisans couldn’t care a fig for Americans unless they are members of their particular partisan cabal. We saw examples of how partisans care for individual Americans during the Clinton years. Lives were utterly destroyed to achieve partisan objectives on both sides of the aisle.

It isn’t about you. It’s about them. It isn’t a secret. Everybody knows what is foremost in the mind of a partisan politician on Election Day. The next election.

Here’s the power of propaganda. Corporations and businesses who ran the market up to the dizzying heights achieved during the Clinton administration got caught short during the Bush administration.

That’s history, not partisan propaganda. The stock bubble burst in March, 2001, less than forty days after Bush assumed office.

If one buys the propaganda being handed out, all the crooked executives prospered under Bush’s watch. At the same time, out the other side of their mouths, the partisans say the economic downturn was Bush’s fault.

Follow me here: Bush/Cheney and the corporate raiders were the ones behind the Clinton economic miracle while simultaneously being the architects of its downfall, (said downfall timed to occur as soon as they assumed office, presumably)??

Here’s the interesting thing; nobody is questioning the circular logic necessary to make it make sense.

Instead, the public grows more confused, less confident and more inclined to just pull out of the market until the dust settles. That continues to exacerbate the decline, which in turn lends an air of legitimacy to the partisan argument that in effect is asking America to put the real foxes back in charge of the henhouse.

Revelation Chapter 13 tells of the antichrist’s total control over the world’s three most powerful institutions; the global government, the global religous systems and the global economy. He achieves control of all three using a single tool. Deception.

Are we ready for the most prolific liar, the most masterful and charismatic deceiver the world has ever known?

In what kind of world would an entire population surrender total control over to someone whose only claim to power rests in his power to deceive?

Quack, Quack.

“A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” -James 1:8

“A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” -James 1:8
Vol: 10 Issue: 20 Saturday, July 20, 2002

I’ve been giving some thought to joining the Democratic Party. That way, when I am analyzing some unbelieveably transparent propaganda that one would think would fail to sway the most gullible among us, the point I am trying to make wouldn’t get diluted by a partisan label.

For the most part, when I have something negative to say about Bush, like when he reneged on his campaign promises regarding stem cell research, or when he sold us out to the UN by backing down on immunity demands for the International Court, no one ever accuses me of partisanship.

I find that interesting. Not a single reader has ever called me ‘partisan’ for taking the GOP to task on broken promises, compromises on moral issues, a cloudy Middle East foreign policy or GOP eagerness to trade freedom for security.

I like to think that is because my points are valid and based on objective reality, rather than partisan talking points. And maybe because I’m not a Republican, have never been a Republican and have little in common politically with the Republican Party, (apart from the basic agreement the United States is a Republic, rather than a ‘democracy’).

What’s The Difference?

I am going to deviate from the point for a minute to give you some background. Bear with me.

Fundamentally, the difference between Republic and Democracy is the source of their authority to govern. A Republic such as the US acknowleges that basic human rights are granted by God. Since God granted them, government cannot rescind them.

Murder can never be legalized in the Republic, since legal murder invalidates the God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

In a democracy, the will of the people is supreme. If the majority voted for murder, then legalized murder would become the law of the land. The right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness would then be subject to review.

The Banking Act of 1933

The Stock Market Crash of 1929 effectively bankrupted the United States government. The Banking Act of 1933 was in effect a declaration of bankruptcy. It made private possession of gold illegal, resulting in a federal confiscation of America’s wealth. Most was quietly transferred to European banks to satisfy creditors.

At the same time, a new legal entity, the “Corporation of the United States” came into being. The new entity, complete with its own flag, [the gold fringed official flag you see in government buildings) remains to this day in receivership to the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve, created in 1913, is really a privately owned banking consortium. To be a member you must hold stock. Most of the stock is held by the European banks who hold the US National Debt.

Federal reserve employees are not federal employees, the Fed Chairman does not represent the government and federal reserve holdings are not exempt from federal taxes.

The New Deal was really new. From that day forward, the Republic of the United States ceased to be, and American presidents began to refer to America as a ‘democracy’.

Just the Facts

All the above is true. I’m outlining what may be a new book on the general meltdown going on all around us. I’ll back it up then.

But I am not advocating the system’s overthrow, or even passing a value judgement on the secret selling of America or the men behind it.

It was a necessary development in order for the Bible’s outline of future history to unfold — and it appeared to many of the politicians of the time to be the right thing to do to alleviate the poverty of the Depression era.

Back To the Partisan Labels

Based on the definitions, I would definitely classify myself as one who believes in a Republican form of government as outlined by the Declaration and the Constitution. But not a Republican.

Since there are members of the Republican party who support abortion, gay rights, the removal of school prayer, research on aborted fetuses, euthanasia and similar politically correct causes, the Republican Party is ‘republican’ in name only.

Because America is governed as a democracy and is a republic in name only. Abortion could never be legal in a Republic, no matter what the majority voted. (In a Republic, it would be illegal to put it to a vote in the first place.)

Look For the Non-Union Label

I opened by saying I’ve been thinking of joining the Democratic party. That way, the points I am trying to make won’t get drowned out by the perception of partisanship.

One of those points is this. Within the whole end-times scenario we find a central theme — that of strong delusion. When asked what would be the sign of His coming and of the end of the age, Jesus outlined a litany of events — but the first thing He said, was, ‘take heed no man deceive you.’ [Matt 24:4]

Paul writes of the time just before the Rapture, “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:” [2 Thess 2:11)

Mass communications has turned American politics into mass propaganda.

