EU Funding Arafat’s War

EU Funding Arafat’s War
Vol: 3 Issue: 20 Thursday, December 20, 2001

Israel is charging that European Union funds are being used to finance Palestinian insurgency attacks against the Jewish state. They say tens of millions of dollars are being sent by the EU directly to PA Chairman Yasser Arafat. Arafat uses the money to pay his security forces to launch or aid in attacks against Israel. Last week, the European Commission approved an allocation of 30 million euros for direct budgetary assistance to the PA. This means that Arafat will be allowed to use the money as he sees fit. EU spokesman Gunnar Wiegand said the Europeans regard the PA a “necessary partner to fight the extremists and to work for peace.” Wiegand said the latest funding seeks to compensate for the halt in Israeli money transfers to the PA.

With the EU and US watching carefully, last week Arafat publicly called for an end to terror. This week, he called for martyrs to fight against the Israelis. In a speech to his supporters in Ramallah December 19, Arafat vowed, “I am willing to sacrifice 70 to die to kill one Israeli.”

According to official Israeli figures, Palestinians carried out a total of 2,790 terrorist strikes against Israelis in the year 2001, most of them committed by Arafat s Fatah-Tanzim. There were 27 suicide assaults during the outgoing year.

Latest Propaganda: Are Israelis Israelites?

One of the more easily refuted bits of Arab propaganda making the rounds is that modern Israelis aren’t really the descendants of Biblical Israel. The argument is that modern Jews are descended from Kazars and Edomites, or are otherwise imposters. In 1998, researchers conducted a DNA study that discovered a special DNA marker in members of the Israeli Cohanin — the direct descendants of Aaron, brother of Moses. ScienceDaily reported in its December 14, 1998 issue: “The Y-chromosome is uniquely useful in this analysis because the Y-chromosome of any individual can be traced back even over many generations to only one male ancestor. This is not the case for other chromosomes, each of which carries representation from many different ancestors on both the maternal and paternal lineages. Accordingly, since the Jewish priesthood designation is transmitted from father to son, the DNA of the founding ancestor is reflected in the Y-chromosome markers of modern-day Jewish priests.”

Israel will come under an increasingly strident propaganda assault from Arab quarters and from the politically correct until Europe ‘comes to its senses’ and the EU’s support for Israel’s war on terror fades. Propaganda like modern Jews aren’t really descendants of Abraham. Watch for an increase in allegations of Israeli atrocity, and a decrease in mainstream coverage of Arabs attacking Israelis. Most coverage of the Arab side will focus on Arafat’s promise to end terror. Israel has only a temporary window of opportunity to win its war before Europe attempts to impose a solution.

Argentina Declares State of Siege

Argentina’s recession erupted into civil unrest over the last week. There has been a recession in Argentina for almost four years, and unemployment has risen to almost 20%. Fernando De la Rua signed an order declaring a state of siege on December 19. The declaration came after a day of looting and violence. Argentina is engulfed in an economic crisis and could default on its $132 billion national debt as early as next month. A default would in effect cut off any lifeline from the International Monetary Fund and send Argentina spiralling even deeper into a chaotic economic crisis.

Iran Claims US Attack

Iran claims that US naval forces attacked a Saudi oil tanker bound for an Iranian port. Iran’s foreign ministry said the Saudi-owned tanker was carrying raw material for unleaded gasoline to the southwestern Iranian port of Abadan when it was intercepted by several U.S. boats and seized.

The US regularly boards tankers in the Persian Gulf as part of its ten year old operation against Iraqi oil smuggling. The boarding took place after the captain refused permission for the American naval officers to come aboard. This is a false charge, coming at a precipitous time, one when Tehran would best be served by keeping a low profile. Iran knows that. So do the Saudis. But both grow increasingly belligerent. It is oddly out of place and therefore worthy of note.

Nine Christians Gunned Down By Muslim Militants

Nine Indonesian Christians were shot dead by Muslim militants of the Laskar Jihad organization. Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim nation. The violence in the eastern city of Ambon followed clashes late last month in another Muslim-Christian trouble spot around the town of Poso in Central Sulawesi. Three days of peace talks involving the warring sides in Poso began Wednesday aimed at curbing violence that has killed more than 1,000 people in the past three years. Christians have been the target of Muslim groups like Laskar Jihad who want to eradicate Christianity from the Indonesian archipelago.

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