Arafat Paid Contract Killers

Arafat Paid Contract Killers
Vol: 6 Issue: 23 Saturday, March 23, 2002

After seizing Palestinian offices and scouring thousands of papers, Israel says documents show Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat authorized payment to a militant who allegedly had been involved in killing several Israelis.

Israel’s Public Security Ministry says the documents are important because they indicate that instead of arresting militants, Arafat provided support to fighters in his Fatah movement, which includes a militia responsible for many deadly attacks including a suicide bombing in Jerusalem on Thursday.

The Palestinians said the money was for political and social activities only.

A document recently uncovered by the ministry shows Arafat’s signature on a July 9 letter approving a $300 payment to Atef Abayat, a leader of the Al Aqsa Brigades later killed by a bomb in his jeep.

9/11 Hijacker Had Anthrax

There is growing evidence linking the 9/11 hijackers to the wave of anthrax letters that ended as mysteriously as they began. Item: a Florida doctor remembers treating one of the hijackers for a skin lesion.

Item: a prescription for an anthrax treatment believed to belong to one of the hijackers was discovered in the rubble of the WTC.

Item: Another hijacker, Mohammed Atta was treated for chemical burns to his skin. [Bleach is an effective anthrax decontanimation agent]

Item: The first anthrax victim lived a mile from where Atta took flying lessons.

Item: The anthrax letters began shortly after 9/11 and stopped as suddenly as they began.

Item: The Pentagon confirmed this week that US forces uncovered an anthrax lab under construction outside Kandahar. It was not the first.


The government’s theory of a lone domestic nutcase doesn’t stack up against the overall evidentiary picture. From the beginning, the DoJ has resisted any connection between al-Qaeda and the anthrax letters.

It is significant to note as well that there is a mounting body of evidence suggesting an al-Qaeda-Iraqi link to the OKC bombing in 1995. It is also known that Mohammed Atta met with Iraqi intelligence in Prague in August, 2001.

Something is wrong with this picture. It seems odd that the DoJ would resist examining the obvious al-Qaeda link, just as everything about the OKC prosecution seemed odd, from abandoning the pursuit of John Doe #2 to withholding the documents that resulted in delaying Tim McVeigh’s execution.

There are various conspiracy theories springing up in an effort to explain the discrepancies. Most of them are pretty far-fetched or sensational.

There is an old saying to the effect that, ‘truth is the first casualty of war’.

There is no question that there is something amiss here.

At this point it is hard to tell exactly what. The most optimistic scenario gives the benefit of the doubt to the government’s war effort, ostensibly begun following the first WTC bombing in 1993. Disinformation is a necessary part of the war making process.

In the most pessimistic scenario, Washington is trying to keep the threat from the public to forestall mass panic.

In either case, it seems clear that Washington knows more than it is telling.

Saudis Crack Down on Shi’ites

Saudi authorities are preparing for a showdown with the Shi’ite minority in the southeast. The Islamic Wakf Ministry, responsible for more than 50,000 government mosques, plans to wage an indocrination campaign to force Shi’ites to convert to the Wahabi brand of Sunni Islam. Wahabi Islam is the militant brand practiced by al-Qaeda. It is among the Wahabi Islamic population that Osama enjoys the most unqualified support.

The ministry will construct two huge mosques and a center for propagation in the mainly Ismaili Najran region at a cost of $11 million. The purpose of the mosques is to spread Wahabi, what Saudi ministry officials term the “true Islam.”

There have been pitched battles there between Saudi security forces and Shi’ite dissidents. Shi’ites make up more than 10 percent of the Saudi population. The kingdom has launched several crackdowns on the community over the last year, the latest after Shi’ite leaders publicly alleged that their rights were being violated by Saudi authorities. Saudi opposition sources said the National Guard even used U.S. tanks and armored personnel carriers in attacks on the Shi’ites.


Assuming the White House was right when it contended that the hijackers were following a perverted form of Islam, Wahabi is that perversion. Except Wahabi Islam is the one that adheres the most closely to the literal teaching of the Koran. It is for that reason that it is the most militant.

That exposes the circular nature of the administration’s argument. If Wahabi is the most literal form is Islam, then the ‘perversions’ of Islam are the ones who don’t support al-Qaeda, the 9/11 attacks, or the destruction of America.

When I was in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War, I attended a series of compulsory classes during pre-deployment staging entitled, ‘Know Your Enemy.’

In those classes, we studied the ideology of the Vietcong, their religious beliefs, including Communism and atheism, and studied at length how those beliefs motivated our enemy.

The instructor explained it simply. “If you don’t know what makes your enemy tick, he’ll kill you.”

The administration continues to tell us our enemy is al-Qaeda, and not the ideology that spawned it. That is analogous to blaming a Nazi guard for the Holocaust, but ignoring the Nazi philosophy that created him.

We do so at our continued peril.

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