Wrong is right, up is down, bad things are justified by pointing out people who do worse things and anybody who disagrees is a ‘partisan’.

It is under that label of ‘partisanship’ that the most egregious propaganda can be spread by those we send to represent us, and shielded by partisanship, can then return to ask us for a chance to go back and lie some more.


That is the introduction. I’ll get to the meat of the point in tomorrow’s briefing.

Special Report: – The Big Picture – An Overview

Special Report: – The Big Picture – An Overview
Vol: 10 Issue: 19 Friday, July 19, 2002

According to the Bible’s outline for the last days, control of the global infrastructure eventually falls in the hands of a single individual. The antichrist seizes single-handed control of a unified global economic system, global religious system and global government.

(Actually, it would be more accurate to say he seized control of the global superpower. Scripture also says the world is divided up into four regional spheres of power, the Kings of the East, the King of the South, the Gog-Magog Alliance and the Revived Roman Empire.)

The Bible also tells us a bit about how the antichrist pulls off his single-handed global coup d`etat. Daniel tells us that by ‘peace he will destroy many’ and that he starts the clock ticking for the 2520 day Tribulation Period by inking a seven-year peace deal between Israel and the ‘many’. (Dan 9:27)

The Bible says his control will be complete; that means he will also require the support of the money trust. There is a global banker’s cabal — it isn’t a myth.

What began as a European banking family enterprise grew, through strategic intermarriage and unwavering dedication to the aims and principles of its founder, grew in power and influence until today it is simply known as the System. Whether it is the Federal Reserve System, or the Bank of England System or a European-style Central Banking System, they all operate under the same rules.

Christians usually divide themselves into two camps regarding the money trust. Either they deny it exists, calling it ‘conspiracy theory’ — or they scream for its abolition.

There is a third point of view. It goes like this: It is a conspiracy, and not a theory. It does have nefarious goals which include seizing control of the world’s wealth, right down to the house you live in and the car you drive to work. In the US, you spend the first five months of each year – to Memorial Day, roughly — just to pay your taxes. That’s called ‘Tax Freedom” Day.

[In Canada, land of Socialized Medicine, Family Allowances and cradle-to-grave income security, Tax Freedom Day falls on Labor Day]. That is the ‘tribute’ due to the Masters of the Money Trust.

It exists, it s the only system we have, replacing or tearing it down would plunge the world into chaos, it is a necessary part of the overall prophetic picture, so it must exist, get over it.

Still a Tall Order

The global economy is a reality, as is the money trust that controls it. The four global spheres of political influence the Bible speaks of exist, although they are still somewhat fluid.

The global religious system is slowing taking form — the war on terror will undoubtedly help to shape some kind of kinder, more tolerant and less fundamental religious worldview. The Apostle John describes the false prophet as having “two horns like a Lamb” (symbolic of Christ) but says he “spake as a dragon” (symbolic of Satan).

Add them together and you get a kinder, gentler, more inclusive Christianity, without all that ‘fundamentalist nonsense’ about salvation and Jesus being the ‘only way’ and so forth. (The kind of religion that could maybe even have a voice at the UN?)

The global government (read western regional superpower) also remains somewhat fluid at the moment. Although America is the current superpower, Europe is not far behind, militarily, politically and economically. (The euro achieved parity with the dollar recently for the first time).

America is locked in a war with religious fanatics and that means that anything is possible. And Daniel says the path to global superstardom runs through Jerusalem.

So, if we are living in the last days, then all three of these should dovetail at Jerusalem.

Let’s see.

America’s War with al-Qaeda.

What was it about again? Oh yeah. Islam, al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem, US support for Israeli oppression, yada, yada, etc.

The Global Government

The US is currently at loggerheads with the UN over the Rome Statute that created the International Court that the US fears can be used to indict our military leaders or possibly our political leaders for war crimes.

This means America’s global reach may be curtailed to limit our potential liability. We are already discussing withdrawal from a number of UN operations.

The United States is the only country that consistently votes with Israel at the UN. Without our veto, Israel would have been legislated out of existence by the UN Security Council decades ago.

The Senate voted eight years ago to move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The administration has not yet done so because the UN regards Jerusalem as a disputed city.

America’s consistent support for Israel has marginalized our influence at the UN and has so polarized the global body that most anti-Israel resolutions are defeated by margins like 184-2 — with the two votes being Israel and the US veto.

Consequently, America’s influence at the UN continues to decline, while Europe’s political stock keeps rising, both at the UN and among the Arab bloc.

The Global Economy.

Investor confidence is slipping, due to a combination of stock fraud, the war on terror with al-Qaeda and the crisis in the Middle East between Israel and her enemies.

All roads to power in the last days run through Jerusalem.

How Does He Pull It All Together?

Now that we have established the existence and the interdependence of the three predicted pillars of antichrist, how does he pull the wool over the eyes of the whole world?

“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie. . . Paul explains in 2 Thessalonians 2:11.

Bush’s One-Sided Plan

In order for the entire world to believe a lie, one must first have a vehicle in place to deliver that lie. Now we come to a subdivision of the global money trust — the media that it wholly owns and operates according to its own philosophy.

It would take too long to prove it, but it can be proved by backtracking through the maze of interlocking directorates.

