Arafat Tells Israel: “You Don’t Scare Me”

Arafat Tells Israel: “You Don’t Scare Me”
Vol: 5 Issue: 18 Monday, February 18, 2002

A defiant Yasser Arafat said Monday he was not rattled by new calls in Israel for harsher strikes against his Palestinian Authority, while Israeli security forces said they intercepted five Palestinian assailants, including two would-be suicide bombers, over a 24-hour period.

The Al Aqsa Brigades, a militia linked to Arafat’s Fatah movement, said it was behind Sunday’s failed attack on a military base in northern Israel in which two assailants were killed one in a gunbattle with police and the second in an explosion he set off while being pursued by officers.

A leader of the militia said Monday that there would be no letup in attacks. “We will continue our attacks on Israeli cities and against the Israelis as long as (Israeli Prime Minister Ariel) Sharon continues his aggression against our people,” said the leader, who spoke on condition of anonymity, for fear of Israeli reprisal.

Iraq Attack Foregone Conclusion, Mubarak Told

CIA Director George Tenet told Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak during their meeting Saturday in Sharm el Sheikh that the United States has already decided to attack Iraq, the Lebanese newspaper Al-Mustaqbal reported Sunday.

According to a source with knowledge of the Tenet-Mubarak talks, the Beirut daily reported that the U.S. intelligence chief asked that Egypt not publicly express opposition to an attack on Iraq.

Mubarak warned Tenet of the repercussions from an American attack on Iraq. According to the Egyptian president, the attack would endanger stability in the entire Middle East.

The daily also reported that Syrian President Bashar Asad will soon arrive in Egypt for a summit with Mubarak. It specified that they would discuss developments in regard to the Palestinians and Iraq.

US Holding Russians At Guantanamo

Moscow says the United States is holding an unknown number of Russian citizens among the al-Qaeda detainees in Cuba, according to the Russian news service Ivestia. It says the US has seized several dozen Taliban fighters carrying Russian passports, mostly Uzbeks and Chechens.

Moscow says the US has denied the Russian Foreign Ministry consular access to the Guantanamo Bay detainees as the war on terror continues to strain US-Russian relations.

Saddam Deporting Non-Arabs

To prevent the possibility there could be anywhere left on earth sympathetic to Iraq, Saddam Hussein continues to deport non-Arabs from Northern Iraq, which remains under Baghdad’s control. Those regarded as non-Arabs are being forced to leave the area for the nearby Kurdish autonomous zone or the south. This includes Assyrians, Kurds and Turkmans.

This is just the latest allegation by Iraqi and Kurdish sources that Saddam was expelling or threatening to eject Kurds and other non-Arabs from the north. The sources said Iraqi government agents had launched attacks on key Kurdish families to ensure their flight.


The deportations are part of Saddam’s preparations in advance of an attack on Iraq by the United States. Saddam’s agents have tried to evacuate Kurdish areas in the north for the establishment of anti-aircraft bases. Kurdish leaders have publicly opposed a U.S. attack on the Saddam regime.

The US is hoping to rally the anti-Saddam opposition forces within the country to fight the ground war, following the Afghanistan model. Saddam wants to ensure there’s nobody there to join the US side.

Syria Purging Leadership

Syria is purging both its military and civilian leadership as part of a sweep led by Syrian security chief Assaf Chawkat. Chawkat is regarded as the strongman behind President Bashar Assad.

Defense Minister Mustafa Tlas could be the next target by Chawkat. The Jordanian daily A-Dustour said Assad has already demanded and obtained Tlas’s resignation. The pro-government daily said the resignation will take effect in July and end Tlas’s 30-year tenure as Syria’s defense minister.

Syria Aiding al-Qaeda

Damascus has helped at least hundreds of Bin Laden agents find haven in Syria and Lebanon. Intelligence sources said the route begins in western Afghanistan, through Iran, Iraq and Syria. The sources said Saudi Arabia is helping finance the effort.

So far, at least 100 Bin Laden agents are believed to be in Lebanon, many of them in the Bekaa Valley and in the Palestinian refugee camp of Ein Hilwe. But the sources said there is evidence that thousands of others are either in Syria or on their way. The object is to reach the Palestinian areas and join the war against Israel. Some have expertise in non-conventional weapons.

