Where Is al Qaeda?

Where Is al Qaeda?
Vol: 10 Issue: 31 Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Back in June al Qaeda spokesman Sulaiman Abu Ghaith assured the world that Osama bin Laden remains alive and well and plotting future attacks against American targets. He bragged that al Qaeda was planning new operations, and that “the few coming days and months will prove to the whole world the truth of what we are saying.”

It’s been more than a month and a half since the latest threat, and al Qaeda has yet to strike. We are less than six weeks away from the first anniversary of 9/11 and al Qaeda has never followed up with a second attack, despite its promises.

The foundation of the terror network’s strategy is to demonstrate that the United States is vulnerable to attack despite its power. And that al Qaeda can survive the inevitable American counterattack.

To be viable, al-Qaeda has to live up to this boasting, hit the US, escape, and live to strike another day. The plan is to inspire the Muslim world to rise up against the infidel by proving it can be done.

But if al-Qaeda doesn’t strike soon, they will fail. More than that, al Qaeda will have accomplished exactly the opposite of what it had intended. Instead of convincing the Arab world that America is vulnerable, they will prove it can’t be done, and that attacking the USA is not survivable.

There are growing doubts within the al Qaeda network about its continued ability to function. U.S. intelligence, working with foreign intelligence services, has been penetrating al Qaeda’s networks systematically, announcing some daily arrests, keeping others a secret.

While Washington doesn’t know enough about al Qaeda to know exactly how bad it has been hurt, neither do most of al Qaeda’s operational agents.

The terror network is organized in ‘cells’ as a security precaution to prevent one captured cell from betraying the larger organization. One cell seldom knows what another cell is doing, or who they are.

Consequently, many of these al-Qaeda sleepers don’t know if they are still part of a larger terrorist operation or out there on their own.

Abu Gaith’s June statement that al-Qaeda and 98% of its leadership remains intact and plotting new nefarious deeds was apparently designed to overcome the developing crisis of confidence among al Qaeda’s members. Abu Ghaith bought al Qaeda a few months, but if it does not strike soon, the crisis of confidence will return with a vengeance.

As September 11’s anniversary approaches, al Qaeda will have to either put up or shut up. If they aren’t able to prove that they are still a viable organization by mounting another major successful attack against America, many of those cells are likely to disband before they cross the point of no return.


Taken from the perspective of Bible prophecy, if al-Qaeda never mounts another attack, it has already given the Biblical scenario for the last days a quantum leap forward. The Bible describes a world under antichrist as a world without secrets.

The antichrist’s control of society is so detailed that John says anyone not part of his social system won’t even be able to buy or sell.

Since 9/11, the global banking system has been tightened. Financial databases are being consolidated and internationalized as part of the war on terror. Civil liberties are being curtailed. Surveillance systems watch our every move, capture our every phone call, and can even capture every keystroke typed at your own private keyboard on your own personal computer. Even if you aren’t connected to the internet.

Privacy is a thing of the past. Americans have never been more accountable to their government than today. Indeed, citizens of any country – and the countries themselves — are accountable to the USA if they are alleged to be part of the global terror network.

These things are all necessary to successfully fight the war on terror. And they are all necessary elements of the scenario outlined by the Bible for the last days.

The war on terror could be over now — but the institutions put into place to combat it will remain.

The Homeland Security department will continue to exist, continue to centralize information, continue to snoop around looking for terrorists, long after the terrorists are all gone.

The Department of Homeland Security is an internal security service — something the United States has never employed in its history. Internal security services are a European invention antithetical to the American ideals of freedom and privacy. Such a system could never have taken hold in America prior to the September 11 attacks.

There is an old saying to the effect that one can turn a cucumber into a pickle, but you can never turn it back into a cucumber again afterwards.

Even if al-Qaeda is finished and Abu Ghaith’s threats were just the last gasp of a dying beast, the world will never be the same.

We’ve referred to it as the New Normal, because that is what it is. We knew it was coming. It had to, if these are the last days.

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