Saudis, Kuwaitis Turn Over Suspects

Saudis, Kuwaitis Turn Over Suspects
Vol: 3 Issue: 19 Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have turned over Islamic radicals belonging to the al Qaeda terrorist network to the FBI, according to London s Al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper. Kuwait gave up Dubays Fahd al-Rashidi to FBI agents as part of the investigation into the September 11 attacks. Several terrorist suspects also were turned over to the FBI by the Saudi government, although it is not known if the people who was taken into custody by the FBI were Saudi nationals or other Arab nationals living in the kingdom.

US Buildup in Persian Gulf Continues

The United States is quietly continuing preparations for a greater military presence in the Persian Gulf. The U.S. Third Army’s headquarters has been moved to from Florida to Kuwait and will have operational control over all US ground forces in the region. Analysts believe this signals the next stage of Washington’s war against terrorism.

The Third Army is currently based at Fort McPherson, Ga. At least 2,000 additional troops could arrive in Kuwait in accordance with the transfer. The administration says that it has not decided the target of the next stage of the war against terrorism. At the same time, Washington has termed Iraq as a significant threat.

Germans Sell Arms To Iraq

German authorities are investigating several businessmen for selling weapons goods to Iraq. An investigation was launched earlier this month into an effort by Iraqi government agents to buy high-technology machinery from German companies for producing large caliber guns. The investigation is being carried out by the Mannheim public prosecutors and the Cologne customs agency. The authorities detained a German mechanical engineer for his role in trying to arrange the machinery sales. Police have searched 20 offices and companies as part of the probe. According to German officials, Iraq may already have purchased a special deep well drilling machine that can be used to cut gun barrels out of metal blocks. Investigators suspect the Iraqis may be seeking to build long-range artillery 200 mm to 300 mm in size that would be capable of firing nuclear, chemical or biological (NBC) shells.

Pakistan Sets Up Terrorist Database

Pakistan has setting up a data bank that will monitor radical Islamic students in Pakistani religious schools, according to U.S. officials. The data base will be established with some of the millions of dollars in financial aid being sent to Pakistan s government under a new U.S. assistance package. The surveillance also will include video cameras to be installed in several Pakistani airports that will monitor people in the facilities.

Syria Considering Siding With The West

There is a debate raging in Syria about which side they are on. Especially since being on the side of the West includes EU and US offers to provide economic and military aid to Damascus if Syria stops Hizbullah attacks along the Israeli border. Under the offer, Syria would have to end its protection of terrorist groups harbored in Damascus.

Western intelligence sources said President Bashar Assad is said to favor a shift in Syrian policy away from terrorism and a reconciliation with the West. Assad is said to favor both an end to Hizbullah attacks along the Israeli border and a warning to terrorist groups based in Damascus to end all public relations activities. This means an end to announcements that claim credit for insurgency attacks.

Assad is opposed by a number of prominent Syrians, including Defense Minister Mustafa Tlas. Tlas and several military commanders fear that any break with Hizbullah would result in a Lebanese challenge to Syria’s occupation. Tlas believes that Hizbullah supports Syrian occupation of Lebanon as long as the Shi’ite movement is ensured a free hand in Lebanon.

Arafat Built Up Hamas, May Pay Price

Could Arafat actually crack down on Hamas? U.S. intelligence analysts are convinced that Arafat can. But they predict a bloody battle should Hamas choose to fight it out. Hamas, the analysts say, is no longer the same organization as that prior to September 2000. The movement has enjoyed a free hand from Arafat over the last 15 months. Hamas insurgents have access to Palestinian Authority weapons, weapons factories. Hamas has even been allowed to manufacture its own short-range rockets.

Hamas actually controls Palestinian towns and villages in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Hamas is also the dominant factor in Palestinian refugee camps in Gaza and in the northern West Bank. This means Hamas controls local charities and awards scholarships to young people. The PA or Fatah are all but invisible. Arafat has even given Hamas a forum on PA radio and television. Hamas spokespeople have used it to discuss what kind of nuclear weapon to use in any attack against Israel.

UK Tightens Arms Regs Against Israel

UK Tightens Arms Regs Against Israel
Vol: 3 Issue: 18 Tuesday, December 18, 2001

The government of Prime Minister Tony Blair has drafted new criteria for the sale of defense systems and weapons to Israel. The government has been under pressure from members of the Labor Party to examine allegations that Israel has used British weapons and components in the war with the Palestinians. “The government has also taken steps to strengthen the process of risk assessment when considering export license applications…” British Foreign Office Minister Ben Bradshaw told parliament.

One of the surest signs of an impending war in the Middle East is when the British start squeezing off arms supplies to the Jews. The British sold about $17 million worth of defense components and systems to Israel in 2000. But while British arms merchants want Israeli money, they fear a backlash if British guns in Israeli hands start killing Arabs. So just before war breaks out, the Brits start publicly denying Israel weapons while quietly stepping up sales to the Arabs. It’s a tricky business, but the British have lots of practice, having followed similar patterns in the 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973 wars.

Israel Asked to Aid Afghanistan

The US has asked the Israelis to assist in rebuilding Afghanistan after the war. One of Afghanistan’s most pressing needs is for water. Israel turned a barren desert into a garden. Israel agreed to help, including aid in refurbishing Afghanistan’s agricultural water system. The offer didn’t come without strings — Israel expects Washington to pay for it. But there is a lot of debate today about the true nature of Islam. I can picture Jewish engineers going to an Islamic country to work side by side with its inhabitants. Picturing the opposite requires a greater strain on the imagination.

