Special Report: Modern Israel and Bible Prophecy
Vol: 4 Issue: 23 Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Nablus Raid Nets Largest Bomb Lab Ever

Israeli General Yitzhak Eitan called the bomb lab they destroyed in Nablus “perhaps the largest ever found” in the West Bank. In an apartment occupied by four militants, police found explosive belts of the type used by suicide bombers, together with explosives, ammunition, wires, metal pellets used as shrapnel and several cell phones and beepers that can be used as detonators. The IDF killed four militants in what it called a fierce firefight. The Palestinians claim the men were gunned down without mercy and promised ‘unrestricted warfare’ against the Israelis in retaliation. “What happened in the West Bank is a dangerous military escalation that gives Hamas the right to respond,” said Ismail Shanab, a senior Hamas political leader. “The security coordination between Israel and the Palestinian Authority must stop.” But Hamas did admit one of the dead, Yousef Haled Yousef Sukagi, was the leader of the military wing of Hamas in the West Bank. Hamas ‘righteous indignation’ at Israel’s ‘dangerous military escalation’ did not address the apartment full of bombs. The discovery proves only that Israel hit Hamas before Hamas hit them first.


This is the kind of war forced on the Israelis by world opinion. If Israel is hit by Hamas suicide bombers, Hamas takes to the airwaves to claim the strike on behalf of ‘oppressed peoples’ forcing Israel to fight every battle twice. First, Jerusalem must fight the propaganda war, proving the targets of the bombers weren’t combatants and reminding the world it’s not nice to kill innocent civilians before retaliating. Then comes the firefight when the IDF responds. Following that, another defensive propaganda battle over whether Israel’s retaliatory strike was appropriate to the provocation. And the battle must be fought in the face of the global refusal to accept Israel’s legitimacy to occupy its historical ancestral homeland in the first place.

The Palestinians, on the other hand, are allowed to ignore such facts as an apartment full of bombs and still blame Israel for ‘military escalation’. Such statements are quoted as fact in the media, leaving Israel to disprove them. It is a war in which the actual aggressor [if one defines the term as the party who strikes first] is innocent even when proved guilty, and the defender [if one can apply the term ‘retaliatory’ strike, it implies there was something to ‘retaliate’ for] is guilty even when proved innocent. And in war, there is always a guilty party. When Israel is guilty of war excesses, [an inevitability of war] its enemies [the entire global press corps] portray it as ‘evidence’ proving Israel is always the guilty party. When the Palestinians are guilty of excesses, the microscope focuses on the ‘ferocity’ of the Israeli response, ignoring the provocation behind it.

Divinely Ordained Double Standard

Throughout the Old Testament history of the Jewish people one finds a unique element — especially given that it was recorded by Jews in the first place. All the OT prophets predicted the world would hate the Jews to the end of time. [Deut 28:37;1 Kings 9:7; 2Chron 7:20; Psalms 44:14, etc.]. Jesus said of the future of the Jewish people, “They shall put you out of the synagogues, yea, the time cometh that whosoever killeth you will think they do God service” [John 16:2].

There are Christian groups who teach that the Church has replaced Israel as the ‘Chosen People”. Israel was ‘chosen’ to be the visible reminder of God’s sovereignty. No nation so hated through history, so reviled and persecuted, a nation marked for destruction and assimilation for thousands of years, without nation, land or flag, could have survived the millennia apart from God. But the Jews survived; culture, dietary laws, religion and even ancient language intact – waiting the Divine Call to return to the Land. In 1948, the Call came and the Jews returned. They claimed the land as a Divine birthright, re-igniting an ingrained, inexplicable, global anti-Semitism.

Israel the Improbable

The existence of the State of Israel is a visible proof that God remains on the Throne. That Israel is hated by the world system is undeniable. Israel is held to a standard of conduct higher than any nation on earth and is punished unmercifully when it violates that standard. [Consider imposing restraints on Washington similar to those imposed on Jerusalem in responding to terrorist attacks]. The Bible said thousands of years ago, that, in the last days there would be three improbable realities.

First, there would exist a state of Israel for the first time since Sargon II captured the Kingdom of Israel in 702 BC. Second, although tiny among nations, it would be the centerpiece of global attention. Thirdly, it would be universally despised, a pariah among nations. Israel exists. Although it is no larger than Connecticut and has a total population roughly the size of Greater New York City, it is the center of world attention, even during a global war on terror. And of 186 nations, America is Israel’s only friend.

Divine Evidence

Frederick the Great is reputed to have once asked an advisor to give him a single evidence of the existence of God. Although he lived 200 years before the rebirth of Israel, the advisor replied instantly, “Have you considered the Jew, sire?” Israel is the centerpiece of Bible prophecy. Its existence and history are proof positive of the accuracy of Bible prophecy. To this point in the historical record, Bible prophecy — where it can be proved at all — has proved to be 100% accurate, 100% of the time.

It continues to unfold before our eyes. The same God that predicted what has already occurred with such unerring accuracy will continue to perform His Will until His Purpose is accomplished. Bible prophecy proves God remains on the Throne and is intimately concerned with the affairs of men.

“Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me, Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:” [Isaiah 46:9-10]

That promise has no expiration date. God’s blueprint for the future will continue to unfold with the same accuracy in the days ahead as it has in millennia past. Prophecy is His signature of authenticity. And our confidence is well placed.

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