Pakistan To Be New Taliban Headquarters

Pakistan To Be New Taliban Headquarters
Vol: 2 Issue: 20 Tuesday, November 20, 2001

While it appears the Taliban are beaten, it seems they continue to believe, to paraphrase Mark Twain, that ‘reports of their demise are greatly exaggerated’. Senior Pakistani military and civilian officials, quoting intelligence reports, believe that the Taliban have secretly decided to use Pashtun dominated tribal areas of Pakistan as staging posts for a prolonged guerrilla war in Afghanistan.

Pakistani intelligence sources near Chaman border in the western province of Baluchistan and in Peshawar, the capital of the North West Frontier Province, have received credible reports that scores of Arabs and Taliban militants had been entering Pakistan since the afternoon of November 12, revealing to their Pakistani tribal hosts that they had been ordered by Mullah Omar to abandon major cities and to prepare themselves for guerrilla operations on “the other side of the Afghan border.”

There is some reason to believe this may be true and that the Pakistanis are looking the other way while Taliban leaders move into Pakistan. While Pakistan has been openly cooperating with the West, they have been unwilling to ‘de-recognize’ the Taliban diplomatically. The Taliban’s embassy remains open in Islamabad, which means that officially, the Taliban remains the only legal government of Afghanistan recognized by Islamabad.

Pakistani Naval Officers Arrested

Two retired Pakistani navy commanders have been detained on suspicion of having contacts with Osama bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda network. Officials said that while Humayun Niazi and Arshad Choudhry did not have access to nuclear secrets and materials, there was a possibility of them passing along nuclear information especially in “the fabrication of nuclear weapons.”

Egypt Begins Trial of Muslim “Extremists”

The Egyptian government has begun the trial of 94 suspected Muslim extremists. The men are accused of being members of a previously unknown group, Al Waad (“The Promise.”) The case will be heard in a military court; its verdict cannot be appealed. Most of the suspects were arrested last May. The defendants were initially charged with collecting money for the Palestinian uprising and Chechnya, but the charges have now been expanded to include plotting to assassinate Egyptian government officials and sabotage. Most of the defendants are Egyptian, but their numbers include three Dagestanis and one Yemeni.

Pyongyang Continues Proliferation Policy

Despite the war on terror, North Korea continues to deliver missiles to its clients in Asia and the Middle East. A Middle East intelligence site reports that Pyongyang continues to market missiles to countries in Asia and Middle East. It does say that North Korea has cut back on aid to groups deemed as terrorists and state sponsors of terrorism. North Korea is regarded as the leading supplier of missile systems and components to Middle East states. They include Egypt, Iran, Libya and Syria. Pyongyang is said to have been developing a new cruise missile. The missile is also expected to be eventually offered for export and compete with Chinese cruise missiles bought by Iran.

Pakistan Reducing Its Proliferation Activities

Geo-Strategy Direct is reporting that that Pakistan a partner in several Middle East missile programs has significantly reduced its activities. The United States has pledged a huge aid package to Islamabad.

Taliban Forming Suicide Bombing Squads

Taliban militia are forming suicide squads to attack U.S. and British forces, London’s Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper reports. The Taliban plan to launch the attacks using booby trapped vehicles and single-engine aerial gliders, the newspaper said, quoting Arab-Afghan sources in Peshawar, Pakistan. The bombers are being formed in fedayeen battalions made up of Islamic extremists trained in the terrorist camps of al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden near Jalalabad, Khost and Kandahar. Training of the bombers will be carried out by Palestinian terrorist Abu-Zubaydah, a senior bin Ladin assistant also known as Al Wasit. A second Bin Laden aide, a Moroccan national, also helped in training the suicide bombers.

Bush, Blair At Odds Over Troop Deployments

President Bush is ‘at odds’ with British Prime Minister Tony Blair over the deployment of ground troops in Afghanistan. Blair is reportedly eager to commit large forces to Afghanistan, but Bush is extremely reluctant to do more than deploy special forces to destroy Osama bin Laden and the Taliban leadership. Britain delayed deploying some 2,000 troops that were supposed to have been sent to Afghanistan Nov. 19, after the Northern Alliance said they would not be welcome.