What Washington is now trying to do is pressure Syria to stop harboring al Qaeda insurgents. The method now being used is a virtual embargo of Syria by the U.S. Sixth Fleet. Another pressure point is to stop the international community from implementing aid programs to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Musharaff Calls Islam ‘Backwards’

Musharaff Calls Islam ‘Backwards’
Vol: 5 Issue: 17 Sunday, February 17, 2002

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said the time has come for Islamic nations to engage in a little self criticism. He said Islam wouldn’t have to look far before discovering the Islamic world was far behind the developed world. Musharaff said, “Today we are the poorest, the most illiterate, the most backward, the most unhealthy, the most un-enlightened, the most deprived, and the weakest of all the human race.”

Musharraf made his remarks in an address to an Islamic conference on science and technology. He drew a comparison of economic growth between Islam and the rest of the world. Musharaff noted the combined Gross National Product of the entire Islamic world stands at $1.2 trillion. Germany’s GNP is $2.5 trillion, Musharaff noted, while Japan’s is $5.5 trillion.

Ashcroft Off The Record On Islam

Syndicated columnist Cal Thomas noted during a broadcast of ‘Fox Newswatch’ a comment made by Attorney General John Ashcroft regarding Islam during a pre 9/11 interview. Ashcroft reportedly told Thomas that, “Islam is a religion in which God requires you to send your son to die for him. Christianity is a faith in which God sends His Son to die for you.”

That comment drew no notice for three months until Thomas mentioned it during a radio broadcast. Several Islamic groups filed formal complaints with the White House.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations was among the organizations that voiced their concerns. They called Ashcroft’s remarks, “offensive” and “unbecoming of a law enforcement official who is currently initiating and administering policies that have a disproportionate impact on Muslims.”

The Arab American Institute called them “a horrible distortion of Islam” that “send the wrong signal to Americans and do a grave disservice to your administration’s efforts to unite all Americans in the war against terror.”

Uniting Americans in the war on terror? Abdurahaman Alamoudi is president of the American Muslim Council, another group complaining about Ashcroft.

In October, 2001, Alamoudi led followers in a chant at a Muslim rally in Washington, “”We are all supporters of Hamas”, shouting, “you hear that, Bill Clinton? We are supporters of Hezbollah, too!” The rally was organized by Muzzammil Siddiqi, past president of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. You’d think the administration would consider the source before reacting. Or not.

The White House immediately disavowed Ashcroft’s comments. Justice Department spokeswoman Susan Dryden told the Washington Post that Ashcroft’s statement reflected views of ‘terrorists’ and not mainstream Muslims. The story quietly died.


Nobody is questioning the accuracy of the Ashcroft statement, theologically, logically or intellectually. It’s simply true.

The Bible says the path to salvation lies in trusting in the fact ‘God so loved the world he gave His only begotten Son’ as a substitute sacrifice for the sins of all mankind and that ‘whosoever believeth in Him shall never die’.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died on the Cross, was Resurrected on the third day, and ascended into Heaven. It is the bedrock theology of Christianity.

The Koran teaches that the way to Paradise is through a glorious martyr’s death in jihad, and that God had no son to die on behalf on man.

The only thing Ashcroft did was state the obvious out loud. The Islamic group’s response is to attempt to shoot the messenger in an effort to obscure the message.

Every word spoken by the Attorney General of the United States — especially relative to the war on terror — finds its way to the headlines of the mainstream press. Except this comment, which rated a few lines in the back of the LA Times.

Ashcroft summed up the Gospel in a single sentence. His summary also proved logically that Islam’s Allah is not just another manifestation of the Judeo-Christian God. That is not a message the world system wants broadcast. No matter who says it.

Special Report: ‘Perilous Times’

Special Report: ‘Perilous Times’
Vol: 5 Issue: 16 Saturday, February 16, 2002

Pedophilia Priest Probe Expanding

An ongoing forty-year cover-up of the sexual abuse of children by priests is now a scandal expanding across New England. The Archdiocese of Massachusetts has already identified eighty priests that have abused children, then had their crimes covered by the Church since the 1960’s.

Another fourteen priests in New Hampshire are now being investigated for sexual misconduct with children since the ’70’s. Bishop John B. McCormack acknowledged that some of the 14 were returned to duty over the years after doctors deemed them ‘fit’.

His acknowledgement came only a week after McCormack denied knowing there was any investigation or any suspicious priests in his diocese.

Dozens of lawsuits have been filed there against the church and some priests, including McCormack, a top church official in Boston before becoming bishop in 1998. The Rev. Edward Arsenault, the diocese chancellor, said on Friday there have been ‘monetary settlements’ with some of the victims in New Hampshire. He declined to give details.


The Apostle Paul said specifically that ‘in the last days, perilous times shall come’ [2Timothy 3:1].

