India, Pakistan War Jitters Increasing

India, Pakistan War Jitters Increasing
Vol: 3 Issue: 29 Saturday, December 29, 2001

India, Pakistan War Jitters Increasing

Pakistan’s government informed Washington it may have to pull its troops from the Afghan border where it is attempting to capture Osama bin-Laden in order to shore up defenses with its border with India. The escalation of tensions with India appears to have undercut Pakistan’s ability and willingness to devote so many resources to a campaign that is far from over even though the Taliban fighters have been ousted and only pockets of bin Laden followers remain in neighboring Afghanistan.

India’s Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee brushed aside an offer from Pakistan’s President Gen. Pervez Musharraf to meet at a regional summit. He said India will not deal with Pakistan until it stops supporting cross-border terrorism. India blames Islamic militants for the December 13 attack on parliament that left 14 people dead.

Preparations for war continue. India began preparations to camouflage the Taj Mahal out of fear of Pakistani air strikes. Both sides continue to pour troops into the border region. Both India and Pakistan have put their conventional — and nuclear — forces on the highest state of alert. Gunfire resumed across the border in the Jammu region of Jammu-Kashmir state overnight along the disputed Line of Control, or cease-fire line. Both nations have closed their airspace to each other and have expelled half their diplomatic staff. The situation between the two nuclear nations continues to deteriorate. And both sides are leaving the nuclear door open, just in case.

Terror Attacks Decrease Against Israelis

There are rumors circulating — hopeful rumors, that Shimon Peres has pulled a rabbit out of his hat and worked out a plan with Yasser Arafat that will result in a PA state in eight weeks. I wouldn’t count on it. Peres is all alone with the Palestinians on this one. Israel points out that 8 weeks to a Palestinian State is unrealistic, given that Arafat hasn’t been able to stamp out terror in the eight weeks since he promised his last ceasefire. Since Arafat’s speech demanding a halt to terror attacks two weeks ago, Israeli officials admit terror attacks are down. There were ‘only’ 116 attacks during that two week period. Arafat calls that success. Israel says its a ‘long way’ from a cease-fire. A Palestinian was killed in a failed suicide mission on Friday. An explosives belt was found near his body.

Jerusalem Warns of Iran Nuke Threat Rafsanjani: “Destroy Israel Completely”

Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres was so alarmed at the contents of a speech by Iran’s former president Akbar Rafsanjani two weeks ago that he dashed off a letter of warning to the United Nations. According to Peres, Rafsanjani’s speech “leaves no room for any doubt as to Iran’s hatred of Israel and its declared goal to destroy it.” Peres warned his words, “clearly contradict the Iranian claim that its plans to acquire nuclear technologies are designed only for peaceful purposes.” Peres quoted Rafsanjani as saying that “when the Islamic world acquires atomic weapons, the strategy of the West will hit a dead-end — since the use of a single atomic bomb has the power to destroy Israel completely, while it will only cause partial damage to the Islamic world.”

A few other quotes from the Rafsanjani speech:

“The establishment of Israel is the most hideous occurrence in history. The Islamic world will not tolerate the continued existence of Israel in the region and will vomit it out from its midst.”

“Israel which is crushing innocent people with all kinds of weapons is defended (by the West) but the Palestinians who strike blows on Israel with empty hands and at the expense of their lives are called ‘terrorists.”

“Israel should not be fooled by its modern weapons and atomic bombs. Palestinians have found a stronger weapon, and that is suicide operations.”


While Rafsanjani is no longer an elected member of Iran’s government, he enjoys considerable influence among Iran’s ruling clerics and officials. Among the power elite in Iran, he holds more influence than Iran’s elected President Khatami who is mistrusted for his more moderate views. Rafsanjani is head of Iran’s Expediency Council, a powerful body responsible for mapping out major government policy, including foreign relations. And he is the principle advisor to Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei.

On the occasion of the 1993 Oslo Agreement signing, Israel’s current ambassador to the UK, Dror Zeigermann, then Israeli Consul-General to Canada, told me that Iran was Israel’s most dangerous enemy — “more than the Palestinians, more than Syria, more than Arafat,” he said. He said then that Iran was in pursuit of nuclear weapons for the express purpose of annihilating Israel. Iran, under its historical name of Persia, is named by Ezekiel [38:5] as being among the nations who join the Russian led Islamic confederation of nations that will launch an invasion against the mountains of Israel in the last days. Ezekiel named Iran 2500 years ago. An Israeli official named Iran 10 years ago as Israel’s most dangerous enemy. Rafsanjani’s speech reflects Iran’s plans for the destruction of Israel. All Bible prophecy has been fulfilled — to the letter — to this point in history. Many more are in the process of being fulfilled before our eyes. Those remaining to be fulfilled will take place with the same degree of precision and accuracy.

Of Bible prophecy in the last days, Jesus had this to say. “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” [Luke 21:28] Events predicted for the last days are indeed beginning to come to pass. It is time to start looking up.

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