Special Report — US Abandons Israel – Embraces Arab Cause

Special Report — US Abandons Israel – Embraces Arab Cause
Vol: 2 Issue: 19 Monday, November 19, 2001

Special Report — US Abandons Israel – Embraces Arab Cause

Summary: In order to shore up the shaky global coalition against terror, Secretary of State Colin Powell is preparing to deliver a major foreign policy speech in which he will reverse the long-standing US policy against international anti-semitism that will, in essence, hand a victory to the Arab campaign responsible for five wars and endless terror directed against Israel since 1948.

US Will Demand Israel Implement 242 and 338

Colin Powell is scheduled today to deliver his speech detailing the revised Bush MidEast foreign policy at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. It will reiterate US support for a Palestinian state. It won’t demand the Palestinians stop the violence as a precondition, instead, it will stress the ‘need’ for it. Powell will demand instead a deal based on UN Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338.

The Ghost of Anti-Semitism Past

Resolution 242, passed in November, 1967, demands Israel to return to pre-1967 borders — before the Six Days War. Implementing that resolution would leave Israel with a nation less than 11 miles wide at its narrowest point.

UN Revised International Law

Resolution 338 was the 1973 ceasefire demand that essentially reiterates the demands of 242. Both wars, and the territory captured, were the direct result of wars begun by the Arabs. In both situations, the Arabs confidently proclaimed they would annihilate Israel. In both wars, Israel defeated the Arabs. And in both wars, the Arabs demanded the territory they lost back. Under international law, the victims of wars of aggression have no obligation to return land captured from the aggressor. That is where the term ‘spoils of war’ comes from. For example, the US still holds territory captured a half-century ago from Japan.

US To Reverse 34 Year Policy

Israel attempted to argue these points to the UN — who continues to recognize the principles of the spoils of war in every case except that of Israel. But Israel has no oil and only one vote. The Arab states have lots of oil and lots of votes. Enough to put them above international law and Israel below it. For more than a quarter century, the US refused to participate in UN anti-semitism. No longer.

Speech Revised 37 Times

In an effort to make the new policy not look like a cave-in to Palestinian terror, the Powell speech has been revised some 37 times since it was first drafted. The first draft called for a ‘shared Jerusalem’ and the right of return for ‘refugees’. That would result in the destruction of the Jewish state at the next election, since Israeli Jews would instantly become a minority in their own state. This was removed from the speech in one of the endless revisions as a ‘gesture’ to Israel.

US To Support International Mediation Force

The PA has been calling for a permanent international presence to serve as an on-the-ground mediator. So far the US has resisted such a role, beyond having CIA representatives mediate three-way security negotiations. The US has always opposed the demand, recognizing such a force would have no power to stop PA terror, but would seriously hamstring Israeli efforts to combat it. Terrorism is done in secret and is deniable. An Israeli military response is neither secret nor deniable. The new US foreign policy will embrace the idea. The UN will support the plan using troops from the US, Russia and the EU.

New Policy Not New

While the new US policy is staggering in terms of both the scope of double-cross and hypocrisy [given our own policy on terror against the US] the only thing new about the policy is our adoption of it. What is not new are the terms. They were inevitable, written thousands of years ago and recorded in the Bible. We are living witnesses to the fulfillment of them. Daniel spoke of the 70th week, at which time God would remove the Church and turn His attention back to Israel. Daniel’s vision of the 70 weeks, and how they relate to the events ongoing today, are explained in the continuation of this special report at the Omega Letter website.

Is SpecOps About To Nail bin-Laden?

Is SpecOps About To Nail bin-Laden?
Vol: 2 Issue: 18 Sunday, November 18, 2001

According to the London Sunday Times, specials operations forces are narrowing the search and closing in on Osama bin-Laden. The paper says the combined US-UK spec ops forces are confident they have his whereabouts narrowed to an area of about 30 sq km [18 square miles].