IDF Mission To End Arafat Era

Israel has made a tactical decision to end the era of Yasser Arafat — but the don’t intend to do it themselves. They are going to let his own people do it. “The idea is to remove all pretense of power so he can answer to his people without his weapons, security forces and prisons,” a senior military source told Middle East Newsline. The aim is to whittle down Palestinian assets and destroy Arafat’s basis for power. This could pave the way for a takeover by more moderate Palestinians.

With each attack, Israeli forces get closer to Arafat’s infrastructure. One such target is Fatah chief Marwan Barghouti, whose Ramallah home was taken over by Israeli troops.

US Offers Reward For Arafat’s Victims

Washington is stepping up the pressure on Arafat in different ways. One of those ways is to offer a reward for the arrest and conviction of Islamic insurgents responsible for the deaths of American citizens in Israel and the Palestinian Authority. “We went through a careful interagency review, and we have decided to post on our Rewards for Justice website rewards for information that leads to the arrest or conviction of individuals responsible for certain acts of terrorism against U.S. citizens in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza, or rewards for the prevention of such acts,” State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said.

The Hunt Continues

The al-Qaeda is no longer in power in Afghanistan, and while badly bent, the al-Qaeda is not broken. Not as long as its leaders remain free. Osama bin-Laden, leader of al-Qaeda, and Mulla Mohammed Omar, “King of All Believers and spiritual head of the Taliban” demonstrated the courage of their convictions. They told their followers to ‘fight to the death’ so that they could escape alive.

Omar is believed to be holed up with about 500 hard-core [but not too bright] followers in the mountains near Baghran. Local militia say they will be ready to launch an assault “within two or three days”. The US will supply air support. It is unlikely Omar will try to escape again. He has nowhere else to go.

FoxNews’ Geraldo Rivera says he knows where bin-Laden is. He’s in Peshawar, Pakistan, freshly shaved and dressed in Western clothes. Rivera says he got his information ‘from the highest authority’. Maybe.

More likely, bin-Laden is still in Afghanistan, either buried in a bombed out cave, or he is holed up in another cave somewhere else in the mountains. While he could have physically escaped to Pakistan, there is no escaping the twenty-five million reward on his head. Especially given the fact President Bush, when asked his preferences, said, “Ummm, dead, alive. Makes no difference to me.”

And He Causeth All . . .

Every person in the world would be fingerprinted and registered under a universal identification scheme to fight illegal immigration and people smuggling outlined at a United Nations meeting by the head of Belgium’s independent asylum review board. Pascal Smet said the European Union was already considering a Europe-wide system, using either fingerprints or eye scanning technology, to identify citizens. According to Smet, “If you look to our societies, we are already registered from birth until death. Our governments know who we are and what we are. But one of the basic problems is the numbers of people in the world who are not registered, who do not have a set identity, and when these people move with real or fake passports, you cannot identify them. . . .There are no technical problems. It is only a question of will and investment.”

There is a chillingly similar scenario outlined by the Apostle John 2000 years ago. “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” [Rev 13:16-17] We aren’t there, yet. That doesn’t make this the mark of the beast. But the antichrist’s reign, beginning to end, is only seven years. He takes over a global system, he doesn’t build it. What we are witnessing is part of the construction process.

What was prophecy 2000 years ago was science fiction two decades ago. Today it is technical reality lacking only the political will to implement it. 9/11 will provide that political will.

Arab League Says No ‘Peace Process’

Arab League Says No ‘Peace Process’
Vol: 3 Issue: 17 Monday, December 17, 2001

The head of the Arab League criticized those who equate Palestinian resistance with terrorism in an Italian newspaper. Amr Mousa told the La Stamba that “it’s a big mistake referring to a ‘peace’ process. What we are witnessing is armed struggle between Palestinian resistance and Israeli occupation.” He added, “it’s a big injustice to refer to what is taking place in Palestine as terrorism; in truth it’s a legitimate armed resistance against the Israeli military occupation.” “If the United States doesn’t consider such right and continue to view Israel as a victim of terrorism, no positive outcome can ever be expected,” he added.

Egypt Backs Down Ottawa

The Canadian government backed away from its decision to declare Hamas a terrorist organization after being warned by Egypt that doing so might damage its reputation ‘among Arab countries.’ In the end, the Parliament decided to put Hamas’ military wing on the list, but not Hamas itself. The Canadians excluded charitable organizations that feed the Hamas treasury as well.

Iran’s International Day of Jerusalem

Iran marked Friday as a day dedicated to Jerusalem and the Palestinian people. “The International Day of Jerusalem” was a reason for which most of Iran’s political parties and masses united in an elaborate show of solidarity with the Palestinian people. Tens of thousands of Iranians marched in the streets in seven marches that united in the center of the capital.

Former President Ali Akbar Hashimi Rafasanjani warned of a US/Israeli-sponsored nuclear war in the Middle East. He said that the West was behind Israel’s destructive nuclear capabilities and that Muslims need to strive to obtain such weapons, not to upset the balance of security, but to balance the threat posed by Israel. Note: Muslims need nuclear weapons, not Iranians. Maybe the White House doesn’t believe this is a war against Islam, but that’s a one-sided view not shared by most Islamic countries – especially Iran.

Kremlin Warns About Expanding Terror War

Russia expects the US to consult it before taking the “war against terrorism” anywhere beyond Afghanistan, President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with the Financial Times.

White House officials are pressing to shift the fight against terrorism to other rogue states. The Russian president warned specifically against military action in Iraq. The next priority for the anti-terrorist coalition should be to “block the financing of terrorist activities”, he said. “And so far I have no confirmation, no evidence that Iraq is financing the terrorists that we are fighting against.”

