UN Votes For International Observers

UN Votes For International Observers
Vol: 3 Issue: 23 Sunday, December 23, 2001

The United States vetoed a UN Security Council resolution that would have forced Israel to accept a UN international observer force. Such a force would put Israel’s every counter-strike under an international microscope, but would have no effect on Palestinian terror. The Palestinians have an advantage in this case, in not being a state. Israel is subject to the international rules of conduct in war, whereas the Palestinians are free to use terror. This is one reason Washington vetoed the resolution.

The United Nations took its case to the UN General Assembly, who by a 124-6 vote, passed the same resolution. The resolution is a masterstroke of Arab propaganda. It’s language makes no distinction between Israel and the Arabs in its condemnation of terror and orders the deployment of international observers. The General Assembly also passed a second resolution calling Israel ‘an occupying power’ and demanded it immediately ‘refrain from willfull killing, torture and extensive destruction of property.’

Although it has no legal authority, the resolution is a brilliant victory for the Arabs notwithstanding. The resolution by its language, simply attaches those tags to Israel, it needn’t prove them. The UN could pass that resolution against any nation on earth, whether they were committing any of the crimes listed or not. The resolution simply repeats international laws all nations are already subject to.

In the General Assembly, the Arabs have an automatic majority. As we learn more about al-Qaeda and the Arab states, we may feel less confident about an Arab United Nations. It is just a matter of time before the Western nations begin calling for a new world order under a new global organization.

Israel condemned the UN vote, saying that under the banner of “peace” the UN has given a green light to terror.

Saudi Clerics Continue To Praise Osama

Saudi clerics have been allowed by the Saudi government to record and distribute their sermons on videotape to a wide audience both in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Persian Gulf. The sermons portray the United States as an enemy of Islam and justify attacks on Washington and its Western allies. They also express support for Osama bin-Laden and praise for the attacks against America.

The two most prominent Saudi clerics are Safar Al Hawali and Salman Al Auda. Mamoun Fandy, a leading Saudi expert, said Al Hawali perceives the United States and Christian fundamentalists and Jews in the West as ‘enemies of Islam’. Al Hawali is a major spiritual leader of ‘pure’ Islam. The White House says ‘pure Islam’ opposed the attacks on New York and Washington.

Terror’s “Phantom Fleet”

British and American intelligence services are hunting the world for at least 20 ships thought to make up a terrorist fleet linked to Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda group. The terrorist vessels could be carrying poisons, explosives or weapons. The fleet was identified at least three months ago as a result of a joint intelligence operation thought to be led by the Norwegian security service and America’s CIA with the help of international shipping registries.

The names of the ships are known, but they are not being disclosed. The ships are registered under ‘flags of convenience.’ The world’s largest fleets belong to the Bahamas, Panama and Liberia. Liberia alone maintains a fleet of 1,557, despite the fact that it is a country devastated by civil war with a barely functioning infrastructure. The ships are registered on paper only. ‘Flags of convenience’ allows shipowners to avoid taxes and other costs and lines the pockets of corrupt port officials. Tiny island nations, such as the Marshall Islands and St Vincent & the Grenadines, also maintain huge registries, having fleets much bigger than Britain or the United States.

The possibility exists that some of these ships could be used as floating bombs. A ocean-going ship packed with explosives and fuel oil at the dock at New York or Boston Harbor could flatten much of the city.

Russia Says Turkey Biggest Spy

Itar-Tass news agency reported that the FSB denotes Turkish spies as among the most active foreign nationals in the Russian Federation. In the last two years the FSB has uncovered 17 spies in the Krasnodar region; the majority of these were Turkish operatives. According to Krasnodar counter-intelligence officers, there has been an average of about 50 spies “visiting” the region every year, both individually and in groups. Intelligence officials believe that Krasnodar attracts especial interest from spies from Muslim countries because of its extensive network of oil and gas pipelines, as well as its strategic position immediately north of the restive regions of the north Caucasus.

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