Feeding the Alligator

The Israelis are working the rope lines trying to stop US plans to change the terms of the ceasefire agreement already agreed to by both the Israelis and Palestinians. Since Arafat has failed to live up to his side — namely, stopping the violence against Israel — Washington wants to change the terms to something Arafat can live with.

Israeli officials said they are concerned that the administration wants to change the terms of the ceasefire plan. The focus is on the clause that requires a cooling-off period of seven days of quiet before negotiations begin between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Secretary of State Colin Powell has decided that the seven day cooling off period is ‘unrealistic’ and he plans to announce he believes negotiations should go forward without that condition. No explanation for how an entity that can’t keep from killing Israelis for a week will be able to break the habit cold-turkey on a permanent basis. Or why the Israelis should bet their existence on that premise.


From appearances, it would seem that President Bush is so pre-occupied with the war on terror that he is allowing the Powell State Department to set, rather than implement, US foreign policy. At least, we hope so. Because if this is America’s foreign policy, then Sharon is right when he says Israel is being sacrificed to terrorists in order to defeat terror against the US. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld called it ‘feeding an alligator to keep it from eating you.”

More Arms Deals In Gulf States

Russia’s SU-30 combat aircraft, produced by the Sukhoi Design Bureau is being marketed to Gulf Arab and Middle East states.

The Russian effort took place during the Dubai 2001 air show held last week. Russia had a large contingent and displayed six aircraft for Gulf and foreign visitors. Nikolai Novichkov, editor-in-chief of the Moscow-based Itar-Tass news agency, said Russia sees the Persian Gulf as a major area of growth.

Baiting Gog’s Hook

So did Ezekiel. While President Putin is promising peace with Washington, he is certainly helping the Middle East prepare for war. War with whom? They only have one enemy in the region. That enemy is Israel. Ezekiel predicted 2500 years ago that during the last days, a powerful Russian led alliance of Middle Eastern Arab states would move in a lightning strike against Israel, would catch the West completely by surprise. That scenario, penned thousands of years ago, still appears to be the most likely one in the foreseeable future. Because these are the last days, the Bible is true and Gog [Russia] will indeed be drawn into the war against Israel as if it had ‘a hook in its jaws.’ [Ezekiel 38:4]

Turkey Questions Israeli Competence

And one more of Israel’s allies is backing away from its existing and planned military arrangements as the Turkish military is questioning the ability of Israel Military Industries to meet its commitment to upgrade Turkey’s fleet of 170 M-60 tanks.

Israel is gradually being frozen out of those few mainstream military deals that it has been able to negotiate. Turkey is a highly-prized ally of Jerusalem, given the fact it is the only Muslim state that does business with them, and it is certainly the only Muslim state that conducts joint military exercises with them. Israel Military Industries is an Israeli state owned defense contractor. Ankara is considering giving the contract to American General Dynamics.

Terrorists Convicted in Kyrgystan

A Kyrgyz military tribunal has confirmed the death penalty sentence of two guerrilla members of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU.) Russian citizen Ruslan Abdulin and Tajik citizen Ravshan Sharipov were captured during government antiterrorist operations against IMU guerrillas in August 2000. The death sentence was confirmed on Thursday and the defendant’s are planning to appeal.

Amex Office in Greece Bombed

A bomb exploded near an American Express bank in the capital Athens, according to the Athens News Agency. The bomb was placed on a motorbike parked at the entrance to the shopping center’s car park; there were no casualties, but the fa ade of the building was damaged. Authorities are investigating.

Ousted Afghani President Asserts Control

Ousted Afghani President Burhanuddin Rabbani returned to Kabul to announce he was resuming the ‘legitimate government of Afghanistan.’ Immediately, the Russians announced high-level Russian delegation is being rushed to the Afghan capital of Kabul to look into the military requirements of the legitimate government of Rabbani . The Russians will enter Kabul ahead of the Islamic Peace Force planned by the UN for supervising the formation of Afghanistan s first post-Taliban ruling body. Russia s special envoy Alexander Oblov and comprise diplomats, high army officers and relief officials. Rabbani was Moscow’s choice to head what the US used to call an “Afghani puppet government” only a few years ago.