Iraq Might Not Be Guilty, Officials Concede

The government says it is ‘less certain’ that Iraq was involved in the 9/11 attacks than it was a few weeks ago. Most of America’s argument rested on a meeting between hijacker Mohammed Atta and a top Iraqi intelligence agent in Prague. But the US is admitting its intelligence might be flawed. The Iraqi ‘intelligence agent’ might possibly be a minor Iraqi functionary with the same last name. It is even possible, concede intelligence officials, that the ‘Mohammed Atta’ who attended that meeting might even be a different Mohammed Atta. Even the Czechs are beginning to hedge their bets — the president of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Havel, recently said there was “a 70 percent” chance that the meeting between Atta and an Iraqi agent named Ahmed Khalil Ibrahim Samir al-Ani took place.

Israel Escalates Attacks

The dramatic events currently taking place in the West Bank and Gaza indicate a major Israeli operation is underway. Israeli sources say that Arafat is prohibited from departing the city of Ramallah, and that Israeli forces are conducting operations in the city, but didn’t specify the nature of these operations. Palestinian official Yasser Abed Rabbo urged the United States to interfere to ‘stop the Israeli aggression’, saying that Israelis have killed more than a over the weekend without any protest from the US.

Arafat Claims Victory, Calls For End To Violence

Yasser Arafat delivered a 25 minute speech to his people, during which he called for an end to violence against Israel. He told Palestinians they had won the battle with their steadfastness and sacrifice. In fact, they lost, but the first casualty of war is always the truth.

Arafat vowed the Palestinians would continue their struggle against Israel until a Palestinian state is attained, with Jerusalem its capital. At the same time, he instructed his people to obey Palestinian Authority resolutions and halt armed operations completely and immediately. Israel, he declared, must cease its attacks on Palestinians; but suicide operations must stop too, as they give Sharon the initiative .

Arafat praised ‘national unity’, which, if it existed, means Hamas and Islamic Jihad were acting in harmony with his wishes when they launched their various suicide attacks. In his speech, he praised Palestinian democracy, noting the Palestinian Authority and legislature were elected positions. He also promised that elections would be held when circumstances permitted. Arafat’s government was up for re-election in 2000. They will get to that shortly.

Arafat reminded his people that Israel had launched a savage war on Palestinians, but never mentioned the Palestinians began the violence. He spoke of international support for his leadership, not mentioning he has no credibility in Jerusalem, Washington or Brussels. When he got done spinning his fairy tale, he told his people that they should ‘stop the violence.’ The question is, can his people tell which parts to believe and which parts to ignore?

Ramadan’s End Brings Renewed Alerts

Ramadan’s End Brings Renewed Alerts
Vol: 3 Issue: 16 Sunday, December 16, 2001

The three-day conclusion of Ramadan, the Eid el Fitr celebrations, begins today. Ramadan’s close and the beginning of the Western Christmas/New Year are the ideal time to launch a terror attack. The prime targets of al Qaeda are believed to be Canada, the US, Germany and Britain. All four have raised their levels of alert. London is considered a prime target, since the discovery of a notebook at an al Qaeda training camp that contained a terrorist “blueprint” for an attack on London. The discovery confirms British authorities’ suspicions that an al Qaeda “sleeper cell” may already be in place somewhere in Britain.

Israel anticipates a renewed series of attacks against its cities from the various Palestinian terror groups, as well as Hezbollah — or even al-Qaeda directly — to make a statement that they are still around.

The US fears a major nuclear, biological or chemical assault against its largest cities.

The United States capture of a chemical, biological and nuclear weapons center in southern Afghanistan adds to the fear a post-Ramadan strike may involve the use of these weapons. The “Tarnak Farms” site is about thre miles east of Camp Rhino marine base near Kandahar.

Iraq Still in Crosshairs

The successes in Afghanistan shift the strategic focus of the US war on terror westward, bringing Iraq, Lebanon and its Syrian-controlled Beqaa Valley into the crosshairs of US smart bombs. The US aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk is heading out of the Arabian Sea. its misison in Afghanistan as a floating command center for air and marine forces is accomplished. That mission has been moved to Kuwait, combining with the Third Army command that is moving out of Atlanta, Georgia.

The 70,000-strong US Third Army is being transferred to Kuwait with several hundred Abrams and Bradley tanks. It should be operational in early January. Third Army units will be taking up positions at additional points in the Middle East. Elements of its elite 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions will be posted in US bases in Egypt s Sinai Peninsula, centering on the giant Sharm el-Sheikh air base at the southern tip of Sinai, with the northern Red Sea, western Saudi Arabia and southern Jordan in its sights. Reserves of those two Third Army divisions are on notice to report after New Year s Day for duty in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Vatican Involves Itself in Holy Land Security

The Pope is considering ways he can protect the Christian minority caught between the Israelis and the Palestinians. He renewed his call for peace in the Middle East, which it said depends on security for Israel, a state for Palestinians, an Israeli withdrawal from Palestinian territory, a fair resolution to the refugee problem and international guarantees for Jerusalem. But the statement also condemned the construction of a mosque in Nazareth. The Palestinian Authority has been building it in secret, working at night. The Islamic Authority is building it right beside a large Catholic shrine. The Pope said the conflict is “disfiguring the face of the Holy Land.”


The close of Ramadan and the beginning of the Christmas season underscore the coming collision of the two religious systems. This is a religious war, whether we want to admit it or not. And eventually, the recognition of that fact will lead to calls to prevent future wars over religion.

The surest way to accomplish that will be a systematic ‘educational’ blitz about the evils of fundamentalism. Islamic fundamentalism and Jewish fundamentalism are already indelibly linked in the public consciousness to violence and terror. The next enemy to overcome will be ‘Christian fundamentalism’. There are plenty of examples of terrorist acts by Christian ‘fundamentalists’ — which is how abortion clinic bombers, snipers and terrorists will be described by the media and government officials. Count on it.

