No Sense of Humor

No Sense of Humor
Vol: 5 Issue: 28 Thursday, February 28, 2002

US comedian Jay Leno’s remarks on a recent “Tonight Show” became an international incident earning him the condemnation of the South Korean government. Leno quipped that Korean Olympic skater Kim Dong-sung’s disqualification was enough to make him ‘want to kick — and eat — his dog’.

“It is unthinkable that a host of a TV program watched by many U.S. viewers made insulting, racially prejudiced remarks about Koreans,” said one lawmaker who also thinks Leno should be ‘disciplined’ and the Korean nation ‘compensated’.

The whole ‘racial’ and ‘insult’ thing is going a bit too far. Koreans do eat dog. So do people in a lot of other countries. Hindus don’t eat beef. Would a Hindu telling a joke about McDonald’s be racial? Or insulting? Maybe to cows.


This seems to be a bit off the beaten track, but if you look closely, you’ll see part of a discernible, continuing global pattern of saber-rattling.

Countries who have been allies for decades are snapping at each other over insignificant slights. Nations are realigning themselves into regional groupings, even when doing so distances them from Washington.

Although [or maybe because] it is the world’s remaining superpower, Washington is being increasingly isolated from the global community. A recent Gallup poll of the Islamic world shows 2/3’s of the Islamic world hold America in contempt.

America’s friendship with Europe is fractured and crumbling. The brief outpouring of sympathy following 9/11 is fading away.

“Americans may not yet be fully aware of this, but the fact is that anti-American sentiments are resurfacing in Europe,” the Belgian newspaper De Standaard wrote earlier this month. “It was striking how short the period of widespread solidarity and sympathy with the United States was in the wake of September 11.”

Four Global Spheres of Influence

The Bible divides the world into four regional power blocs in the last days. The western alliance [the Revived Roman empire of antichrist – Dan 9:26], the ‘kings of the south’ [Africa and Islamic North Africa – Dan 11:40] the ‘kings of the east [China and Southeast Asia -Rev 16:12] the Gog-Magog alliance [Russian-Arab-Islamic alliance – Ezekiel 38-39].

The Bible also outlines a specific scenario for the last days, giving detailed descriptions of these four global spheres of influence.

Currently, there are five. Four of them are in a state of flux, realigning themselves, almost against reason in some cases, to conform to the scenario outlined by Scripture.

The fifth, the United States, grows increasingly isolated. Washington is so lonely it has gone into denial, sometimes even pretending it has real friends.

Prime examples of America’s ‘pretend’ friends include Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan and the core group of Western European nations led by France and Germany. They are our ‘friends’ in the sense they are not currently enemies.

One Real Ally

America has only one unquestioning and unequivocal ally within the sea of nations. That ally, the land of Israel, is the central character around which the entire end-time drama is played out.

The world is gradually re-aligning itself to conform with God’s pre-ordained geo-political roster for the last days. The United States does not merit mention, although many have sought to find it in symbols and allegorical comparisons.

Whether it is because America becomes a satellite of the EU, falls from primacy as a consequence of war, or is rendered powerless following the Rapture is a matter of conjecture.

What is clear is this. The Bible outlines four spheres of global influence as the world enters the Tribulation period. Not five.

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