I’ve done it. But explaining it would take a whole book — and there are already plenty of them on the market — another isn’t necessary.

Anyway, a short cut works equally well at dispelling doubt. Just listen to them.

We’ve discussed the fact that ‘more Americans get their news from ABCNews than from any other source’ before. The White House won’t deal with Arafat because he’s a terrorist. Everybody knows he’s a terrorist.

Everybody except Peter Jennings.

June 24 WorldNews Tonight: We re going to begin tonight with what the President has decided should be done to make peace between Israelis and Palestinians. In short, the President said today the Palestinians should get rid of their leader Yasser Arafat; get a new political and economic system, a new constitution, a new security service. And when the Palestinians have done that, the Bush administration will support a provisional Palestinian state. If this sounds like Mr. Bush has come down squarely on Israel s side in the Israeli-Palestinian struggle, that is how it looks in the Middle East and in Washington.

According to Peter Jennings, Bush didn’t decide Arafat was ‘tainted by terror’ and refused to deal with him because we don’t negotiate with terrorists. Instead, he came down ‘squarely on Israel’s side’.


That is a long overview to wade through to get to a very brief assessment. We are living in the last days. All the signs are in place. The war on terror, the crisis in the Middle East, our widening political gap with Europe, the teetering economy; all these various elements conspire together to shape the coming global system, pounding and fluffing the way one would shape a pillow, until it takes the precise shape necessary for what lies ahead.

What lies ahead is a two-fold event. The next major prophetic event on God’s calendar is, I believe, the Rapture of the Church in advance of the beginning of the Seventieth Week of Daniel.

There are other sincere, honest Christians who believe the Rapture takes place during or after the Tribulation Period. I have no quarrel with you; I simply take a different view.

In any case, there is little doubt that time of Jacob’s Trouble is soon to come over the whole earth. The irrefutable evidence lies before you.

“Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.” (Matthew 24:34)

Evil Men and Seducers

Evil Men and Seducers
Vol: 10 Issue: 18 Thursday, July 18, 2002

A pretty little five-year-old girl was snatched from her apartment complex by a man who claimed he wanted help finding his lost puppy. She was found thrown along the side of a highway, like so much garbage, the next day.


Something a little different this morning. This is more of a conversation with my friends than a general intelligence briefing.

This story broke my heart. The cries of the mother of this little girl, pleading to the television for the animal who stole her baby to bring her back, echoed in my ears all night.

The Bible warned that in the last days, ‘evil men and seducers will wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived’ [2 Tim 3:13].

Chronicling the events of the last days means focusing all one’s attention on the worst behavior of depraved humanity to exclusion of almost everything else. The Bible’s picture of the world in the last days is of a world utterly given over to sin and depravity.

That is the enemy stronghold, and to get reliable intelligence from the enemy camp, you need spies that are willing to go there. In the spiritual sense, my ministry is to serve as the watchman on the wall, or the spy in the enemy camp.

It is possible, at times, to see too much, or know too much, and be overwhelmed. These are the agonized thrashings of an enemy who, knowing his final defeat is approaching, has his ‘scorched earth’ strategy in place and ready to go.

When reading stories like the abduction/rape/murder of this precious little five-year-old, when the echoes of her mother’s cries disturb my sleep, I sometimes wonder if the enemy might be winning.

He isn’t. For all the mayhem and catastrophe, wars and rumors of wars, depravity and sin are not signs of enemy victories, but reminders of his coming final defeat.

Revelation 12:12 tells us the tragedies of the human experience, as they increase in frequency and intensity, actually represent hopeful news of ‘woe’, if you can get your head around the inherent dichotomy.

“Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.”

While we are eyewitnesses to the dire events the preface the final battle, we are also reminded that this proves God remains on the throne, and the enemy is not winning, despite all appearances.

Jesus reminded us when He was outlining the milemarkers for the last generation, “And now I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe. Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.” [John 14:29-30].

The fact that it is occurring exactly as He said, on schedule and in the correct order proves He is still in charge and that the Bible can be trusted. And that we are living in the last days.

The time is short and the fields are white with the harvest. But to get to the fields, sometimes you have to wallow in the mud along the way.

It’s an ugly picture sometimes, even after its been filtered and condensed into an emailed briefing, and its even uglier during the filtering process.

But take heart — don’t give up watching and waiting and praying.

Even when your heart is about to break, trust Jesus. He remains in charge, and even the most evil and depraved things that take place have their purpose in the Big Picture that we don’t understand — and won’t, this side of heaven.

The Bible promises a special crown to “which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.” – 2 Timothy 4:8

I used to wonder why such a special gift would be set aside for those who stood watch — compared to the minimum requirements for getting the crown of martrydom, for example, it seems like a comparatively easy job in exchange for such a lofty reward.

But after a decade of standing on the wall I don’t wonder anymore.


Russia, EU Split with US on Arafat

Russia, EU Split with US on Arafat
Vol: 10 Issue: 17 Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Russian and European leaders are standing firm — against the US — concerning the future of Yasser Arafat. According to them, Arafat is the legitimate leader of the Palestinian people because they elected him. [In 1996–for four years –his term expired in 2000]

The US has come closer than ever before to applying the ‘terrorist’ label to Yasser Arafat, saying it won’t deal with a Palestinian leadership ‘tainted’ by terrorism.