Religion Redefined

Religious expression will necessarily have to be regulated. A kinder, gentler God less likely to spawn suicide bombers will have to be promoted. In some ways, the process has already begun with the government’s self-appointed role as defender of the “real” Islam. You know, the kinder, gentler religion of love ‘hijacked’ by the terrorists. Soon it will be defending the “real” Christianity. Like redefined Islam, if you aren’t in it, you are against it. And the involvement of the Vatican in the Middle East holds out tantalizing possibilities as well. We will explore them as they develop.

Sphere Three in Development

The Bible says there will be three spheres of power during the reign of antichrist. A global political system, a global economic system and a global religious system. All three will one day be under his exclusive control. But before these systems can be controlled, they must first be constructed. The global government experiment by the UN will eventually collapse, but the infrastructure will end up in European hands. Brussels is already making preparations, building a Euro-City on the outskirts of Rome to that purpose. The global economy is in place and currently under the control of the UN’s WTO. But the world religious system is not as clearly defined. Or it hasn’t been until now.

It is now clear that government either must control religion, or religion will continue to control government. At least, that is the case they will make. This is a trend that will continue to develop in the months ahead. Watch for it, and remember Jesus’ warning. “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.”

The Pilot and the Jackal

The Pilot and the Jackal
Vol: 3 Issue: 15 Saturday, December 15, 2001

Zacarias Moussaoui, the man indicted as a conspirator in the 9/11 attacks, will be represented by the lawyer for the infamous “Carlos the Jackal”.

Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, aka “Carlos the Jackal” was, pre-9/11, the world’s most notorious terrorist. A freelance murderer and Muslim convert, Carlos’ employers included Mohamar Qaddaffi of Libya, Saddam Hussien of Iraq, President Assad of Syria, Fidel Castro of Cuba, George Habash and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), the Italian Red Brigade, Columbia’s M-19 Movement and the Baader-Meinholf Gang.

Moussaoui’s new lawyer, Isabelle Coutant-Peyre, is engaged to become Mrs. Jackal. Her defense will be that Moussaoui is being framed by the US as a ‘scapegoat’. She attempted a similar defense for the Jackal. Sanchez is currently serving a life sentence in a Paris prison.

Anthrax Strain Same as US Army

The Army said in a statement that small quantities of anthrax have routinely been produced at Dugway Proving Ground, about 85 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, and then shipped to the Army’s biodefense center at Fort Detrick, Md.

The Army statement did not specify which strain of anthrax was produced there, but The Washington Post, citing government officials and shipping records, reported that the finely ground weapons-grade anthrax spores belong to the strain found in letters discovered in recent months. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed 18 cases of exposure, 11 inhalation and 7 through the skin. There were only 18 US cases of inhalation anthrax in the entire 20th century.

UN Turns On Israel

A UN resolution condemning ‘terrorism’ by both the Israelis and Palestinians was vetoed by the United States. The UN condemnation would have have put Israeli military responses on the same level as Palestinian terror attacks. In a recent Israeli assault, six Palestinians were killed. Few newspapers paid particular note to the fact all six were either PA police or Force 17 members — both legitimate military targets. When contrasting Palestinian casualties to Israeli casualties, the intended targets fade into the background, since most of the PA targets are Israeli non-combatants; women and children. The UN spin calls this a ‘cycle’ of violence; Palestinian suicide bombers hit civilians, Israel then responds against military targets — the UN then defines this ‘cycle’ as ‘terrorism’.

The United States vetoed the resolution. Although the veto is being trumpeted as an example of US support for Israel, the US veto was necessary and also heavily in American interests. Designating Israeli retaliation as ‘terrorism’ denigrates national sovereignty in general. If Israeli retaliation is terrorism, what is America’s current [and future] operations against al-Qaeda?

PA Propaganda Machine Turns on US

Palestinian Media Watch reports that one of the themes regularly expressed in the PLO-controlled media is hatred of the US as an integral part of Palestinian ideology. In a sermon delivered last Friday in the Al-Aqsa Mosque and broadcast on Palestinian Radio, the US-Taliban war was presented as part of a global conflict in which the Judeo-Christian West is fighting against the entire Muslim nation. America is referred to as “infidel”,”Crusaders”, and “head of world terror.”

Some examples; “”The [battle] cry ‘To help Islam!’ continues to echo in the Muslim world [today]. Is anyone responding? Here [today] the “Mongolians” and “Crusaders” are raising their heads and enlisting armies to fight the Islamic nations in an oppressive campaign, under the label of “terrorism” which the infidels are attaching to the Arabs and Muslims, for the purpose of realizing their imperialist interests, and to spread their control over the Muslim countries and their resources.”

“Cannot these war crimes, and the rest of the conditions to which Muslims are subjected in Chechenya, Kashmir and the Philippines, be categorized as terrorism, according to the American perception of terrorism?”

And, this chilling exhortation direct from the lips of the mufti, echoed from the sacred walls of the al-Aqsa Mosque to his follower’s ears. “There is no place for a weak nation [America] among the nations of this world.”

Pentagon Eyes Indonesia

US Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz has been arguing for the need for action against Al-Qaeda in Indonesia. Wolfowitz stated in an interview, “Going after Al-Qaeda in Indonesia is not something that should wait until after Al-Qaeda has been uprooted from Afghanistan.” Wolfowitz did not elaborate on what type of action might be taken. Indonesian security officials recently claimed that Al-Qaida was behind ongoing disturbances in Sulawesi province.