S.Africa To Go Ahead With Arms Deal

S.Africa To Go Ahead With Arms Deal
Vol: 2 Issue: 17 Saturday, November 17, 2001

The South African government says that it will go ahead with a purchase agreement it made back in 1999 to buy strategic arms, including four Corvettes, three submarines, 30 utility helicopters, 24 Hawk lead-in fighter trainers and 28 Gripen advanced fighter aircraft from several international arms manufacturing companies over the next few years.

70% of World’s AIDS Orphans in Africa

According to the Kenya High Commissioner, some 6,000 people die of AIDS somewhere in Africa every day. Africa is a continent in a state of perpetual war — war kills as many as 200,000 Africans per year. That pales in comparison with the 2,000,000 Africans who succumb to the AIDS virus. The pandemic in the Sub-Saharan African region is alternatively described as a ‘catastrophe’ a ‘genocide’ or even an ‘apocalypse’ says High Commissioner Esther Tolle. Africa is estimated to be home to some 70% of the world’s orphans.

Iran Cracks Down on Media

At least 43 newspapers and magazines have since been shut down in Iran. The vast majority of those publications can be characterized as reformist in their editorial orientation. An Iranian journalist was sentenced to six months in prison and fifty lashes for defaming the Islamist militia and the Revolutionary Guard. Only a handful of banned publications have been allowed to resume publishing.

The Committee to Protect Journalists, based in New York, issued a report on the situation. The report cites an unnamed foreign journalist in Iran saying that while the reformist papers still advocate reform, they do not publish articles that might be perceived as “personal attacks” on government personalities and tend to avoid topics that might be viewed as a threat to national security.

No News is Good News

In addition, the Islamic government has cracked down on the personal use of satellite dishes, “removing a total of 1,000 antennae within the first 48 hours of their mission,” according to the Iran News.

Iranian Defense Minister Ali Shamkhani was quoted by Reuters as saying, “Bankrupt elements abroad are trying to use the satellite network to launch a political challenge. This shows that we have failed to seriously confront cultural threats.” Some Iranians are trying to get around the confiscation, hiding their dishes with tarpaulins or disguising them in air conditioning units,

Asian Economic Slide Continues

Asia’s two weakest economies fell further into recession in the third quarter as exports from Singapore and Taiwan continued to fall and investment and consumer spending slowed at an even faster rate than before. Indonesia, however, enjoyed a surprisingly strong third quarter, driven by robust consumer demand and a better export showing than any country in the region, although this is unlikely to last. In August, the controversial former president, Abdurrahman Wahid, was replaced by the popular Megawati Soekarnoputri. Sentiment has, however, begun to deteriorate again as the political situation has stagnated; the currency is also depreciating again and foreign investment has shown no signs of returning.

US Easing Pressure on Hezbollah

The US seems prepared to back off on efforts to pressure Lebanon and Syria to act against Hezbollah. Administration sources said the State Department and the White House have agreed that significant pressure on Lebanon or Syria would divert from the military offensive in Afghanistan. The sources said Arab allies of the United States as well as France and Russia are opposed to a U.S. campaign against Hezbollah.

Last week, the Beirut government rejected a U.S. demand to freeze assets of groups deemed as terrorists by Washington. Lebanese government leaders said they regard Hezbollah and Palestinian insurgency groups as conducting what they termed a legitimate war of liberation against Israel.

Evidently the State Department said through back channels that the demands to Lebanon and Syria to crack down on Hezbollah was just an effort to quiet down rumblings from Congress and from Israel.

Gulf Region Has Lock on Energy for Next 10 Years

Oil industry analysts said Iran as well as Arab states in the Persian Gulf and Middle East will continue to produce a large percentage of natural gas and oil for the global market. They said the West will continue to be heavily dependent on Arab oil for the next 10 years and perhaps until 2020.

