More on Massacres and Battles

More on Massacres and Battles
Vol: 7 Issue: 28 Sunday, April 28, 2002

We’ve been focusing considerable attention on the global reaction to the Battle at Jenin. The reason we’ve been doing so is because there are two sides to the conflict and the mainstream media is only presenting one of them. Yesterday, I heard Margaret Carlson of TIME Magazine speaking on one of CNN’s talk shows. She referred to ‘Sharon’s destruction of Jenin’ as if it were fact.

Here are the facts as reported by newspapers from both Israel and the Arab world. There has been no impartial investigation.

Genuine Eyewitnesses Tell Different Story

All genuine eyewitness accounts — Palestinian or Israeli — testify to the fact most of the buildings destroyed were destroyed by Palestinian booby traps or during the battle. Both sides say many of the buildings bulldozed were razed to either dislodge combatants inside or because of the fear of booby traps.

By ‘genuine’ eyewitness accounts, we are relying on published accounts given by the combatants on both sides. Those who fought it, like Omar, the subject of yesterday s Intelligence Digest, must be describing some other battle than that of the eyewitnesses offered by the Palestinian Authority.

Global Uproar Continues

The United Nations and the European Union both continue to wave their arms and shout about an investigation into the Israeli Massacre at Jenin, but the calls are rapidly becoming pro-forma, rather than the hysterical tone of last week. Both organizations are coming to the realization that they’ve been had by Arafat again. They’ve had more than a week to poke around. They have undoubtedly demanded evidence from the Palestinians to support their claimed massacre. If they had anything of substance, it would be the topic of hot debate both in the EU parliament and the UN Security Council as you read this. It is not. So the global uproar continues, but with far fewer prominent politicians sticking their necks out to shout ‘massacre’. Instead, they are letting their underlings do it.

The difference between a ‘battle’ and a ‘massacre’

In recent days, we’ve described a battle at Jenin. Both sides were heavily armed. On both sides, the combatants were prepared to die for their cause if necessary. Those on the battlefield knew what they were there to kill or be killed. When you are in battle — on either side — protecting a building is secondary to protecting your own life.

A Battle is Not a Massacre

A battle is different than a massacre. At a massacre, people are murdered without a chance to defend themselves. By definition, massacre victims pose no threat to the victors. The dictionary defines ‘massacre’ this way: ‘the act or an instance of killing a number of usually helpless or unresisting human beings under circumstances of atrocity or cruelty.’

I’ve expended a lot of words regarding what a ‘massacre’ is. Let’s describe what the world typically calls an ‘act of resistance’ against the occupation.

This Is A ‘Massacre’

Shira Shefi was sitting on her bed with her three preschool children Saturday in the West Bank Jewish settlement of Adora. [It is ‘occupied’ by Jews]

A Palestinian gunman burst into the upstairs bedroom and opened fire — killing her 5-year-old daughter Danielle and wounding her two sons. The gunman looked the children in the eyes as they sat on the edge of the bed and shot them. Yaakov Shefi was at the synagogue for Sabbath prayers. He said his wife told him she didn’t hear the attacker entering her house.

“He just opened the door. My wife and the children were sitting on the bed and he just sprayed them with bullets. She remembers pushing the children under the bed. She said, ‘Be quiet and don’t cry, so that they don’t come back,”‘ Shefi said.

“She saw our daughter breathe her last breath. Anyone capable of looking a 4-year-boy and a 5-year-girl in the face and then shooting them is not human,” Shefi said.

Another attacker shot his way into a nearby home in this West Bank settlement, killing 47-year-old Katya Greenberg in her bed and wounding her husband and 14-year-old son. The terrorists were disguised in Israeli army uniforms. They went house-to-house in the settlement. Witnesses say the attack went on for forty minutes.

Residents of the community hid in closets, under beds, as terrorists entered their homes and shot anything they could see. When it was over, four people lay dead in their beds. This is a massacre.


Where is the UN outcry against the massacre of civilians in their beds at four in the morning by terrorists disguised as Israeli forces? Where are the UN lawyers crying out against the violation of the Geneva Conventions on the rules of war that prohibit legitimate combatants from either making war against civilians or wearing an enemy uniform in combat?

The UN affords terrorists fighting Israel the status of freedom fighters in legitimate combat. That makes them subject to the international rules of war.

If Israel were to capture a Palestinian in an Israeli uniform, international law says Israel could hang him from the nearest tree or shoot them on the spot. [That’s what we did in our wars.] But you can bet that Israel would be accused of war crimes if they did.

The BBC today carried nothing about the killings in today’s edition. Its Middle East coverage contained headlines like “Israel Holds Up Talks on Jenin”, “Iraq Celebrates Saddam’s Birthday” “Gaza’s Angry Children” and “Hamas Bans Children’s Sacrifices”. No headline saying “UN Deplores Massacre in Adora”. Just as there was none deploring the Passover Massacre.

The London Guardian covered the massacre at Adara with this opening line, “Palestinians in the West Bank were bracing themselves for massive Israeli military retaliation last night after an attack on a Jewish settlement near Hebron.”

Note the focus is on a ‘massive Israeli military retaliation’ — that hadn’t even happened yet! The massacre is merely the provocation to the expected ‘massive retaliaton’. Israel is just an aggressor awaiting an excuse like an ‘attack on a Jewish settlement near Hebron’.

The column devotes two paragraphs out of eighteen to the actual murders in Adora.

The London Telegraph didn’t feel it worth mentioning at all. If the London Sunday Times mentioned it, I couldn’t find it.

Go back up and read the eyewitness account of what happened at Adara again. Children shot down as they sat on the edge of their bed, upstairs in their bedroom.

Compare that scene to the description afforded by Omar to the Battle of Jenin. Then you will know the difference between a ‘battle’ and a ‘massacre’ even if the rest of the world doesn’t.

They can’t see it, because in the worldview of the anti-Semite, one can’t ‘massacre’ Jews.

The whole world stands against Israel, including even many Christians. Why? Because the Bible said it would in the last days.

“And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.” Zechariah 12:3

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