EU To Go Digital

According to the BBC, “The European Commission wants Europe to embrace new technology and give health, welfare, education and government services an electronic coat of paint.” In Finland, citizens are so plugged in that when they move, their new addresses are automatically updated via the internet. In Britain, electronic kiosks are springing up to connect the unwired to email and other services.

The EU is investing heavily in the digital age and plans to be the global leader in integrating digital technology with government.


This conforms with Bible prophecy. The antichrist’s unprecedented control foreseen by the Book of Revelation was never possible in all recorded history.

Somehow, said John, the antichrist would be able to disqualify some people from all normal social intercourse. Anyone not part of his economic/political/worship system would be so completely isolated he wouldn’t even be able to buy or sell, let alone participate in society. [Rev 13:17] Since Daniel 9 identifies the antichrist as a leader of the Roman Empire, it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to deduce the connection.

The digital age, foretold 2000 years ago and locked into the time frame of a single generation, somewhere in time. A digital age that would be embraced by a revived form of the old Roman Empire described in such exquisite detail that Daniel even described it as being ‘partly strong and partly weak, like iron mixed with clay.’ [Daniel 2:43]

Egypt: Sliding Toward “Destruction”

Egypt: Sliding Toward “Destruction”
Vol: 3 Issue: 14 Friday, December 14, 2001

Egypt’s president says the Middle East is headed ‘for destruction’. Hosni Mubarak said the region is sliding into war that could involve weapons of mass destruction. The Egyptian president said he relayed the warning to the United States and American Jewish leaders. Egypt has the most inflammatory anti-Israeli press in the region. Only Saudi Arabia has contributed more of its citizens to radical Islamic terrorism.

Egypt’s president was worded in terms of a hypothetical assassination of Yasser Arafat by the Israelis. He made his remarks to a Beirut-based newspaper, A-Safir. “I have no doubt that the people’s patience will run out and this will force governments to engage in arms race, with the goal to acquire weapons of mass destruction. Biological weapons — even a test tube of germs can destroy an entire nation — chemical weapons and nuclear weapons can be brought in suitcases from the former Soviet Union.”

Mubarak’s ‘warning’ sounds alarmingly like your typical Islamist threat, only without claiming responsibility. In such a scenario, Mubarak said, “Then, the entire region, including Israel, is liable to be annihilated.”

Who Is Karzai?

Hamid Karzai is the new leader of Afghanistan, and he is not your average Afghan warlord. Karzai is a long time intelligence operative with connections to both the Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence [ISI]. Karzai worked with the ISI and the CIA during the Russian-Afghan War in the 80’s. But Karzai is also a Western capitalist, owning a chain of restaurants in Chicago, San Fransisco, Boston and Baltimore.

Karzai is a man who has a grasp of the world outside Afghanistan’s borders, a successful US businessman with an understanding of Western, and in particular, American values, and brings to the table a working history with Pakistan’s ISI. In that sense, he is unencumbered with typical Afghani xenophobia. Karzai appears well-suited to the job and if he isn’t assassinated by a rival warlord, may well be the best thing to happen to Afghanistan since the Toyota.

Taliban Pose Risk To Pakistan

US intelligence is nervously watching Pakistan to try and head off a surprise coup against General Pervez Musharraf by leaders of the displaced Taliban. U.S. intelligence sources said Bin Laden has penetrated deep into Pakistan’s defense and nuclear establishment. They said some of Pakistan’s leading nuclear scientists were believed active with Bin Laden.

Sultan Bashiruddin Mehmood and his two sons are assumed to have transferred enriched uranium to Bin Laden. Mehmood later died after he was taken to the U.S. embassy in Islambad and given a lie detector test. At least three other nuclear scientists or senior military officers are being probed for ties to Bin Laden. All three worked in Pakistan’s nuclear establishment and were connected to al Qaeda.

The Taliban have heavily infiltrated the upper echelons of Pakistan’s military and Islamic religious authorities. Until 9/11, Pakistan was the Taliban’s chief defender and most enthusiastic supporter. The men who supported the Taliban then are still there. Musharraf is still powerful, but he is vulnerable. A Taliban coup in Pakistan would mean a nuclear Taliban.

al-Qaeda Names New Leader

Islamic extremist sources in Egypt revealed to the London-based Arabic newspaper Al-Sharq al-Awsat that Muhammad Ibrahim Makkawi, also known as Sayf-al-Adl, is the new al Qaeda military commander. The authoritative newspaper, which is owned by Saudi Arabians, said Makkawi replaced Ahmad Atif (Abu-Hafs al-Masri) after the latter was killed in recent U.S.bombing raids in Afghanistan.

Makkawi is an Egyptian who was trained as an officer in the Egyptian Special Forces, has been charged by the Cairo government with terrorism related to the Islamic Jihad organization activities in the past. Makkawi left Egypt in 1988 and lived in Saudi Arabia before moving on to Pakistan and Afghanistan. The FBI immediately put a $25 million bounty on his head.

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Arafat is Out – Special Report

Arafat is Out – Special Report
Vol: 3 Issue: 13 Thursday, December 13, 2001

Israel Cuts Contact With Israel

Arafat’s troubles continue to mount, as Israel cut off all ties with the terrorist leader. The Israeli Security Cabinet released a statement saying, Arafat is “directly responsible for the series of attacks and therefore is no longer relevant to Israel, and Israel will no longer have any connection with him.” It also decided to “rapidly deploy Israeli forces for military operations in cities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to carry out arrests and confiscate weapons.” Among the Palestinian population, 80% support using violence and suicide bombings to achieve their political goals. Since November 26, 18 armed attackers and 10 suicide bombers have been responsible for the deaths of 68 victims, both Arab and Israeli.