A report by the International Energy Agency said the dominance of Arab and Iranian oil is assured by the huge investment required to develop new sources of gas and oil. Such a level of investment estimated at up to $600 billion by 2010 would be difficult given a net increase in total reserves over the last year.

The IAE study estimated that global oil demand will climb by a net 20 million barrels a day over the next 10 years. The report said 95 percent of the increase will come from the non-developed world.

Putin and Bush Fail To Agree on Missile Defense

Putin and Bush Fail To Agree on Missile Defense
Vol: 2 Issue: 16 Friday, November 16, 2001

After three days of talks, Presidents Bush and Putin have not yet come to a meeting of the minds on missile defense. But Putin assured that the failure to agree does not mean that it will cause a rift between the two men — or the two countries.

Mulla Omar Still Defiant

Taliban leader Mulla Omar says he’d rather die than ‘join an evil government’ in Afghanistan. Speaking of a UN proposed multi-ethnic Afghani government, he told the BBC, “We will not accept a government of wrong-doers.” The ‘wrong-doers’ are those who side with the democracies — the great Satan that opposes an Islamic form of government. In the eyes of Mulla Omar and his gang of thugs, al-Qaeda are the good guys. Omar spoke of a larger strategy — the destruction of America.

In his words, “The real matter is the extinction of America, and God willing, it will fall to the ground.” This is more than just bluster. The imminent destruction of the United States is really a message to his allies and fighters that, despite claims to the contrary, neither the Taliban nor al Qaeda are defeated. To avoid losing all legitimacy or control, Omar and Osama bin Laden must strike back at the United States — and soon. If they don’t, they will be exposed as a paper tiger.

Moussaoui May Not Have Been Number 20

FBI investigators have now concluded that an alleged Yemeni terrorist wanted by German authorities was meant to be the fifth hijacker on the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania on 9/11 and not Zacarias Moussaoui, the terrorist suspected of being the 20th hijacker who is now being held as a material witness in New York. Ramzi Binalshibh, apparently failed in three attempts to gain entry into the US despite attempts by hijacking ringleader Mohammed Atta.

Another Terrorist Captured

In the UK, authorities have arrested Abdelghani Ait-Haddad of south London. Ait-Haddad has been detained in connection with a 1992 bombing at Algiers airport. Nine people were killed and 123 wounded in the attack.

Russia Continues to Lambaste Chechnya

Russian forces have delivered a series of air strikes and rocket attacks in the southeast of the breakaway republic, according to the Interfax news agency. The air strikes destroyed a guerrilla stronghold, a radio transmitter, and blocked two re-supply lines near the Georgian border.

Gulf Cooperation Council Says Thanks, But No Thanks

The Gulf Cooperation Council told the United States it wasn’t interested in partcipating in the proposed US missile defense umbrella. United Arab Emirates Defense Minister Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan said, “GCC countries have no intention to take part in the U.S. Stars Wars project at present.” Rumsfeld and military commanders toured U.S. allies in the Gulf over the summer and urged them to agree to a plan that would establish a regional missile defense umbrella. Al Nayan’s statement was the first official rejection of the plan by the GCC.

France Tries To Evade US Technology Transfer Restrictions

The French launched a last-minute bid to retain a $190 million project to install electronic warfare systems in Turkey’s F-16 fleet. The Pentagon had banned the transfer of software source codes to installFast 16 electronic warfare system in some 80 F-16 multi-role Turkish jets. The French company Thales told Ankara it could find a way around the U.S. restrictions.

Boeing Markets Tankers To Arabs

Boeing is marketing its new tanker aircraft to Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Boeing wants to sell up to three 767 T-T tanker planes to the UAE as part of its business development plans targeting the Arab Middle East in general.

Saddam Moves Against Kurdish Separatists In The North

Iraq has again amassed forces in the north in what appears to be an imminent confrontation with Kurdish separatists. Kurdish sources said Iraqi troops have been deployed along the Kurdish autonomous areas near the Turkish border. They include a concentration of forces near Dohouk, Irbil, Mosul and Suleimaniya. The Iraqi deployment includes surface-to-surface missiles.

