Media Gears Up For Election

Media Gears Up For Election
Vol: 10 Issue: 29 Monday, July 29, 2002

Perhaps out of desperation, ABC News is not even attempting to maintain the appearance of impartiality in its efforts to ‘blame Bush’ –sometimes blaming him for both sides of an issue.

For example, ABC News has led the media charge for new, tougher laws to police corporate CEO’s.

A week ago, on July 15, ABC’s Linda Douglass ‘explained’ to Peter Jennings; The Senate has moved with stunning speed to pass this very, very tough legislation….Lots of criminal penalties for such things as giving false stock tips or signing a deceptive financial report, long jail terms, and a very strong new board to oversee the accounting industry. The question now, Peter, is what will happen to this. Will it become law? The House passed a much weaker version, and the lobbyists are swarming over Capitol Hill to try to get the House to water down what the Senate has done.

The bad ol’ corporate lobbyists. And everybody that watches ABC News knows that ‘corporate lobbyists’ is a code word for ‘Republican operatives’.

What everybody really knows is that government oversight of the free market always results in a temporary slump. And since the Democrats have determined that they will make the economy their campaign issue, market slumps work for the Democrats.

Blame the GOP lobbyists for weakening the legislation, and then blame the Bush administration for the inevitable legislation-driven slump.

Once the legislation was passed, Douglass admitted the legislation she had been lobbying for (on ABC’s dime) for weeks was actually useless.

Douglass acknowledged longer prison terms may not stop corporate crime. After running through the longer penalties for such things as shredding documents and a 25 year prison sentence for a scheme to defraud, Douglass realized: Still, experts say just the threat of more jail time won’t stop corporate crime.

The Mysterious Rep Traficant

Ohio Congressman James Traficant was expelled from the House last week. He made history for being only the fifth member to ever be expelled. Of the remaining four, three were expelled during the Civil War for ‘traitorous conduct’ by siding with the South.

The only other member of the House ever expelled was Michael Myers, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, expelled for accepting money from undercover FBI agents posing as Arab sheiks seeking favors from Congress during the ABSCAM investigation of the 1980’s.

Right now, the Democrats are attempting to paint the administration as corrupt corporate raiders.

The Traficant hearing was an embarrassment to that effort, given that Traficant is a Democrat, as was Myers, the only other member to be expelled in over a hundred years. Traficant and Myers are actually in a class of their own, being the only two members of the House ever to be expelled for being corrupt.

Most of the major media did what they could to help out. Brokaw, Jennings and Rather have done entire reports on the Traficant hearings without ever mentioning his party affiliation, while never failing to mention the party affliation of every Republican who’s name came up in the story.


To the uninformed, since only the Republicans were identified by party, anybody not identified would also be assumed to be Republican. Including Jim Traficant, the convicted felon being booted out of Congress. Very subtle.

Uninformed people vote, too — based on how their parents and friends vote and what they can find out about the issues from 30 second sound bites on the news. And more Americans get their news from ABC than from any other source. So they say.

Brown’s Declaration of Independence

Those that don’t get their news from ABC won’t find out from CNN. According to CNN’s Aaron Brown, Traficant isn’t a Democrat anymore, he’s an Independent!

Brown reported on CNN on July 24, “The House of Representatives is debating whether to postpone until the fourth of September the expulsion hearing for Congressman James Traficant. The Ohio independent is appealing his recent conviction on ten counts including racketeering, taking bribes, and filing false tax returns.”

Racketeering, taking bribes and filing false tax returns is not the kind of light CNN wants to portray the Democrats in. It conflicts with their efforts to paint that sign on the Republicans.


What is significant isn’t that it is Republicans or Democrats. What is significant is that the media is making its bias clear. And it is that bias that runs the national agenda, not the public.

If you listen to the media, anyone who is anti-abortion is far right. However, if you favor abortion, you are a moderate.

For example, this quote from a New York Times story on Colin Powell; Mr. Powell’s approach to almost all issues — foreign or domestic — is pragmatic and nonideological. He is internationalist, multilateralist and moderate. He has supported abortion rights and affirmative action and is a Republican, many supporters say, in no small measure because Republican officials mentored and promoted him for years.

Powell “supports abortion rights and affirmative action and is a Republican”, says writer Todd Purdum, but he is “pragmatic and nonideological’ as well as being “internationalist, multilateralist and “moderate.”

Sounds like a lot of labels to pin on a ‘moderate’, especially one that is pro abortion, pro affirmative action and ‘nonideological’.

Name me two causes more ideological than abortion and affirmative action. I’ll wait.

Time’s up.

Are you still with me? Or did you fall into the trap?

What trap is that, you ask? Has your focus been redirected to abortion, or partisanship? Or are you still focused on the point of today’s letter — which is the FACT that the press is LYING openly and manipulating the public to get them to embrace its own liberal ideology.

We’ve discussed the polls that say half of America is anti-abortion, but that those who are anti-abortion are ‘right wing’, while those who are pro abortion are ‘moderate’– although the ‘moderates’ make up the other half of the country.

It’s a lie, but it is a liberal lie, so its ok.

2 Thessalonians Chapter Two discusses the rise of the antichrist’s government. Verse 11 says, “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:”

All the signs point to the fact the planet is undergoing a fundamental meltdown, but the millions of ‘documentaries’ about Bible prophecy so popular on the networks all portray Scripture as mysterious but suspicious writings on a par with Nostradamus or Edgar Cayce.

All have ‘experts’ explaining that prophecy isn’t really prophecy. Instead, its just a typical hysterical reaction that happens at the turn of every millennium. “Just look at what happened in the Year 1000,” they all say.

Lots of literature kicking around from the Year 1000, isn’t there? Name something.

[Of course, there’s plenty of literature from the millennium before that. But the Bible is not reliable because it says the exact opposite of what the ‘experts’ surmise is Millennial Fever. Instead, the Bible says this is exactly what we were to expect. Go figure].

But millions buy into that lie. In the main, we afford the broadcast media the status of infallibility. “If you see it on TV, it must be true” goes the old joke, — but we really believe it.

And the TV says that only reactionary right wing zealots actually take Bible prophecy seriously.

“Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.” 2 Peter 3:3-4]

Liars and scoffers. Who knew?

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