Among the listed evils that together form a picture of the society of the last days are warnings of those having ‘a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof’.

Paul speaks of them ‘ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth’. Paul warns the Church that “evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived’. [2Timothy 3:1-13]

In 1 Timothy 4: Paul writes that the Spirit was speaking “expressly” that, ‘in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats. . .’

The pedophile priest scandal has repercussions reaching beyond the Catholic Church. Scandals like this play well into the hands of those in America who see religion as an evil to be legislated out of existence, or those who seek justification for the destruction of America because of its association with Christ.

The UN is promoting its own, new, kindler, gentler global religious system, one more inclusive and less secretive than ‘traditional’ Christianity. To someone who isn’t a Christian, such an alternative sounds increasingly reasonable. Scandals like this provide welcome opportunities for the lost to remain comfortable in their unbelief. To the world, one religion is as good as another.

Revelation 13:11 gives a word picture of the form taken by global religious system co-opted by the antichrist during the Tribulation. John describes it as having ‘two horns like a lamb’ [representative of Christ] but John says he “spake as a dragon’ [representative of Satan].

The Book of the Revelation says there are three pillars on which the antichrist will construct his system; a global government [Rev 13:1], a global religious system [Rev 13:11], and a global economy [Rev 13:17]. Each passing day moves us perceptibly closer to realizing all three in this generation.

More On “Islam, Religion of Love”

More On “Islam, Religion of Love”
Vol: 5 Issue: 15 Friday, February 15, 2002

A group of Muslim pilgrims gathered to make the Haj to Mecca gat the newly reopened Kabul International Airport. The pilgrims were devout Muslims who were attempting to fulfill the Muslim goal of making a pilgrimage at least once to the birthplace of Islam. The haj is a great spiritual experience to a Muslim, so, presumably, this would be a group infused with the spirit if Islam.

The Afghani group of spiritual pilgrims grew enraged at the flight delays. So they stormed an aircraft, beat the Afghan Minister of Aviation to death and threw his body to the tarmac.


The liberal press, together with the government, have campaigned for the “True Islam” — the religion of peace and love. President Bush has gone so far as to suggest the god of Islam is the same God as found in Scripture. This was a group of Muslims embarking on the greatest spiritual quest of Islam and one of the Five Pillars of Faith. Along the way, they stopped to beat the Afghan Minister of Aviation to death because the flight was delayed.

All the Islamic apologetics in the world don’t express the true nature of Islam the way actions do. The Scripture says, “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.” 1 John 4:1-3

A long passage, but filled with tests to compare the guiding spirit of Islam with the Spirit of God. First, Islam denies Christ. The Bible says this is the spirit of antichrist. John says to ‘try’ the spirits, to see if they are of God, or of the ‘many false prophets’ in the world.

Scripture also says we shall know them by their fruits. There is a possibility of my bias showing, but I am trying to remember an incident of Christians going berserk on the way to visit the Holy Land and beating someone to death for holding up the tour. The ones I saw mostly prayed for the peace of Jerusalem and looked for Jews they could tell about Jesus.

The government can pronounce Allah another name for God, and the press can parade endless apologists to argue for a gentler, kinder Islam, but if true, there would be some kind of intelligence available to support the claim.

This is not intended to be anti-Islamic. If I could find a counter argument that carried the weight of fact, I’d present it. But all anyone has, in the end, are the fruits of Islam with which to make an intelligent assessment.

World Court Rules Against Belgium

A quirk in Belgian law allows it to seize jurisdiction anywhere in the world it chooses, and, if a Belgian court accepts the case, to initiate genocide prosecutions.

Under that law, Belgium put the wheels in motion to try Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for war-crimes. Sharon was to be tried for the massacres at Sabra and Shatilla of Palestinian refugees by the Lebanese Phalangist Militia. Sharon was overall commander in South Lebanon at the time.

The World Court ruled Belgium has no authority to try former and current world leaders. The Congo filed suit with the Hague after Belgium went after one of its officials. The ruling was a response to the Congolese suit.

But the Hague ruling also means Sharon’s case will likely be dropped. Jan Devadder, legal adviser to the Belgian Foreign Ministry, said the Hague-based court’s ruling would probably prompt Belgium to drop its case against Sharon. “The Sharon case, in my opinion, is closed,” he said after the decision.


The Arabs were really pushing this case to trial, but the Hague ruling will serve almost as well. Sharon won’t go to trial because of a peripheral ruling, but it will still provide a rich source of propaganda for the Arab side in the coming weeks.