After deciding that the only one that Russia or the EU will deal with is the Father of Terrorism, they told Colin Powell that they expected him to not only curb the violence, but settle the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Izzat all? Negotiate with a terrorist dedicated to Israel’s destruction and settle the conflict . . .what will Powell do with the rest of his day?

Powell represented the US at the so-called ‘Quartet’ where the UN, EU and Russia laid down the law on how things are to go in settling the Middle East conflict.

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov and European Union diplomat Javier Solana demanded that ways must be found ‘to get more help’ to the Palestinians.

Ok. Stop there, and take a breath. Let’s look again.

First, they want to continue to work with Arafat. It is an undeniable, unquestioned, undisputed fact that Arafat STOLE most of the help earmarked to ‘get more help’ to the Palestinians and diverted it to buy arms or feather his own nest and the nests of his top officials. The Russians know that. The Europeans know that. Kofi Annan knows that.

That means that they know it is impossible to either settle the conflict or ‘get more help’ to the Palestinians. So who is kidding whom? And why?

The Quartet specifically cited ‘the need for a coordinated international campaign to support Palestinian efforts at political and economic reform.’

How does one bring about political and economic reform without a change in leadership?


Russia defended Arafat’s leadership role, calling him the ‘elected leader’ of the Palestinians.

And Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller, whose government currently holds the presidency of the European Union, said Arafat’s election as the Palestinian leader requires dealing with him.

But they came to that conclusion at the same meeting in which they admitted that Yasser Arafat and the PA are corrupt!

It’s hard to describe the logic here — like renting the same movie dozens of times, each time hoping that this time it will have a different ending.

Even the Arabs have stopped sending aid to the Palestinians through Arafat, for cryin’ out loud!

This makes absolutely no sense on any level — except one. The scenario outlined for Israel in the last days.

Scripture speaks of a rise in global antisemitism that culminates [during the Tribulation] with a new Holocaust more intense than Hitler’s.

Russia, the EU and UN are historically notorious antisemites. As evidence, reverse the situation. Try and develop a political scenario in your mind in which these three would support Israel in a dispute with any Arab state. Hard to imagine, isn’t it?

The reason for that is because no matter whether Israel is right or wrong in any dispute, it is still populated by Jews. And if there is an Arab state not dedicated to Israel’s eventual destruction, you can’t tell from the Arab voting record at the UN.

Scripture says that the entire world body will gather together against Israel over Jerusalem [Zech 12].

Daniel 9 says that the antichrist — who will eventually bring about a settlement to the conflict — will be a European.

Ezekiel speaks of a war that takes place in the last days in which a vast Russian-led Muslim alliance will launch an all out invasion against ‘the mountains of Israel’ [Ezek 38-39].

So we have Russia [Gog-Magog] siding with Arafat against Israel, in spite of the fact they know he is corrupt, a terrorist and dedicated to destroying Israel. They know it!

Ditto for the reincarnate Roman Empire of Europe.

And then there is the UN. Since the Arab states vote as a bloc, the UN is little more than a rubber stamp for the Arab League, etc., etc.

As we’ve seen, the Quartet’s ‘vision thing’ for a Palestinian state defies logic. Everything about Israel demands western support; it is a western style democracy, it is a free and open society.

The modern state of Israel was largely settled by European Jews. During the 1990’s, Israel’s population doubled as most of Russian Jewry made aliya (the ingathering).

On every level, it makes sense that Israel be the fair-haired child in this dispute.

Israel should have everything going for them — democracy, population demographics, shared political philosophy; why would anyone side with Yasser Arafat?

Because these are the last days. No other explanation makes sense.

(Note: flu much better today — thank you for your prayers)

New Virus Making Rounds

New Virus Making Rounds
Vol: 10 Issue: 16 Tuesday, July 16, 2002

A new internet virus called “Frethem” made its debut yesterday. BTW, there are a number of email virus hoax emails also making the rounds. If you get an email telling you to delete a specific file in your computer that antivirus software can’t detect — don’t do it.

On the other hand, if you get an email with the subject line “Re: Your password” it could be infected with ‘Frethem’– even if you recognize the return address. Frethem, like some other recent virus releases, reads through a victim’s address book and sends emails using that address book. The worm will put one name in the address box, another in the return address — so the odds are good you might get an email from someone you recognize, but they may not have sent it. They may not even be infected.

Frethem was actually released in its initial form several weeks ago but did not begin to replicate itself until this weekend after vandals release four variants of the worm, incluing Frethem L which made its debut on Saturday night.

The body of the message says:

“You can access very important information by this password DO NOT SAVE password to disk use your mind now press cancel.”

The e-mail includes two attachments a harmless text file named Password.txt, and the worm Decrypt-password.exe. But the worm takes advantage of an old flaw in Microsoft Outlook that allows it to execute even if the victim doesn t open the infected attachment.

Frethem can clog up corporate e-mail systems with extra messages, but the worm doesn t seem to do anything else malicious to infected computers. Only Windows systems are at risk.

(Please forgive this abbreviated version of the Omega Letter — the flu bug paid us a visit this morning. We beg your indulgence)

The Death of A Thousand Cuts

The Death of A Thousand Cuts
Vol: 10 Issue: 15 Monday, July 15, 2002

The mission of the Omega Letter is to ferret out the real scoop behind the headlines as it relates to the prophecies of the Bible.

From time to time, it seems global events grind to a halt by a seemingly peripheral happening. Not simply that the headlines crowd out what is happening elsewhere, but that global events literally grind to a halt.