PA Claims Coup D’Etat

To Arafat, it amounts to being delegitimized. Not just for Arafat, but his government as well. Israel will have ‘no more contact with Arafat or his Palestinian Authority, including sessions of security commanders’. The Palestinians predictably charged Israel with a ‘coup d’etat’. That claim is false. A coup d’etat involves removing and replacing a legal government. Israel simply declared it does not recognize a legal Palestinian government. That isn’t a coup, its a declaration of war.

No Demands

It was significant that Israel made a point of saying it has ‘no demands or expectation that the PA will act against’ terror. The IDF was instructed by the Cabinet to ‘act in any area where there is a terrorist infrastructure.’ Israel is going to act decisively, while it has some measure of global support. Israel says it has no intention of physically harming Arafat personally, but it has every intention of harming his terrorist infrastructure. It began with Arafat’s most valuable terror assets, hitting the main transmitter of the Palestinian Authority’s radio station in Ramallah. Soldiers then placed explosives around the transmission tower for PA radio and television broadcasting and evacuated the local population before blowing it up.

Arafat responded immediately, abandoning any pretense of a crack down on terrorists. “We are committed to all that we promised but we can’t implement it,” said Palestinian Information Minister Yasser Abed Rabbo.

Opening Salvos Of War

CNN referred to the unfolding situation as ‘signs of the diminishing prospects for peace.’ It is instead the opening salvos in Israel’s renewed war on terror. Arafat was just declared ‘irrelevant’. Israel is prepared to get bloody if necessary. Given the chance, Arafat will do to Israel what he did to Beirut in the 1980’s. Whether Syria, Egypt, Iran and Lebanon are equally prepared to bleed for Arafat remains to be seen.

Israel “Wild and Racist”

An Egyptian newspaper, al-Ahram, addresses those who hold a

living conscience in the US or Europe I ask this: Do Palestinian possess an army? The answer is an emphatic no. They are a group of defenseless civilians facing a military machine to be least described as wild and racist. Not only do they not possess an army, according to the editorial, they cannot because of the topography of the terrain, engage in a guerrilla war; the easy narrow planes prevent this. Left with no options and faced with a heartless enemy, the Arabs have nothing left to do except die But with their death they would wish to throw terror in their occupiers hearts. This is the framework in which Palestinian suicide operations must be place and according to which they should be understood. And an Egyptian Gazette article states that when a disillusioned Palestinian blew himself up in central Jerusalem the Israelis were meant to understand that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his coterie are acting in a misguided and irrational way in their acting against PLO leader Yasser Arafat.

Preparing For War

A quick scan of the day’s headlines suggest Egypt’s views are reflected across the Middle East. “Syria Develops VX Nerve Gas Missile” reports the World Tribune. “Saddam To Have Nukes By 2005” subtitled by WorldNet Daily as “Iraq defector says US needs to topply Hussein immediately.” We’ve been documenting the arms buildup in the Middle East. These are not the actions of nations seeking defense, but those of nations preparing for war.

Israel enjoys some limited support at the moment from the world community. Part of the reason is that the US can’t criticize Israeli ‘brutality’ while simultaneously engaged in a war of annihilation with al-Qaeda. And Israel can anticipate the window of global support to stay open for the time being. But that window will close.

Is This The War?

Israel is the key to Bible prophecy. The events that trigger the beginning of the Tribulation period begin with a Middle East war involving Israel and her neighbors. The Bible says this war comes at a time of global unrest. It comes at a time when there is a sitting global government capable of uniting all the nations of the world against Israel. This war ends with the introduction of a workable peace plan by a leader of a revived form of the old Roman Empire — modern Europe. Daniel says the one who introduces that peace plan is the antichrist and signals the beginning of the Tribulation. I believe the Rapture of the Church takes place prior to this moment.

This could be that war. Or not. There can be a lot of small wars leading up to a big one. But events are undeniably flowing in complete harmony with Bible prophecy. Meaning, if it isn’t now, it’s close.

US ‘In Position’ in Kuwait

US ‘In Position’ in Kuwait
Vol: 3 Issue: 12 Wednesday, December 12, 2001

The US has completed the pre-positioning of main battle tanks and combat vehicles in Kuwait to prepare for any confrontation with Iraq. U.S. defense officials said the military resupply in the sheikdom took place over the last month. They said the effort was overseen by the U.S. Army, which maintains about 4,000 soldiers in Kuwait. The U.S. Army brought an undisclosed number of M1A2 Abrams tanks, M2A2 Bradleys and a range of other combat vehicles. The pre-positioning effort was taken by Task Force 1-34, which is leaving the sheikdom after a four month tour. The task force is composed of 1,500 soldiers and personnel.

Muslim Cleric Praises Suicide Attacks

The White House has been teaching a sort of ‘Islam According to the Politically Correct’ course of late. Among the government’s teachings; “Islam is a religion of love”, “Islam does not condone killing”, and, “Islam forbids suicide.”

Evidently, when it was interpreting Islam, the White House forgot to tell the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem that Islam doesn’t condone suicide. Sheikh Akrameh Sabri told the international Arabic newspaper Al-Hayat that ‘suicide bombings are justified and should be encouraged’. The Grand Mufti is an appointed job, but carries with it the authority as Jerusalem’s chief Muslim cleric. Sabri was appointed by Yasser Arafat. According to Sabri, “We must not stand in the way of the intifada and jihad [holy war]. Rather, we must stand at their side and encourage them.”

Chechen Battles Continue

Itar-Tass news agency reported that helicopter gunships have continued their assaults on the Vedno, Shatoi and Itum-Kale districts. Authorities said that the Mi-24 air strikes have killed five guerrillas and destroyed two bases and a winter camp. A six-member guerrilla group on the march in Itum-Kale was also killed in the air attacks.