If Sharon had gone to trial, then it is likely Yasser Arafat would have, as well. There was a genocide warrant in Brussels with his name on it, too. But nobody was talking about that.

The Hague’s decision gave Arafat a propaganda victory while sparing him personal risk. All in all, this is a tactical loss for Israel and a strategic victory for Arafat. In the world system, even when Israel wins, it loses. And even when Arafat loses, he wins. There’s a lesson in there, somewhere.

Russians Lose Secret Equipment

Russians Lose Secret Equipment
Vol: 5 Issue: 14 Thursday, February 14, 2002

Russia s Air Force disclosed last week that thieves had stolen secret communications equipment from the air force and from air defense units.

The equipment was not identified in detail but appeared related to aerial nuclear weapons, according to Russian press reports.

Col. Gen. Vladimir Mikhaylov told reporters in Akhtubinsk that the loss of the equipment would not undermine military forces.

This equipment will very soon be brought back and then there will be no losses, he said. Besides, these devices can only be operated by special keys, something the stolen units don’t have. Therefore, this does not have any large effect on the battle readiness of the armed forces.

The general also sought to play down the significance of the compromise noting that the equipment was manufactured a fairly long time ago.

What the theft does highlight is the poor state of Russia s armed forces. Weapons and equipment are frequently stolen and sold for cash.

The stolen communications equipment would be a valuable intelligence catch for spy services seeking to monitor Russian military communications. Russian security services investigators have charged one man with the loss of the equipment.

Egypt Lying Again, Says CIA

The CIA says Egypt has not ended its missile relationship with North Korea, despite Cairo’s claims to the contrary.

In both congressional testimony and in its latest report, the U.S. intelligence community has reported that Egypt continues to cooperate with North Korea in ballistic missile programs. The CIA said Egypt remains a key client of North Korea, which is offering intermediate and long-range missiles to the Middle East.

CIA director George Tenet grouped Egypt together with Iran, Libya and Syria as North Korean clients for missiles and weapons of mass destruction.

Arafat Admits Karin A, Sort Of

Arafat finally accepted responsibility for the attempt to smuggle 50 tons of weapons into the Palestinian Authority from Iran, according to Secretary of State Colin Powell.

But Powell told the Congress that Arafat’s admission came ‘only in his role as chairman of the Palestinian Authority and not in a personal capacity’.

Arafat is accepting responsibility because nobody believed his denials. So instead, he accepted responsibility while still being able to deny he knew. Dizzy? That’s the idea.

Netanyahu Opposes Sharon on PA Statehood

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seeking a return to office. The main campaign issue is Palestinian statehood. Netanyahu opposes the creation of a Palestinian state without firm guarantees of Israeli security. Sharon has, in his view, caved to the international community. He warned in an interview Sunday that “such a state would result in Karine B, C, and D”.

Netanyahu’s term in office was marked by a period of relative peace with Yasser Arafat, due in part to Netanyahu’s focus on internal security. He left office under the cloud of scandal and has maintained a relatively low profile until now. Israeli voters put Ariel Sharon, the Lion of the Sinai, into office mistakenly believing they were turning the lion loose.

Netanyahu could ride that disappointment right back into office. And Arafat would be better off keeping Sharon.

New Chinese Missile Threat

New Chinese Missile Threat
Vol: 5 Issue: 13 Wednesday, February 13, 2002

New Chinese Missile Threat

Chinese scientists are close to a breakthrough in rocket technology that would allow Beijing to overcome President Bush s proposed anti-missile shield, American military analysts say.

The People s Liberation Army is believed to be in the final stages of developing an intercontinental ballistic missile with multiple warheads, matching Russian, American and British nuclear technology. One Washington analyst said: It looks like the Chinese are much further (ahead) than we originally thought.

China s most advanced missiles have a range in excess of 8,000 miles, which puts them within striking distance of the continental United States. Chinese scientists are working on equipping these missiles with multiple independently targeted re-entry vehicles (Mirvs), meaning that the warhead can separate into more than a dozen individual weapons in space.

At present China has around 20 long-range missiles, a number that experts say would allow the American shield to protect against the Chinese arsenal. Washington aims to be able to guard against attacks by rogue states employing up to 24 missiles.

Iran To Return Iraqi Aircraft

Back during the first days of the Persian Gulf War, Saddam ordered what remained of his air force to flee to Iran to keep them from being destroyed.