The US economic scandal is one such event. While it appears to be peripheral to major global happenings like Osama bin-Laden, the Middle East, Iraq, earthquakes, famines and wars, Europe or the UN, it is actually at its core. It’s everything else that is peripheral.

Smoke and Mirrors

The economy has been staggered by reports of corporate wrongdoing, fears of legislative remedy and investor uncertainty. There has been an avalanche of major corporate failures in recent months as investors learned what really drove the engine of the miracle economy of the 1990’s. Smoke and mirrors.

The entire economy is built on an illusion. That sounds like the rantings of a lunatic, (especially when it is written out in words) but it is nonetheless true. The free market economy of the 20th century is backed by faith, not by wealth.

Faith in America’s ability to outperform other national economies. Faith in the fact America will not go into default on its debt. Faith that America’s national debt will grow — together with the amount of interest we pay on that debt — since debt is the basis of our economic system.

The stability of the American economy is central to the global economic system. That is a given. So when there is a hiccup on Wall Street, every Main Street in the Global Village rushes to blow up a brown paper bag.

A debt-based economy provides opportunities for the kind of growth we witnessed in the 90’s. If America were a barter economy (one where its currency were backed by precious metals) then the money supply would be finite.

(You can’t make two dollars out of a dollar’s worth of gold. Unless more gold is found, there can be no new money.)

Consequently, when I say the economy of the 90’s was built on smoke and mirrors, the statement is accurate. Despite the fact it is very real if you are one of the stock market millionaires. [and especially if you were and aren’t anymore].

For a free market to work, it has to be self-regulating. Legislation is anathema to it, since it operates according to the laws of profit.

Legislation has a tendency to cloud the mirrors and dissipate some of the smoke. Henry Ford was once quoted to the effect that, if ‘the American people knew how the economy really worked, there’d be a revolution before breakfast’.

Legislation tends to expose how the economy works, and to whose benefit — the bankers who run it.

All that being said, it is still the only game in town. Those who would expose the money trust don’t really want to break the banker’s stranglehold — that would mean a global economic Depression that would make the 1930’s look like an economic boom.

Is The System Evil?

Since the economy is built on smoke and mirrors and backed by faith in the system, it makes sense that the economy would react negatively to the prospect of federal government interference.

Every investor — from major corporate investors to the folks putting by a few bucks each week in their 401K — wants to believe his investment is going to grow. Or he’ll pull what’s there while it still exists.

So when the headlines mention the economy and the Congress in the same sentence, the dollar dips, the market shrinks and the government rushes to restore confidence. But not this time.

The economic system that exists is supra-Constitutional and operates above the law. It isn’t right, but it’s the way it is. It’s evil — but the Bible says the world is evil, the world system is evil and so this is hardly news.

Christians are not of the world, but they do live in it, and are subject to the system in place.

Economic Sabotage

For reasons that cannot be uttered without sounding cynical, the Democrats have decided that a weak economy is in their best political interests, and they’ve been doing all they can to weaken investor confidence in the system.

I have a regular email correspondent who faithfully sends me ‘evidence’ on Harken Oil, Haliburton, Cheney, Bush, any Republican who ever had a corporate job. His most recent email consisted of several messages in a row, the last of which read, “You’re an idiot. It bears repeating.”

(I am assuming the previous five said something similar but I deleted them — I got the idea)

His reason for that assessment was my refusal to lay the blame for the corporate scandals at the feet of the Republican party.

News flash: Corporations aren’t Republican or Democrat. Greenbacks are apolitical. The economic sleight of hand didn’t originate with the Republicans, or even during their watch.

Daschle has been endlessly attacking Bush for not giving the Securities and Exchange Commission sufficient resources to take prompt and aggressive action against crooked corporate executives.

Bush asked Congress in February for an additional $20 million for the SEC for this fiscal year. It is stalled in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

Last week, the president asked for a $100 million increase in the SEC budget. [You’d think that if the Democrats were so concerned about the SEC (that they claim whitewashed Bush three times on Harken Oil) they’d be asking him.]

Daschle & Co. have attempted make SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt the poster boy for the scandal, charging he was too cozy with the auditing industry.

“That cozy permissive relationship has to end and he in large measure has orchestrated that in the last 18 months,” Daschle recently said on CBS’ “Face The Nation.”

Note: Pitt was confirmed on July 24 of last year (11 months, not 18) and even Daschle voted for his unanimous confirmation.

Before one can make political points by blaming a scandal on the White House, one must first make sure everybody is aware of how dire the circumstances are.

If it damages investor confidence, then it just proves their point. But the circumstances are dire because the corporate raiders got caught this year.

They raided for a decade with impunity — although that doesn’t seem to be of much interest to the liberals who control the mainstream press.

News of Tyco International’s restated earnings deficit went back several years. Global Crossing’s abuses began in 1997. Enron’s phony earnings numbers now appear to have occurred in 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000. WorldCom’s abuses started in 1999, at least. Who was in charge during those years?

It isn’t a case of the Republicans being cozy with the corporations. The practices originated and prospered under the Democrats. It was under the Republicans that they got caught. Conclude what you will, but those are the facts.

The story here in my view, is rooted in the willingness of the Democrats to sacrifice anything — including the economic well-being of the poor they claim to champion — if it will win them back power, which they apparently hope to use to help the poor who weren’t poor until after they were ‘helped’.

How’s your 401K?

