Iran Presence in Afghanistan Growing

Iran Presence in Afghanistan Growing
Vol: 5 Issue: 21 Thursday, February 21, 2002

US intelligence agencies have identified ‘scores’ of Iranian intelligence and military personnel deep inside Afghanistan working to destabilize the interim government. The Iranians reportedly included VEVAK agents and Iranian special forces troops from the Revolutionary Guards. US officials familiar with the intelligence reports said that the Iranians are working with several hundred Afghan fighters operating near Mazar-i-Sharif in an effort to undermine the pro-US government now in place in Kabul.

Arafat Blinks; Arrests Suspects

When Arafat was confined to his Ramallah compound by a ring of Israeli tanks, Israel said the blockade would not be lifted unless he ordered the arrest of the murderers of an Israeli cabinet minister.

Arafat personally ordered the arrest of the three suspects today. The arrests were confirmed by Israel. The next move will be up to Sharon.

Shaky Muslim/Christian Truce in Indonesia

The government fears that security issues remain the outstanding problem in implementing the Malino peace accord signed last week between Christians and Muslims in Maluku, the Jakarta Post reported.

The 11-point peace accord was signed last week after intensive government-sponsored peace negotiations in Malino, South Sulawesi. Harold Crouch of the International Crisis Group (ICG) noted that it would be difficult for the government to disarm militias since both sides needed their presence to ensure tranquility.

Lashkar Jihad represents the Muslim interests in Maluku, while Lashkar Kristus defends the rights of Ambon Christians.

Saudis Top Arab Defense Spender

For a ‘peaceful oil kingdom’ the Saudis spend a lot of money on weapons. Despite government pledges to focus on development, Riyad far outspent every single Arab state in the region.

The Arab Defense Journal reported that Saudi Arabia spent $18.4 billion in 2001. That amounts to nearly 45 percent of the total of all Arab defense expenditures. Including nations like Syria. Where are all the weapons going?

In all, the journal said, Arab states budgeted more than $40 billion to defense during 2001. The figure includes all members of the Arab League with the exception of Iraq and Somalia.


That’s a lot of weaponry for an innocuous kingdom of oil merchants. Especially for a kingdom of oil merchants who claim to be going broke thanks to depressed global oil prices.

Saudi fingerprints are all over al-Qaeda handiwork. Most of the 9/11 hijackers and the al-Qaeda hierarchy were Saudi. Most of their funding is Saudi. Even the extremist Wahabi brand of Islam practiced by the terrorists is a Saudi export.

The Saudis are cozying up to Iran — a nation also heavily involved in international terror and arming itself to the teeth.

There appear to be two Saudi Arabias; the oil-business kingdom run by the royal family and the increasingly militaristic Islamic kingdom run by the clerics and supported by Crown Prince Abdullah.

Washington sends US military aid and weaponry to Riyadh; it funnels straight down to the Wahabi clerics who then redistribute them through the Iran pipeline back to the terrorists. Meanwhile, America’s dependence on Saudi oil forces Washington to look the other way.

Its a vicious circle; one growing tighter with each passing day. The Middle East is preparing for war, plain and simple. That’s what all the weapons and Middle East arms deals indicate, that’s why we have been reporting them to you regularly in the Omega Letter.

It’s one thing to say the Bible predicts war in the Middle East in the last days. Its another to have at your fingertips the evidence of a systematic buildup of weapons and military forces to prove the point.

Our mission at the Omega Letter is to provide you with real, tangible evidence you can use to prove to the lost that the Bible is true, Jesus is coming and time is running out.

Today is the acceptable day of salvation. For those not known by Jesus [Matt 7:23], tomorrow may be too late.

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