The Treaty of Moscow

The Treaty of Moscow
Vol: 8 Issue: 24 Friday, May 24, 2002

Don t worry about it if you never heard of it. Neither had anybody else until about an hour ago. At 4:58 a.m. this morning, President George Bush and President Vladimir Putin signed their names to an agreement by which the United States and Russia have ended a long chapter of confrontation, according to Bush.

Both nations agreed formally to reduce their nuclear weapons arsenals from six thousand to about two thousand. Consequently, instead of being capable of destroying all life on earth ten times over, we can only destroy it thrice.

So, according to the administration, the treaty liquidates the Cold War legacy of nuclear confrontation and opens an entirely new future of cooperation. Somehow.

Something for Everybody

In his speech, Bush listed a long laundry list of impediments to improving US-Russian relations, like removing Russia from the list of nations covered by the Jackson-Vanik Amendment.

Jackson-Vanik imposes strict trade penalties against nations that restrict voluntary emigration. Jackson-Vanik was originally enacted to counter Soviet refusal to allow Jewish emigration to Israel. It has since been expanded to cover a host of countries and a range of issued.

Bush also tacitly gave Putin the green light in his war in Chechnya, which has morphed from a Russian effort to take back its breakaway republic of Chechnya to seize its rich oil reserves, which was how the Clinton administration styled it in 1993.

Today, Chechnya is a war against terrorism and President Bush promised Putin full US cooperation in the war on terror. I m not disputing that the war in Chechnya is a war against terror. But it was a war against terror in 1993 as well.

The fact is, all wars of insurrection are, by definition, terrorist, if you are the party in power. What was the French Resistance to the Allies in World War II was, from the German perspective, a gang of French terrorists.

What makes the terrorists in Chechnya our common enemy is not the fact that they are terrorists, but the fact they are Islamic terrorists.

The words of the administration say we are not at war with Islam, but the deeds of the administration say the opposite.

A Man Called Pootie-Poot

Bush and Putin have formed a close friendship, according to the press. Bush s fondness for nicknames reportedly spawned a friendship between Dubya and Pootie-Poot .

“I said I looked into his eyes and was able to glimpse into his soul,” Mr. Bush reminded European reporters on the eve of his first trip to Germany. “See, and I’ve been proven right. I do trust him.”

Who is the man called Pootie Poot? Vladimir Putin, the shadowy Grey Cardinal of the KGB, skyrocketed to power during the second administration of President Yeltsin.

Putin was a mid-level KGB officer when the Soviet Union collapsed.

Putin s resume reads like a spy s resume. There s something a bit eerie about it. It s only about six lines long.

Between The Lines

When his career with the KGB expired with the USSR, Putin got a job as an advisor to the chairman of the Leningrad City Council.

By 1994, Putin had an impressively long title, Chairman of the Committee For Foreign Relations of the St. Petersburg Mayor s Office. (Hmmm. He must have had a lot of free time on that one).

By 1996, he was first deputy chairman of city government.

It was about this time that Putin caught the attention of Boris Yeltsin, who appointed him first deputy presidential business manager in 1996.

In 1997, he became head of the President s Main Audit Directorate, and shortly after that presidential deputy chief of staff.

(It was about this time, that news first surfaced of a kickback scandal involving millions of dollars, a Swiss construction company named Mabetex and Yeltsin s two daughters.)

In mid-1998, the Grey Cardinal returned to the reborn KGB as director of the Russian Federal Security Service. While there, Putin expanded his power, combining his office with the Security Council. He was appointed first vice-prime minister August 9, 1999.

Later that same day, as news of the Yeltsin business scandal erupted, he was appointed Acting Prime Minister.


Putin s stint as head of the President s Main Audit Directorate seems relevant to his meteoric rise to power. He was the guy cooking the books when Yeltsin was padding his pension.

When Yeltsin got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he turned to Putin and cut himself a sweetheart deal.

He d make Putin acting president, and in return, Putin would give him immunity and let him keep his booty.

The man called Pootie-Poot — from obscurity to the Moscow Treaty in five years.

Waves of Bombers

Waves of suicide bombers are waiting in the wings to carry out attacks, Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer warned yesterday following the aborted effort to blow up Israel s largest fuel dump between Tel Aviv and Herzliya yesterday.

We are facing waves of suicide bombers, men and women, and believe me that when I say waves I know what I’m talking about,” Ben-Eliezer said.

For several weeks, security sources have been talking about attempts by Palestinian terrorist organizations, led by Fatah, to carry out a showpiece attack of massive proportion.

Last week, IDF raids in Tulkarm uncovered a plot to use a ton of explosives to blow up a skyscraper, such as the Azrieli Towers in Tel Aviv, and plans to carry out seven simultaneous attacks along the Mediterranean coast.

Arafat Behind Nativity Standoff

Palestinian documents seized by Israel show that Yasser Arafat financially supported the leader of a clan that controlled the Church of the Nativity during the standoff with Israeli troops.

Arafat reportedly authorized payments to Atef Abayat at the same time he was promising the Israelis he would arrest him for conducting terrorist acts against Israel.

Abayat himself was eventually killed by the Israelis last October when it became clear Arafat was not going to honor his promise.

It was members of the Abayat family who seized the Church of the Nativity and were among those exiled to Europe or Gaza when the siege ended.

A one-page document dated July 9, 2001 contained Arafat s handwritten confirmation of a payment to the families of “brother commander martyrs” killed fighting Israel.

Topping the list is Atef Abayat, who had at the same time been publicly lionized as a “great martyr” in a speech by Arafat.

The Palestinians dismissed the documents as forgeries , in spite of Arafat s distinctive signature scrawled across the lower left portion of the payment request.

The Abayat family is known throughout the biblical city of Bethlehem for terrorizing residents by demanding “protection money” from Palestinian Christians who sell souvenirs to tourists.

When the siege ended, nine of the 13 “most wanted” gunmen exiled by Israel to Europe were members of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade.

The Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade is part of al-Fatah, the political party founded and headed by Yasser Arafat.

The Bethlehem branch of the Martyr s Brigade was controlled by the Abayat clan.

Al Fatah means armed struggle .

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