(In the interests of full disclosure — and for the record — I do not have a 401K, I have zero stock investments and I am not a Republican — save the accusations for when I deserve them)


The economic panic is translating into legislative red tape that will eventually hamstring the way corporations operate. But legislating profit out of a free market economy is a fool’s errand.

To make political points and win reelection, one side of the political aisle is leading an all out charge against Wall Street, attempting to capitalize on the old canard that the Republicans are on the side of Big Business.

Make up your mind. Ten years ago, the Clinton campaign slogan was “it’s the economy, stupid”.

The Bible says that under the reign of antichrist during the Tribulation, he will exercise complete control over a global economy, down to the smallest detail. John says that without the mark of the beast, no man will be able to buy or sell.

The world has been steadily moving toward a cashless economy for a decade. A collapse of the current economic system would necessitate it’s replacement with a new one that would meet the needs of the global New Normal.

At the same time, the war on terror is herding us into a system in which every citizen will have to be numbered and identified as part of a homeland security scheme. (Such a system already exists in Europe).

Do you see a pattern developing?

“And when these things BEGIN to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh.” [Luke 21:28]

Synagogue Attacked in Britain

Synagogue Attacked in Britain
Vol: 10 Issue: 14 Sunday, July 14, 2002

In Britain, vandals broke into a synagogue, destroyed a Torah scroll, drew swastikas on the wall and tried to burn the building down in the Welsh town of Swansea. The Swansea Synagogue was originally built in 1760.

The Swansea assailants forced open a window of the synagogue, drew a swastika on one wall and took the scroll into a garden outside to destroy it. The 300-year-old Torah scroll had been ripped and left outside the synagogue.

Jewish Torah scrolls are hand-written by scribes. This particular one was described by the chairman of the synagogue as being ‘priceless’.

This is the second time this year that a synagogue in Britain has been attacked by anti-Semites.

In April, in an attack on Finsbury Park synagogue in north London, a swastika was daubed in green paint on the rabbi’s lectern, prayer shawls and skull caps were hurled to the floor, where excrement had been left behind, and windows were smashed.

No suspects have been detained so far in either case.

Skinheads Kill Toronto Jew

A Jewish father of six was murdered by skinheads outside a Jewish owned pizzeria in Toronto. The man went to King David Pizzeria to celebrate his 49th birthday. Two skin-heads allegedly entered the Jewish restaurant, harrassing customers and trying to provoke a fight. When the victim attempted to leave the restaurant, one of the men pulled a long-bladed knife and stabbed the man in the back, killing him.

Deputy Defense Minister Michael Melchior expressed concern Sunday over a “new type of anti-Semitism,” which he said was directed at Israel and Zionism.

“What has taken place over the last four months has not been seen since World War Two,” he told Israel Radio. “There are places with 100 percent growth in anti-Semitism.”

“The burning of synagogues and the attacks are only the symptoms,” he went on. “The dehumanization of society, which is reinforcing anti-Jewish violence is extremely dangerous and we must fight against anti-Semitism because it is a threat to democracy and fairness in society.”


Melchior is right. There is a discernible rise in anti-Semitic attacks on a world-wide basis. Canada prides itself on its politeness and its cosmopolitan multiculturalism that welcomes all. Canada’s streets are safer than in the US. There’s no doubt about it.

Consequently, murders are rare enough in Canada to be national news. Especially murders that are the result of hate crimes.

I found it curious that the only place the murder of a Jew in Toronto was national news was in Israel. A search of canoe.com, the Toronto Star and the Toronto Sun had not even reported the crime as of Sunday morning.

When contacted by Israeli journalists, Toronto Police Sgt. Dan Taylor had little to say. He confirmed the stabbing and that the victim died.

“There was a stabbing involving a gentleman who from all appearances is Jewish, right in front of a pizza place,” Taylor told the radio. “He is deceased.”

He said police were still investigating the motive.

“As far as Neo-Nazism or anything like that, we will have to wait until someone makes a decision on that,” Taylor said.

One wonders who ‘someone’ might be or what information that someone might need to make that decision.

Two skinheads come into a Jewish restaurant, harrass the patrons and subsequently murder a man wearing a yarmulke skullcap and ceremonial beard who, according to Toronto police, “from all appearances is Jewish.”

And they are unsure of the motive?

Let’s see. Robbery? Nope. Rape? Nope. Domestic problems? Nope. A fight? Nope. The victim was stabbed in the back as he tried to flee.

What’s left? How hard can this be to figure out? It’s clear enough to the Israelis. And it is pretty clear to me.

Spanish Warships Steam To Morocco

Spanish Warships Steam To Morocco
Vol: 10 Issue: 13 Saturday, July 13, 2002

Talks have broken down between Morocco and Spain over the fate of the tiny, uninhabited island of Perejil.

Spain has claimed ownership of Perejil for more than four hundred years. Morocco is itself a former colony of Spain. Perejil is less than a half-mile off Morocco’s shoreline in the Meditterrean Sea.

A dozen Moroccan police sealed off access to roads on the island leading to shore. They posted a Moroccan flag at either end of the island, with a Moroccan official saying that the decision to set up an observation post there was “neither a provocation, nor a threat towards Spain.”

Spain’s foreign minister called the dozen police an ‘invasion’ by Moroccan troops and is sending a flotilla of warships to meet the Moroccan ‘navy’. The Spanish navy is equipped with an aircraft carrier equipped with Harrier fighters, eight submarines and fifteen major surface vessels. It is steaming to engage the Moors, whose single, twenty-year old frigate and 27 patrol boats are waiting to meet them.

