New Pal Abdullah Heads Home

New Pal Abdullah Heads Home
Vol: 7 Issue: 27 Saturday, April 27, 2002

President Bush and Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia are now buddies, says the President. After spending ninety minutes touring his ranch in his pickup, the President said he formed a close personal bond with the Saudi leader.

Abdullah pledged not to use oil as a weapon against the West and solemnly assured President Bush that the Saudi telethon that raised $55 million was to aid the suffering Palestinians. Abdullah and his family personally contributed more than two million dollars to the effort.

Arafat learned much about propaganda and how to manipulate the public mind from the Nazis, but he evidently failed to avoid making one of their greatest mistakes. He kept meticulous records.

And among those records are documents listing one hundred and two deceased Palestinians and a record of the payment of $5,340 [20,000 riyals] to the families of each. In the areas under Palestinian control, this is an immense sum of money.

Click here for a facsimile of Saudi document.

The names on the list were of suicide bombers and Palestinian commanders who had been killed in attacks against Israeli targets. It included the names of some of the highest-profile bombers who have been killed in recent attacks, among them children and women. The documents contradict the Saudi government s consistent claim that it does not directly pay suicide bombers families. The Saudis have repeatedly insisted the money they send the Palestinians goes to rebuilding areas damaged or destroyed by Israeli forces operating in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

A spokesman for the Saudi Embassy, who was traveling with Crown Prince Abdullah in Texas following his meeting Thursday with President Bush, said he could not comment on the documents because he had not seen them.

But he repeated claims the Saudis “don t pay suicide bombers.” He criticized what he said was Israel s attempt to link fundraising for Palestinians to suicide bombers, calling it “a disgrace.”

The spokesman also said the story about the documents was Israel’s way of trying to undermine the Bush-Abdullah talks.


Evidently, the Bush administration officials just can’t bring themselves to believe that Crown Prince Adbullah would tell the president a falsehood. State Department spokesman Richard Boucher didn’t dispute the authenticity of the document, but said it would take the Crown Prince at his word.

“The Saudis have assured us that they don t want the money going to support violence,” State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said on Friday. He added that the Saudis had promised the funds would only go to “legitimate charities” in the Palestinian areas.

Another Version of the Battle At Jenin

An article in Al-Ahram Weekly and published by the Jerusalem Post gives the account of a Palestinian terrorist who escaped Jenin and made his way to Egypt. The terrorist — identified as Omar — is one of Israel s most wanted men.

He gives his account to a sympathetic Arab reporter for an Arab weekly paper sympathetic to the Palestinian cause.

Instead of describing a massacre, he described a ferocious battle. In his own words, “We started working on our plan: to trap the invading soldiers and blow them up from the moment the Israeli tanks pulled out of Jenin last month.”

Omar and other “engineers” made hundreds of explosive devices and carefully chose their locations.

“We had more than 50 houses booby-trapped around the camp. We chose old and empty buildings and the houses of men who were wanted by Israel, because we knew the soldiers would search for them,” he said.

“We cut off lengths of main water pipes and packed them with explosives and nails. Then we placed them about four meters apart throughout the houses – in cupboards, under sinks, in sofas.”

The terrorists hoped to disable the Israeli army’s tanks with much more powerful bombs placed inside rubbish bins on the street. More explosives were hidden inside the cars of Jenin’s most wanted men.

Connected by wires, the bombs were set off remotely, triggered by the current from a car battery. Omar also described with great pride the most deadly attack on Israeli troops the one that claimed thirteen soldiers at a stroke.

“They were lured there,” he says.

“We all stopped shooting and the women went out to tell the soldiers that we had run out of bullets and were leaving.”

The women alerted the fighters as the soldiers reached the booby- trapped area.

“When the senior officers realized what had happened, they shouted through megaphones that they wanted an immediate cease-fire. We let them approach to retrieve the men and then opened fire.

“Some of the soldiers were so shocked and frightened that they mistakenly ran towards us.” On Wednesday, after the fighters ran out of ammunition, he says, armored vehicles roamed the streets calling out to them in Arabic: “You are finished and can’t win against us. We are more powerful than you. Surrender.”

Omar lost an arm during a previous battle with Israeli troops. He asked the Al-Ahram reporter if he thought he could get an artificial arm with working fingers. When asked why, he replied,

Omar replied, “Because I want to be able to hold a heavy rifle again. That way I can kill more Israeli soldiers. It’s that or become a suicide bomber.”

Again, Omar s account is to a sympathetic reporter to a sympathetic newspaper. He was not under Israeli duress. He wasn t an Israeli captive. And he is hardly sympathetic to Israel, as evidenced by his question about an artificial arm.

But he alleged no massacre. He saw no massacre. He admitted the Palestinians themselves caused much of the devastation blamed on Israeli forces by Europe and the United Nations.

Both continue to call for an investigation into the massacre at Jenin. The European press and some American media [see Palestine Peter Jennings”] continue to use the word massacre at every opportunity. Still, there is no evidence of a massacre. Battlefield survivors are unanimous in their denial of witnessing any massacre.

[Apart from that of the thirteen Israeli soldiers. What if Israel had lured thirteen Palestinians into a similar explosive booby-trap? Wouldn t that be a massacre demanding a global investigation? Where is the outrage against Arafat?]

This is the Principle of the Big Lie at work again. If one repeats a lie often enough, it will eventually become the accepted truth . Especially if one wants it to be true.

The Big Lie worked in 1930’s Europe because that’s what the population wanted to believe. It appears history is coming full circle.

In this case, the accepted truth is that there was an Israeli massacre of Palestinian civilians at Jenin and that the Israelis are covering it up by making petty demands of the investigative team. Demands like the team include investigators with military command experience, or investigators without a pro-Palestinian bias.

The UN had no problem filling the order for command-experienced officers. They are having a bit more trouble finding UN or EU officials without a proven bias.

In the end, the investigation will accomplish nothing. The conventional wisdom is that a massacre took place. Failure to discover evidence will just confirm in the minds of the willing that Israel pulled off their cover-up.

Israel is guilty until proven innocent. How does one prove something did not happen? Answer: it s impossible.

And don t think the pro-Arab spin machine doesn t know it.

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