Terrorist Plan WMD Attack Against Israel

Israeli national security council adviser Maj. Gen. Uzi Dayan told a Knesset subcommittee that the nation must brace for a terrorist attack involving weapons of mass destruction. Israeli officials said authorities have been placed on alert to counter any WMD attack. They said the government has imported millions of vaccinations against anthrax.

US Preparing For War With Iraq

The United States plans to launch a campaign to oust Saddam Hussein in Iraq as part of the international campaign against terrorism. The plan calls for U.S. aerial bombing to support anti-Saddam opposition forces in the country. Turkey’s Hurriyet newspaper broke the story, dubbing it the “Rumsfeld Plan”. According to the paper, the main features of the Rumsfeld Plan include maintaining Iraqis current territorial integrity, dashing Kurdish hopes for their own state. But the US version for a future Iraqi government makes room for the Kurds as members of a representative central government. The plan has the enthusiastic support of Turkey, who has been promised a share of the Iraqi oilfields in Karkuk in Northern Iraq, a deal worth some $50 billion to the Turks.

New Non-Lethal Noise Weapon Unveiled

The San Diego-based American Technology Corp. unveiled the Directed Stick Radiator in what executives said was a response to a Pentagon call for new technology and equipment to fight terrorism. The device is said to be suitable for use in airliners. The device employs a high intensity acoustic pressure wave to disable rioters up to 100 meters away. The US Army is very interested, and asked American Technology to submit the DSR technology to the Pentagon for funding consideration. This includes configurations of its HyperSonic Sound and NeoPlanar loudspeaker technologies for non-weapon-related military audio applications.

Libya Considers Oil For Guns Deal

Diplomatic sources said President Vladimir Putin plans to meet Libyan ruler Moammar Khaddafy in Moscow within the next six weeks. They will discuss a deal in which Moscow will get oil rights in Libya, and Tripoli will be permitted to purchase advanced Russian weaponry. Libya plans to upgrade its MiG fighter-jet and T-72 tank fleet. Virtually of its systems were obtained from the former Soviet Union.

Taliban ‘Defeat’ Was Strategic Redeployment

Taliban ‘Defeat’ Was Strategic Redeployment
Vol: 2 Issue: 15 Thursday, November 15, 2001

The Taliban were removed from their strongholds in northern Afghanistan. But they weren’t defeated, no matter how it looks from here. Their sudden withdrawal from Afghanistan’s cities suggested they had cracked under the pressure of U.S. bombing and Northern Alliance offensives. They have simply made some strategic withdrawals. An examination of the Taliban withdrawal suggests the group has intentionally surrendered territory to change tactics to something they are more comfortable with.

The Taliban pulled out essentially without a fight. It was easy — too easy. Neither our bombing campaign nor the offensive launched by the Northern Alliance can account for it. The Taliban’s reputation for fighting to the last man is legendary and was established as fact during its war with the Soviet Union.

Not a Retreat But An Orderly Withdrawal

The Taliban’s retreat was premeditated and orderly. The fighting that occurred was a rear-guard action, often carried out by foreign troops. Pakistani volunteers were left behind in Mazar-e-Sharif, and Arab troops handled a dedicated and coordinated rear-guard action in Kabul. The Taliban troops deployed armor to cover their withdrawal from Kabul that took place at night. That limited U.S. air strikes and allowed the Taliban to decide when and where the Northern Alliance would be able to hit them.

Analysis: The withdrawal by the Taliban troops was intentional and orderly. They were not routed. They’ve simply shed their extraneous baggage. They are hunkering down in familiar territory, reinforced by al-Qaeda volunteers. It isn’t over yet, by a long shot. And what it means to us ‘over here’ is that the terror war against the United States isn’t over, either.

al-Qaeda Remains Active in Europe, Australia

11 members of an Islamic group suspected of having ties to Osama bin Laden have been arrested in Spain. Spanish Interior Minister Mariano Rajoy said that the Mujahideen Movement group was active in recruiting volunteers for radical Islamic causes. Volunteers were subsequently sent to training camps in Afghanistan. Pajoy stressed that the group was not preparing terrorist attacks in Spain.