The European Union is backing Spain, saying that the Moroccan ‘invasion’ was a ‘clear violation of Spanish territory.’


One more ’cause’ for al-Qaeda. This time, it is the Christian Crusaders from Spain, attacking the Muslim Moors. The terrorists have compared US actions to colonialism — when not trying to draw on the image of the Crusades, trying to recreate it as a war between western Christianity and Islam.

Spain’s actions will provide al-Qaeda with the perfect image.

Pro-Democracy Movement Growing in Iran

President Bush warned Iran’s ruling clerics that they had better heed the rumblings of democracy following a pro-democracy rally in Tehran where students demanded greater freedoms.

Several thousand people took to the streets of Tehran on Tuesday to mark the anniversary of violent street protests three years ago.

In a demonstration of dissatisfaction at the pace of reform in Iran, students clashed with plainclothes security officers.

It was a telling sign of the deteriorating power of the ruling mullahs that the ‘plainclothes security officers’ were not regular Iranian security personnel. The mullahs no longer trust their own people. Most of the ‘officers’ were imports – from among the Palestinians, Afghanis – most didn’t even speak Farsi.


The revolution that brought the mullahs to power twenty-five years ago was a student revolution — but those students are now grandfathers who are as disillusioned with the Iranian revolution as middle-aged American hippies are with the ‘peace, love and tranquilizers’ movement of the Sixties. More so, given the outcome.

But the students who launched the revolution are not only aging, they are a distinct demographic minority.

Iran wiped out most of its last generation in its eight year war with Iraq. At its end, the Iranians were down to unarmed teenagers, which the mullahs sent in waves against Iraqi border emplacements where they were used as human shields for the remaining armed and trained Iranian troops who followed behind.

The legacy of the war with Iraq is an Iranian population in which two thirds of the Iranian population is under twenty-five, where the average age of the mullahs is somewhere in their mid-seventies.

Most of the generation of students who launched the revolution are dead. Their children see the revolution as a catastrophe that killed their parents and has stolen their freedom.

Although Iran is the second member of the ‘Axis of Evil’ the administration recognizes that the majority of Iranian citizens are young, educated, and want to join the modern world. Among Iran’s young, there are no anti-American chants.

Modern Iranian youth has access to the internet and cable televison — the same phenomenon is happening in Iran that ultimately was responsible for the collapse of the Soviet Union. Although they’ve been told from birth that America is the ‘Great Satan’, it is a Great Satan with stocked grocery stores, free speech, free elections and MTV.

President Bush has made two speeches regarding Iran this year. The first was his ‘Axis of Evil’ speech in which he declared Iran one of the three most dangerous regimes in the world.

But in his second speech delivered this week, the President referred to Iranians as our ‘allies’ promising, “as Iran’s people move towards a future defined by greater freedom, greater tolerance, they will have no better friend than the United States of America.”

That is not to say that Iran’s leadership is America’s ally. Iran’s leadership isn’t part of organized terror, it IS organized terror.

Islamic militancy wasn’t born in Tehran, but the modern concept of state sponsored terrorism is a product of the Islamic Revolution whose ideological father was the late Ayatollah Khomeini. Iranian-sponsored Hezbollah is one of the oldest, deadliest and bloodiest Islamic terrorist organizations in the world.

The Islamic Experiment began in Iran and many of its aims and goals have been exported to other Islamic countries — like Afghanistan, and to a lesser extent, countries like Pakistan and several Islamic states of the former Soviet Union.

The cracks in the Iranian regime are widening. Bringing in outsiders as security police means the regime can no longer trust its own security people, who are increasingly sympathetic to the demonstrators.

And importing riot police that don’t even speak Farsi exacerbates the already growing unrest among Iranian youth.

Despite the antagonism of the Iranian leadership, Iranian youth by the thousands took to the streets on the day after the 9/11 attacks, carrying candles as a public expression of mourning for the American dead. On July 4th, while the leadership was slamming the evils of American decadence, Iranian kids were setting off fireworks.

Iran’s regime increasingly appears to be on the ropes. The Islamic Experiment has already failed in Afghanistan, has dissolved Chechnya into civil war and threatens to split Pakistan wide open.

But what it will look like after the smoke clears is anybody’s guess.

The Emperor is Naked

The Emperor is Naked
Vol: 10 Issue: 12 Friday, July 12, 2002

How bad are things on the market? The stock market has erased the equivalent to almost a quarter of the US Gross Domestic Product. The Wilshire Total Market Index , the broadest index for the U.S. equity market, closed at its lowest point in almost 4 years Wednesday and has tumbled more than 18 percent so far this year.

The decline is worth more than Germany’s gross national product, a measure of the dollar value of all goods and services produced in that country plus income from abroad. U.S GDP, which measures the value of goods and services produced within the United States, is about $10 trillion.

Since January 1, almost $2.3 trillion dollars has simply ‘evaporated’.

First, we’ll look at what the numbers mean, then we’ll try and figure out how money can ‘evaporate’.

Millions, Billions, Trillions

It is hard for somebody who thinks $1000 is a lot of money and thinks $100,000 per year as ‘wealthy’ to conceptualize a million dollars, let alone a billion or a trillion dollars. Those kinds of numbers don’t make a mental picture.

