Iran Helps ‘Scores’ of al-Qaeda Escape

Iran Helps ‘Scores’ of al-Qaeda Escape
Vol: 5 Issue: 19 Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Scores of al Qaeda fugitives have succeeded in escaping a Western dragnet in Afghanistan and returning to their native Arab countries.

The Islamic insurgents have employed a land route that proceeded through Iran to the Persian Gulf and then via ship to such countries as Egypt, Libya, Syria and Yemen. The ship route usually began from the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas.

The London-based A-Sharq Al Awsat daily reported that the smuggling route was established by drug traders who operate along the Afghan-Pakistani border. The daily, quoting al Qaeda insurgents, said the drug smugglers charged as much as $33,000 for the operation, which included an escort through Iran as well as forged passports and visas.

Western intelligence sources as well as U.S. officials said hundreds of al Qaeda insurgents have employed a land route that begins in Afghanistan through Iran and Iraq and ends in Syria and Lebanon. They said al Qaeda intends to reorganize in the Middle East.

Saudis Call Iranians ‘Infidels’

The alliance between Iran and Saudi Arabia is being threatened by a dispute over Islamic sites.

The tension was sparked by an address by a leading Saudi cleric who suggested that Iranian pilgrims who arrive in Mecca are ‘infidels’. While most of the Islamic Middle East are Arab, Iranians are not Arabs, but Persians. The remarks prompted an official protest by Iran.

It was the first Iranian protest of Saudi behavior since Riyad signed a security pact with Teheran last April. The two countries are also said to cooperate on military and intelligence issues.

On Feb. 8, Saudi cleric Sheik Salah Al Budair differentiated between Muslims who are flocking to Mecca for the annual Haj pilgrimage. Al Budair, the spiritual leader of the Saudi city of Medina, said those who seek “God’s blessings at his holy shrine and other Islamic holy sites are infidels.”

Saudis To Join Land For Peace Deal

Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah let it be known that he is prepared to offer Israel its own version of land for peace.

Abdullah suggests a trade: peace with the entire Arab world in exchange for an Israeli pullout from all the territory occupied in the 1967 war, including the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Authority embraced the plan wholeheartedly, but would like Abdullah to toss in something about the ‘right of return’ for those Palestinians who fled their homes in 1948 in advance of the Arab effort to annihilate the Jewish state when it declared independence in May, 1948.


Although it sounds like peace, it is part of the overall Arab war strategy. The Saudi position begins at a point already beyond what Israel is willing to concede: a total withdrawal to pre-1967 lines, including the surrender of half of Jerusalem. In addition there is a casual mention of the eventual ‘right of return’.

To the Arab world, the ‘right of return’ doesn’t mean a right to return to the new state of Palestine, but to their homes and lands in the state of Israel. Given that the number of refugees and their descendants could number as many as six million, Israel as a Jewish State would cease to exist at the very next election.

Although the offer sounds like a genuine peace overture, it is an offer for Israel to commit national suicide as an alternative to being murdered.

Ultimately, the offer will be portrayed as an Arab ‘breakthrough’. When Israel rejects it, as she must, the press will characterize that rejection as evidence Israel never really wanted peace in the first place. Remember that in the coming weeks and watch the slant on your evening news.

[As an aside, I find it fascinating that one of the pillars of the anti-Semitic argument is the Zionist control of the global media. If true, you’d think they’d do a better job of making Israel look good].

The prophet Zechariah [Zech 12-14] predicted a coming war in which all the nations of the world would side against Israel. At issue, says Zechariah, is ownership of Jerusalem. He wrote this some 2,500 years ago. Zechariah named ‘Jerusalem’ specifically, of all the cities in the world, although in his day, Jerusalem was a conquered city in the process of rebuilding.

It would remain under foreign occupation for another two millennia. ‘Israel’ was captured by Sargon II of Assyria in 721 BC. Its occupants were deported, creating the “Ten Lost Tribes” and Israel ceased to exist. When Zechariah wrote of Israel, it had not existed in three hundred years and would not exist again until May, 1948.

Today, Israel exists. Jerusalem exists. Most of the world, as exemplified by the UN, is already lined up against Israel in the current conflict. At issue is the ownership of the city of Jerusalem. [UN Resolutions 242 and 338 demand the division of Jerusalem and the withdrawal to pre-1967 borders].

Think of how incredible a prophecy this is, and look at the precision with which it is being fulfilled. It is a prophecy that could never have found its fulfillment in any generation prior to this one.

But in this generation, Zechariah’s scenario is identical to the war scenario assessment for the Middle East drawn up by every major intelligence agency in the world. Zechariah goes a bit further, though, and explains how, once begun, his scenario plays out to the end with the triumphant return of Christ.

Zechariah’s been right so far — there’s no reason to doubt the rest will be fulfilled any less literally. And it was Jesus — Who certainly in a position to know — Who said, “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” [Luke 21:28]

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