In a further evidence of growing rapprochement between Tehran and Baghdad, Iran is going to send them back after keeping them for more than a decade. A newspaper owned by Saddam’s son, Uday, said the deal was worked out during the recent visit to Iran by Iraqi Foreign Minister Naji Sbri. The deal also would cover ships and boats.

Iraq s air force is currently made up of a few fighters and most are in poor condition due to the United Nations arms embargo. Ties between Iran and Iraq have been improving since the beginning of the year. The two nations have resumed commercial flights for Iranians who seek to visit Islamic sites in Iraq; and Baghdad and Tehran also reached an agreement aimed at curbing opposition groups.

US Deploys Patriots To Kuwait

Preparations for Gulf War II were already in the works before the 9/11 strike. The London-based A-Sharq Al Awsat daily published a satellite photograph on Feb. 8 that the newspaper said was that of a U.S. Patriot missile defense battery in a Kuwaiti air base. The newspaper said that over the last year both the United States and Britain have installed the missile battery in an effort to convert the Kuwaiti facility into an allied forward base in any war against Iraq.

Gulf sources said the Pentagon is transferring military commands from the United States to Kuwait in preparation for war against Iraq. The move has resulted in the relocation of more than 2,000 U.S. military personnel to the sheikdom since September.

Canada and Germany are also joining U.S.-led forces in Kuwait. Germany has transferred a unit to protect against an Iraqi weapons of mass destruction attack on the sheikdom. Gulf defense sources said that in March, Germany with a contingent of 250 soldiers will lead an exercise for Kuwait and other allied forces to protect against nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.


To the British, the period between when World War II broke out in September, 1939 and the start of the Battle of Britain in May 1940 was nicknamed by historians the ‘sitzkrieg’. England sat helplessly as Germany gathered her war machine together in advance of the assault across the channel.

Strategically speaking, there is a similar sense of sitzkrieg across the Middle East. Israel sits helplessly, while America gathers her forces for a strike that is certain to result in an Iraqi retaliatory strike against Israeli cities. As England watched Hitler consolidating all of Fortress Europe to prepare his assault, the Arab Middle East is consolidating its forces in advance of the coming assault on Israel.

The historical references are all there — the allies on one side preparing to strike, the Islamic Axis readying itself for all out assault. The Battle of Britain began in May. Intelligence reports suggest Washington is planning a May assault on Iraq.

There were still nations who remained on the sidelines even as bombs rained down on London in 1940. But ultimately, even they were drawn into World War. There are nations on the sidelines now; like Russia and China. But it is difficult to see how, once the shooting starts, history will fail to repeat itself and plunge the world into another global conflict.

The Bible outlines a similar scenario. According to Scripture, a global war will erupt out of a regional war over Israel and the question of ownership of the city of Jerusalem [Zech 12]. It has never happened before. The Bible said it would occur in the generation in which Israel became a nation.

The Bible says that generation would not pass away ‘until all be fulfilled’ including the Rapture, Daniel’s 70th Week and the triumphant Return of Christ at its conclusion.

We are that generation.

Khatami Drops Moderate Mask

Khatami Drops Moderate Mask
Vol: 5 Issue: 12 Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Last week, Iranian President Khatami urged his countrymen to turn out en masse in Tehran to demonstrate against the US in the wake of the Axis of Evil speech. Millions turned out as ordered, but there was considerably less enthusiasm in the chant “Death To America” than a decade ago.

Iran’s government is still firmly in the hands of the Islamic clergy, but many Iranians — particularly those between 18 and 24 — would secretly welcome a US overthrow of the totalitarian state.

Khatami addressed the crowd, saying first that Iran intended to have ‘peaceful relations with all the nations of the world’ — except Israel. It was that kind of rhetoric that first earned him the label of “moderate”.

Then he went on to blame America for 9/11. “The American people,” he said, “should ask today how much of the awful and terrifying incidents of Sept. 11 were due to terrorist acts, and how much of it was due to the foreign policy adopted by American officials.”

“America Is Extremely Nothy”

Tehran ran a contest — complete with a prize of a gold coin — to see who could come up with the best effigy of Uncle Sam and the best anti-American slogan. One slogan, emblazoned on a gold banner in blood red letters, defiantly proclaimed in English, “America is extremely nothy”. [Actually, it was supposed to accuse America of being “extremely naughty” — to which we angrily respond, “oh, yeah?”]


The Axis of Evil comment has drawn worldwide criticism, and even some domestic criticism from within the Senate. Majority Leader Tom Daschle complained that the “Axis of Evil” comment was ‘upsetting to America’s allies’.