American Taliban Talks

John Walker, the 20 year-old American being held for fighting against US forces with the Taliban told investigators al-Qaeda is planning a chemical weapons attack at the end of Ramadan. Walker said the chemical attack is to be considered Phase II. Phase III, according to Walker, will result in the ‘destruction of the entire country’. No information has been released suggesting how al Qaeda intends to destroy the United States.

The US is questioning the reliability of the reports, given Walker’s low level position with the Taliban. But the fact is, al Qaeda is not destroyed — and remains a threat, even if Osama bin-Laden is eliminated. The information does help build the case, however, that Walker was not just a member of the Taliban, but also a member of al Qaeda.

Australia’s ‘Taliban Man’ Revealed

Australia admitted that one of its nationals was also discovered to be fighting with the Taliban. The 26-year-old man has been in Afghanistan since last year and is known to have undertaken training with Osama bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda network. He also trained with the Kosovo Liberation Army in 1999 and groups in Pakistan. The Australians were tight-lipped about the details, saying only that their guy was ‘better trained’ than American John Walker.

US Gives Israel Time To End Terror

Washington is giving the Israelis a brief window of opportunity regarding the Palestinian Authority, keeping a low profile as the Israelis launch multiple waves of retaliatory military attacks. Bush did not specifically approve any Israeli military campaign against the Palestinian Authority during his meeting with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Dec. 2. Instead, Bush made it clear that Arafat was ‘not a credible partner’ in any Israeli-Palestinian negotiating process. Instead, Bush expressed recognition that Israel must ensure its defense.

Iran, Turkey Begin Joint Energy Project

The Turks revealed that a natural gas pipeline has started supply energy from Iran. The deliveries began on late Monday after a delay of more than five months. Officials said Iran would deliver 165 million cubic meters of natural gas this month. The pipeline would have gone active months before, but Turkey insisted that Tehran first build a flow station inside its borders that Ankara could use to measure the amount of gas actually delivered.

The gas deal is estimated at up to $30 billion. Iran has agreed to supply Turkey with four billion cubic meters of gas during 2002. By 2007, the figure will rise to 10 billion cubic meters. Turkey already imports gas from Algeria, Nigeria and Russia.

Cops Stopped Hijacker For Speeding

State police in Maryland reported one of their troopers had stopped two of the 9/11 hijackers for speeding prior to the attacks on New York and Washington. Khalid Almihdhar and Nawaf Alhazmi were both on the CIA watch list. But the watch list was only provided to members of the CIA. Maryland State Police complained, “We would have known if they were wanted for unpaid parking tickets or driving with expired insurance” but they had no way of knowing they were wanted as suspected terrorists.

In a related story, the New York City police discovered during the investigation of the first anthrax letter that the FBI had a tip about anthrax in the mail a week before the first letter surfaced, but did not share the information with police. It seems that it is against current law for the FBI to share intelligence from certain sources with local law enforcement.

Syrian Missiles WMD Capable

Syrian Missiles WMD Capable
Vol: 3 Issue: 11 Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Israel says the Syrians now have the capability to install chemical warheads on its Scud B and Scud C missile arsenals. Damascus is also working on placing the warhead on the new Scud D missile. “Syria has Scud B and C missiles with a range of up to 500 kilometers and a capacity for chemical warheads,” Israeli Deputy Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Moshe Ya’alon said. Syria continues to improve the chemical warhead and has not yet decided to launch full production. Syria successfully tested a Scud D in September 2000 and is developing an infrastructure for production. The source said the Scud D would contain a liquid fuel engine. Syria has joined with Iran in developing a solid-fuel missile.

Sudan Turns Files Over To US

The Sudanese government, according to several sources, has delivered 200 to 300 intelligence files to the US State Department “several weeks ago,” the Washington Post reported on 10 December. The files are believed to be related to Sudanese intelligence surveillance of Osama bin Laden and his followers during his stay in Khartoum. Bin Laden arrived in Sudan in 1991 from Saudi Arabia and stayed in the country until 1996 before departing for Afghanistan because of US and Saudi pressure on the Sudanese government.

US ‘Advisors’ In Philippines

At least 15 US soldiers have arrived in Zamboanga as “advisers” while Filipino troops are attempting to free captives held by the ASG guerrillas. The Philippines is home to the Abu Sayaf Group, [ASG] an Islamic terror group responsible for the massacre of thousands of Filipino Christians. They are also responsible for capturing Americans and holding them for ransom, executing some if the ransom wasn’t met. The trial of Hector Janjalani, brother of the ASG leader, has begun in the capital Manila. Janjalani is being tried on charges of kidnapping 52 people last year; most were subsequently rescued by government troops, but several were killed in the process.

EU Gets Tough on Arafat

The European Union, which so far has been noticeably pro-Arab, pulled an about face, making some tough demands of Yasser Arafat. In a policy statement, the EU demanded, “The following pledges must be given by the Palestinian Authority: the dismantling of Hamas’s and Islamic Jihad’s terrorist networks, including the arrest and prosecution of all suspects; a public appeal in Arabic for an end to the armed intifada.” Europe made demands on Israel as well. Among them, “withdraw its military forces and a stop to extrajudicial executions; the lifting of closures and of all restrictions imposed on the Palestinian people; a freeze on settlements.”

Israel called the statement ‘balanced’. The Palestinians claimed the EU was succumbing to pressure from the US and Israelis. The EU’s demands paint Arafat into a corner, but leave him with some wiggle room. Arafat is unlikely to dismantle Hamas or Islamic Jihad or arrest suspects, although he might issue a public appeal for an end to the intifada. And the EU is only demanding pledges of Arafat, not deeds. Arafat is quite adept at giving pledges he has no intention of keeping. But the EU left the “pledge” part out of the portion of the statement dealing with Israel’s obligations.