But we all understand how to mark time, so let’s use that as a frame of reference, using seconds as a common denominator and rounding off the decimals to the nearest year.

It goes like this. A million seconds is roughly twelve days. So, if you dropped a million dollars into a big hole, one dollar at a time, 24/7, you’d be done in under two weeks.

If you dropped a billion dollars, one at a time, into that hole, it would take you THIRTY-TWO YEARS! (Bigger gulf between a million and a billion than you might think)

But $2.3 trillion dollars has ‘disappeared’. Using our same formula, dropping a trillion dollars into a black hole, 24/7/365, it would take THIRTY-TWO THOUSAND YEARS!

So, if you started right now, and physically removed a dollar per second from the economy, when you equaled the market loss since January, it would be the Year 84,102! Roughly.

(When you get done, kick back, have a Pepsi, and watch Star Trek — on the History Channel).

Where Did $2.3 Trillion Go?

Piled up, one could build twin towers the size of the World Trade Center with that much money.

When the towers collapsed, it took from last September until now using the most heavy of earth moving equipment just to clear away the debris to the Fish Kill landfill site. The towers are gone, but the debris remains.

We’re talking about that much money evaporating into thin air! No debris. Just gone!

Here’s how that works. It was never there in the first place!

Short History of Banking

In the Middle Ages, the local jeweler usually functioned as the local banker. Since he already had security for his valuable raw material, it made sense for the local population to bring their hard currency to him for safekeeping.

He, in turn, would issue a warehouse receipt redeemable by him in gold. It became easier to exchange these receipts than to go a physically get the hard currency, exchange it and hand it back to the jeweler/banker, so the receipts eventually became as ‘good as gold’.

One enterprising early banker noticed he always had more gold on hand then the redemption receipts demanded.

This excess he would lend out at interest — by issuing more receipts than there was gold to back them — gambling that not everybody would demand their holdings at the same time.

He would then note the debt on his books as an asset, although it would not exist until repaid.

In days of old, if he got caught, he was called a thief and the system was a scam. Today he’s called a fractional reserve banker and the system is called the Federal Reserve.

Crisis of Confidence

The Federal Reserve is neither federal, nor is it a reserve. It is actually a privately-held internationally owned banking consortium. That is easily proved, but is a whole ‘nuther subject.

But to understand how money can ‘evaporate’ — and why the talking heads keep mentioning ‘consumer confidence’ as a factor — you have to have a working knowledge of what 21st century money really is – a shell game.

Until the early 20th century, the US was on a barter exchange system set up by Congress back in 1792. It was replaced by the Federal Reserve System in 1913.

The Federal Reserve scheme is propped up — not by wealth, but by debt. There is, as far as I can tell, only about $48 billion worth of physical gold propping up our currency, but our GDP is measured in trillions. [We’ve seen the difference between billion and trillion]

A dollar used to say “will pay to the bearer on demand, one dollar in lawful US money.” Today, a bill says it is lawful US money. It is a promissory note backed, not by gold, but by your future earnings, all of which is pledged by the government, and a portion of which you are permitted to keep for your use.

The rest the government takes as ‘taxes’ — but in reality, you aren’t paying taxes to the government. The government is just letting you keep a portion of its property — your wealth.

So a ‘crisis of confidence’ occurs when it looks like your future wealth won’t be enough to cover our national debt.

Stock market money is as real as the dollar in your wallet. The dollar in your wallet is only worth as much as people are willing to believe it is worth. Try buying a pre-1967 quarter with 2002 paper money. Or a pre-1933 gold piece of any denomination.

People bet on the value of paper money. But a silver quarter will always buy a loaf of bread, no matter how bad the economy. And a $20 gold piece will never buy less than it did when it was minted. With hard currency, it isn’t ‘consumer confidence’ that sets its value. It’s measureable hard wealth.

The Emperor Has No Clothes

Whether or not the current economic system is a good thing or a bad thing is a subjective call for another time. For now, it is enough to recognize that the system is. We are all part of it.

If investors lose confidence in our system, they withdraw themselves from the future earnings pool. Remember the medieval banker? If he didn’t have enough gold on hand to redeem all his receipts … well, it wasn’t pretty.

Enron, Worldcom, Squibb, etc., are examples of bankers ‘caught short’.

But most people don’t believe any of this anyway. They see a dollar in their pocket. It looks like money. It spends like money. The idea of it really being a promissory note backed by their own future earnings doesn’t make sense.

If they found out, it would expose the whole scheme. The market crashes when more people attempt to redeem their warehouse receipts than there is wealth to back them. The partisan efforts to undermine confidence in the economy to win votes is designed to create long lines at the redemption windows.


The system works. And it will continue to work until it doesn’t. We will continue buying and selling, marrying and giving in marriage — all will appear well. Until ‘sudden destruction.’

We’re part of it, so there is little sense in tilting at windmills, to borrow a phrase from Duma. I won’t go into how America was systematically stolen by the money trust,– or how evil a system it is — in this briefing.

It is enough to know at this point that in order for the prophecies concerning the antichrist to be realized, this system had to first exist.

Revelation 13:17 tells of the antichrist’s absolute control of the economy. Without his mark, John says that no man could buy or sell. With hard currency, that kind of control would be impossible. In a global economy built on smoke and mirrors, it is already in operation.

The system is in place, awaiting the one who will seize control of it, exactly as the Bible said it would be — in the last days.