The administration responded by releasing evidence showing that bitter enemies Iran and Iraq are secretly working together. As if to confirm the US claim, Saddam Hussein warned the US today against attacking Iran.

“We are opposed to any (US) aggression against Iran,” Saddam told the weekly cabinet meeting, the official INA agency reported. “Iran is our neighbor, and if it is the target of a strike or any attack, we will also be affected.”

Iraq’s 8-year war ended in 1988 after a million lives were lost with a UN-brokered cease-fire. As recently as a few weeks ago, each side was still holding captured POWs from a war that ended 14 years ago.

Until recently, Saddam would have welcomed an attack against his old enemy. Apart from supplying missiles, the administration has yet to reveal North Korea’s role in the Axis of Evil. But Iran and Iraq clearly have a thing going on. Russia went on record yesterday opposing the US attacking either country.

Intelligence suggests any US attack on either country will likely result in a retaliatory strike against Israel. Jerusalem has already made it clear it will not sit back and allow the US to fight this war for them. An Israeli counter-strike would undoubtedly inflame a global response. For a more complete picture, you can read an intelligence executive overview of the war scenario shaping up over the coming months. You’ll find it by starting in Ezekiel 38:1.

Arafat Comes Clean on Karine A: “It Was Israel”

Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat said in remarks published today that Israel was behind the arms shipment captured by Israeli commandos last month.

Arafat was quoted as saying in Tuesday’s interview with An-Nahar, “We do not accuse Iran or Hezbollah. We accuse Israel, its government and its intelligence apparatus. Although we lack proof today, evidence and proof indicate that there was an Israeli hand behind the ship episode aimed at striking us and striking Iran and Hezbollah.”

Arafat denied Israeli reports that Iran and Hezbollah were aiding the Palestinian uprising against Israel.

“These are invalid Israeli accusations (designed) to provoke the United States against us and against Iran and Hezbollah. Iranian officials and Hezbollah have announced that they do not have any group or activity in Palestinian territories,” he said.


Arafat has again emptied his jails of terrorists, renounced his earlier contrition, and hunkered down to wait for the next Israeli move. Arafat is baiting Israel, awaiting a sufficient provocation that will draw the rest of the Muslim world into the conflict.

Arafat has been carefully cultivating the coming conflict for a decade. It is not quite clear if he has decided that now is the time to strike or whether he can no longer restrain his people. But in either case it would appear he has passed the point of no return. The next move is up to Sharon.

Iran Threatens To Strike Gulf Oilfields

Iran Threatens To Strike Gulf Oilfields
Vol: 5 Issue: 11 Monday, February 11, 2002

Despite its history of supporting terror, its radical Islamist government and its blind hatred of America, Iran is generally considered to be among the most stable regimes in the region.

But since Bush’s Axis of Evil speech, rhetoric emanating from Tehran sounds like it was written by Saddam’s speechwriter. For example, Gen. Sardar Zolghadr, the deputy commander of the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, warned the US it would respond to a US attack by targeting Gulf oil fields. So much for the Saudi-Iran mutual defense agreements.

Iran’s top military force has also called for a buildup to prepare for any U.S. attack. The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps said Iran must bolster its defensive capability to foil any U.S. threat. “Since the early days of victory of the Islamic Revolution, the White House and the Zionist lobby have been involved in creating crises on Iran and now the world is witnessing that the war-monger of the world wants to impose another war on Iran and the other Islamic states,” said a statement issued by the Revolutionary Guard Monday. The Guard is loyal to Iran’s Ayatollah and the clergy and controls Iran’s strategic weapons.


The prophet Ezekiel outlined a coming Middle East war called the ‘Gog-Magog’ war. Ezekiel 38-39 describes that war, and many of its participants. According to Ezekiel, Gog [Russia] will lead a confederation of Islamic states in a surprise attack against Israel. Ezekiel names ‘Persia’ — today called ‘Iran’ — as one of the combatant nations. [Ezek 38:3]

Iran is a close ally of Russia. Both nations have concluded mutual defense agreements. If Iran is among the nations targeted by Washington, we can draw one of two conclusions. Either Iran will survive to fight again, or Ezekiel’s War is closer than we think.

Family Study Concludes Marriage Best

A report conducted by Scotland’s Center for Policy Studies concluded that ‘families are more stable when the parents are married.’ It found that even when parents marry after the child is born, a quarter them have separated within five years but 92 percent of married couples are still together.

What makes this information significant is the fact it was received with such surprise. It is another evidence of society professing itself to be wise while becoming foolish by ignoring the expressed truth of Scripture. God said at the Creation, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” [Gen 2:24].