Israeli Attack Gives Arafat Propaganda Victory

An Israeli helicopter gunship attacked a senior Islamic Jihad terrorist. It launched two missiles. One hit the intended target, Muhammed Sider. The second went through the target car, and hit a second car, killing two Palestinian children.

The media has focused its coverage on the two Palestinian children and 7 civilians wounded. The implication is there is no difference between Israel’s conduct and that of the suicide bombers.

A quick thumbnail comparison is useful here. Palestinian suicide attacks are aimed at children. There were no military targets in the bombings of Ben Yehuda St., the Sbarro Pizzeria or the Dolphinarium. In the IDF attack, the target was a terrorist who had planned successful past attacks and had two planned for the near future. The children were a tragic accident, but not the intended targets.

But media coverage begins with “Israel Killed Two Palestinian Children.” Palestinian Minister for Information and Culture Yasser Abed Rabbo’s comments got wide coverage, calling Prime Minister Ariel Sharon “a child killer who does not respect the sanctity of life.”

Palestinian Ceasefire Offer Withdrawn

Emboldened by the global reaction to Israel’s accidental killing of two children, an offer by the Palestinians to launch a ceasefire has been withdrawn. The Fatah movement headed by Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat as well as the Islamic opposition groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad said a previous offer of a ceasefire was “premature.” The latest communique did not elaborate. Earlier, the same groups — as well satellite organizations — had offered to halt Palestinian attacks inside Israel if the Jewish state halts attacks against Palestinian targets.

Egyptian Warning/Threat To West

Egyptian Warning/Threat To West
Vol: 3 Issue: 10 Monday, December 10, 2001

Egypt has warned the United States that the Israeli military offensive against the Palestinian Authority could ‘spread into a confrontation with the Arab world.’ This kind of ‘warning’ can also be filed under the category of ‘threat’. The warning came as Egyptian defense chiefs asserted that the military is prepared for any slide into regional war. The threat part can be found in the fact President Hosni Mubarak has told Washington ‘it will not tolerate’ the Israeli destruction of the regime of PA Chairman Yasser Arafat. Mubarak has repeatedly pledged to Arafat that the Egyptian president would preserve the PA. Despite the fact Egypt is ostensibly at peace with Israel, that ‘peace’ is paid for using $2 billion per year in US foreign aid.

Mubarak spoke by telephone with Bush on Thursday and called for an end to the Israeli military campaign. Earlier, Mubarak warned in an interview with the Beirut-based A-Safir that Israel would be the main victim of any regional conflict. Egypt’s defense chiefs said the nation is prepared for war. “The recent developments require the Egyptian armed forces to preserve a high level of preparedness and readiness to confront any challenge and threat,” Egyptian Defense Minister Hussein Tantawi said.

Prisoners Pose a Problem For US

What will Washington do with the thousands of Arab mercernaries fighting with Saudi fugitive Osama Bin Laden who have been captured in Afghanistan? At least 1,000 Saudis are believed fighting with Bin Laden and the Taliban movement. Saudi reports assert that about 50 of them have been killed. The Saudi daily Okaz said it has the names of 45 of those killed. Hundreds of Arab combatants have been captured so far in the battle for Bin Laden’s main base in the Tora Bora mountains.

In Washington, U.S. officials acknowledged that the detention and prosecution of the Arabs could encounter opposition from such countries as Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. They said Washington might allow Arab nationals to be returned to their native countries for prosecution or ‘rehabilitation.’

Russia, Greece Ink New Deal

Greece and Russia have signed six accords, including one on security, and discussed the prospect of new arms deals. The two countries signed the agreements during the weekend visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin to Athens. The agreements included cooperation in the fields of energy, security, justice, culture and air transport. Putin also discussed arms sales to Athens in talks with Greek Defense Minister Yiannos Papantoniou.

Greece is the only NATO ally that has procured Russian weapons. This has included Russian armored systems, surface-to-air batteries and naval vessels.

EU’s Foreign Minister Heads To Israel

EU foreign policy head Javier Solana plans to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Sharon and Yasser Arafat sometime later today to discuss ways the EU can involve itself in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Solana’s first comments blame Israel, an opening that history proves will guarantee Solana an immediate embrace from Yasser Arafat. According to the EU, Israel’s military responses against Arafat’s PA police forces will undermine the anti-terrorism efforts. As he sees it, “My concern is that some of the operations are against buildings occupied by those who have to do the policing.” He would have a point, if in fact the PA police were ‘police’ instead of what they actually are — a Palestinian national army.

Shimon Peres was dispatched to the EU to meet with the rest of the foreign ministers, carrying a message from the Israeli government saying, “the time for “even-handedness” is over, and that the Europeans need to realize the Palestinian Authority is the party preventing any progress.”

Hamas Launches ‘Secret’ Counterpart Group

The Gaza-based branch of Hamas has established a “secret organization” that operates as a separate unit from the better-known military wing of the organization, Iz a Din al-Kassam, according to reports from Israel.

The word ‘”secret” as applied here is deliberately duplicitous. A “secret” terror organization can’t claim credit for attacks. So it is only semi-secret; another red herring to complicate the trail. One of the main activists in the “secret organization” is Mohammed Deif, who is believed responsible for most of the “quality” attacks in the Gaza Strip over the past year.

Deif [who was released from a Palestinian prison by Yasser Arafat early in the intifada] established an infrastructure so secret that other Hamas activists and operatives, from the military as well as political wings, are kept in the dark.

The secret organization is reminiscent of the cells created in the early 1990s by Imad Akal, when he was the leader of the military wing of Hamas. Akal was killed by the IDF in Gaza in 1993.