The Bible commands the commitment be between the husband and wife; a child is then an outgrowth of that commitment, not the other way around. That’s why the Scottish numbers come out the way they do.

Society can ignore God, it can claim the Bible is a book of myths and fairy tales. But in the end, after endless social experimentation and countless shattered lives, we end where we began. With the same Truth that was right there in Scripture all the time.

Arab Missiles Scare Israel, Says Strategist

Zakaria Hussein, former director of Egypt’s Higher Nasser Academy, presented a report during a two-day seminar on weapons of mass destruction. The seminar was held at the Zayed Center for Coordination and Follow-Up in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

In it, he concluded that the growing missile arsenals of Arab states and Iran can overcome Israel’s nuclear capability. According to his conclusions, Arab and Iranian missiles have reduced the likelihood that Israel will launch a nuclear first strike. The strategist termed Israel the sixth largest nuclear power in the world, with a plutonium arsenal far larger than that of India.

“It is imperative for Arab states to have a deterrent power to face the existing gap in the military balance with Israel,” the report said. “Arab states possess a sufficient missile power, both conventional and unconventional, which constitute a confirmed deterrent that will force Israel not to carry out what it wants.”


The Middle East continues its spiral toward war, exactly as foretold by the ancient Hebrew prophets. For the first time in history, ancient Biblical names are making global headlines. For centuries, world attention focused on the Gentiles of Europe, America, Russia, the Far East. Until the 20th century, many people couldn’t find Jerusalem on a map.

Today, the headlines aren’t about the Gentiles, they are about the sons of Abraham — and have been since the Israelis recaptured Jerusalem in 1967. Jesus said that Jerusalem would ‘be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled’ [Luke 21:24].

It would appear the ‘times of the Gentiles’ are winding down. The world’s stage is being cleared to conclude the 4000 year-old war between Isaac and Ishmael — exactly on schedule for the last days.

Sharon Says PA Needs New Leadership

Sharon Says PA Needs New Leadership
Vol: 5 Issue: 10 Sunday, February 10, 2002

In his meeting with President Bush, Ariel Sharon urged the US to aid in, or at least not interfere with, an Israeli effort to topple Yasser Arafat. He asked Bush to sever ties with Arafat, arguing, “the more Arafat’s irrelevance is pushed, the faster a new leadership will come.”

All he came away with was a promise from the US to increase the pressure on Arafat to fight terror. It was better than nothing, but Israel’s windows of opportunity to strike back decisively are opening and closing faster than they can get themselves into position.

Europe Offers Own Mid-East Peace Plan

As Sharon returned empty-handed to Jerusalem, the European Union criticized the US policy in the Middle East and offered its own blueprint to peace. And any European involvement in the Middle East peace process is of great significance, from the perspective of Bible prophecy.

The European plan is simple, concluded the European foreign ministers. The creation of a Palestinian state must be the “starting point of a negotiating process”, according to the French initiative outlined by French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine. The Palestinians would have an election, a state would be declared, recognized by Israel and admitted to the United Nations. Negotiations for a Middle East settlement would follow.

Settlement? What’s left to settle? Spain’s foreign minister, Josep Pique, said the details, like the borders of a Palestinian state, would be developed further at the next foreign minister’s meeting.

European security chief Javier Solana said there would be no peace in the Middle East without putting “politics back at the center of gravity”, rather than cracking down on terror.

The European outline for peace would require: 1) Israel withdraw to the positions they held in September 2000, before the beginning of the intifada. 2) Israel and the PA state would sign a peace treaty. 3) Lift travel restrictions imposed on Palestinians to Israeli territory.

In other words, all that is required for peace in the Middle East is Israel’s unconditional surrender, placing all its faith in Europe to guarantee its continued security. Simple.


The options extended Israel by the Europeans would seem unacceptable, BUT — as an alternative to all out war, or from the rubble, if the unthinkable does happen — the idea of Israel agreeing to similar terms is not beyond the scope of possibility.

According to Daniel, the period of false peace that launches the seven year Tribulation Period begins with the conclusion of treaty between Israel and her enemies that involves what Daniel called ‘dividing the land for gain’. In modern diplomatic doublespeak, its called ‘land for peace’. (The same principles, when applied on the streets of New York, would be called a “protection racket”.)

Daniel 9:27 says that the antichrist will ‘confirm’ the covenant with many for one week [shabua lit. seven years]. One cannot confirm an agreement unless it first exists, anymore than one can confirm a dental appointment until after it has first been made.

The Oslo Agreement, signed September 13, 1993, was to run in three stages; three years to evaluate limited autonomy, two years to negotiate territorial concessions, and the final two years to negotiate the ‘final status of Jerusalem’. It was to conclude on September 13, 2000. A period of exactly seven years. The agreement failed.

Daniel 9:26 identifies the antichrist as a ‘prince’ of revived Rome. He will be a charismatic peacemaker, with a workable seven year alternative to Oslo. The signing of that agreement will also signal the beginning of the remaining 70th week of Daniel, or the Tribulation Period.

Cheney Advises Eliezer: Hang Arafat

Cheney Advises Eliezer: Hang Arafat
Vol: 5 Issue: 9 Saturday, February 9, 2002

Yasser Arafat got a peek inside the White House this week, even though he hasn’t been invited since the Bush/Cheney team took over. Israeli Defense Secretary Ben Eliezer met with senior White House officials to discuss Arafat. After the meetings, he revealed the details of the closed-door meeting to the press.

Eliezer said that National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice said that it was a ‘waste of time’ dealing with Arafat. Vice-President Dick Cheney reportedly told Eliezer, “as far as I’m concerned, you can even hang him.” Ari Fleischer immediately denied the comments were made. Eliezer later called both Cheney and Rice to apologize for revealing their private comments. Then he began to back-track, saying he was misunderstood.


In diplomatic circles, there is no such thing as a careless word. Rice isn’t careless. Neither is Cheney. It is unlikely they believed their comments would not be repeated. Ben-Eliezer did not unintentionally reveal confidences; this was a carefully staged event. Washington has genuinely reached the end of its rope where Arafat is concerned. And they want to be sure Arafat knows it.

Arafat Releases More Terrorists

Despite the clarity of the message, Arafat doesn’t seem to understand it. He ordered the release of the Palestinian terrorists he jailed in the last ‘crackdown’ — including two of the men included on Washington’s list of 33 most wanted terrorists.

Arafat’s spokesman argued that they had to release the jailed militants to ensure their safety in the wake of the Israeli air raids on Nablus and Jenin. Abu Sharif complained that Israel forced them to release the terrorists in order to ’embarrass them in front of the Americans’. Sharif said the air raids targeted the jails. However, none were hit.

The PA said the truck load of Kassem rockets Israel captured enroute from Nablus to Jenin were ‘harmless’.


With each of Arafat’s ‘crackdowns’ comes the prediction that those arrested will soon be released. Yet the press trumpets each sham effort as if it were the real thing. When the inevitable happens, and Arafat turns them all loose again, it gets a quick mention and the global press corps moves on to focus on the dire plight of poor Arafat at the hands of the brutal Sharon. Why is that? What makes them eagle-eyed when it is Israel, while turning a blind eye to Arafat?

Bernard Goldberg’s book “Bias” provided an insider’s view of how a liberal media uses its power to shape opinions. Goldberg says that even exposing the fact such bias exists cost him his position and many friends.

In particular, the shapers of opinion in the media hate to be wrong. And that is why they are blind when it comes to Arafat. Since Oslo, the media has backed Arafat, convinced that Israel was really the aggressor. Within two years, the press created a mythical Arafat the Peacemaker. The myth was so powerful it even captivated the Nobel Peace Prize Committee. Arafat the Terrorist became Arafat, the Nobel Laureate.

Now he’s Arafat the Terrorist again. But Israel is still the bad guy, notwithstanding. It’s hard to figure out why, apart from Bible prophecy.

No nation on the face of the earth is as reviled and universally despised as Israel. Nobody can quite explain why. Oh, they can list the reasons why they hate Jews, but they can never explain why. Why Jews? Why not Iraqis? Or Arabs? Throughout history, it has always been Jews.

The Bible says in the last days the Jews, their tiny country, and their capital city would be the focus of global attention. The Bible prophesied the continued existence of a people, without nation, land or flag, that would ultimately be reborn after 2,000 years of exile, retaining their culture, dietary and religious laws and resume use of their ancient language. One other thing the Jews would bring with them. The inexplicable, vitriolic contempt shown them throughout history.

All that has happened, exactly as prophesied. The Bible is true, God is real and we are living in the final days before the return of Christ, Who promised, “Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.” [Matthew 24:34].

As Christians, we are obliged to be aware of the times in which we live. We are to take the intelligence information available, and use it, together with the Bible, as a witnessing tool for the lost that all is going according to a Divine Plan, of which they can be a part. He is coming soon.