Australian officials are investigating a website club carrying messages supporting Osama bin Laden that was established two days before the US terrorist attacks. The “War in Afghanistan” site details have been forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) via the US embassy in Australia. The site contains 76 members and lists the group as having three founders with apparently fictitious names.

Egypt Demands Halt To “Blind Aid” to Israel

Egypt, recipient of more US aid than any other Arab nation, demanded yesterday that the US stop what Hosni Mubarak termed “blind military aid”. If not, threatened the Egyptians, Israel’s neighbors may respond by stocking up on “weapons of mass slaughter – nuclear, chemical and biological”, that Egypt says may “lead to catastrophe.” History has proved that in the Middle East, such prophecies tend to be self-fulfilling.

Powell Says Violence No Barrier to Peace

Secretary of State Colin Powell suggested he was in error when he supported Israel’s demand for a week of peace before implementing the Mitchell Peace Plan. Powell is also likely to withdraw his support for the Tenet Agreement that also requires the Palestinians to cease fire as a prerequisite to peace negotiations in a major policy speech he will deliver next week. Some time ago, Ariel Sharon warned that Israel would not be sacrificed to advance US foreign policy. It appears that is exactly what the State Department is preparing to do. And it is exactly the scenario foretold by the Hebrew prophets, who foretold a coming day when Jerusalem would be a “cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem.” – Zechariah 12:2 The timeframe given for the fulfillment of this prophecy is the last days. Strange days. Days like these.

US Space Force A Coming Reality

Washington is getting closer to placing weapons in space. America’s competitors will try to neutralize U.S. dominance through high- and low-tech anti-satellite weapons. But as one Pentagon official put it, Washington is now acquiring systems to ”take things out in orbit.”

A New “Space Race”

Washington’s military space programs will raise concerns in the international community and among arms control advocates. Washington will continue to resist efforts to ban space weapons. The old saw, “if you can’t beat them . . .’ is applicable here.

Europe, Russia, China, India and numerous other nations will have little choice but to develop space weapons of their own. Jesus warned that as we approached the end of the age, “there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity” [Luke 21:25]

Distressed and perplexed is a perfect word picture for the global reaction to the US space weapons program. Americans sometimes forget we make up only about 5% of the global population, despite our power and wealth.

What About Russia?

Russia’s Military Space Forces were placed under the control of the Strategic Rocket Forces (RVSN) in 1997. Russia’s Security Council ordered the formation of the Russian Military Space Forces last June. Reversing the 1997 order and reinstating the RVSN means Moscow is as serious about deploying an outer space military as the Pentagon is. The next territorial war between East and West could well be for the International Space Station.

Alliance Bypasses Northern Cities

Alliance Bypasses Northern Cities
Vol: 2 Issue: 14 Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Alliance Bypasses Northern Cities

The Northern Alliance detached some of its forces from the captured city of Kabul to finish the battles for the northern cities of Konduz and Khanabad. Both cities had reportedly fallen to the Northern Alliance, but the fact is, alliance forces bypassed these cities in the rush to take the capital. Now that they have Kabul, they have to go back and finish the job to the north.

Taliban Still Hold Parts of Northern Cities

Taliban and al-Qaeda resistance persists in five pockets around the predominantly Shiite town of Herat. The Taliban still has some 3,000 troops in that area, according to DebkaFile. And the Taliban fought off Alliance troops at Mazar-e-Sharif, recapturing the town’s northern suburbs, including the Alliance’s ammunition dumps. In Konduz and Khanabad, close to 15,000 Taliban and al Qaeda fighters are fiercely defending the two fortified towns with the help of 120 tanks and a large quantity of artillery. In addition, reports DebkaFile, a large group of Chinese Muslims are fighting alongside the al Qaeda-Taliban armies, together with some 500 Saudis.

Taliban, al-Qaeda Plan Guerrilla War

Mulla Mustafa Omar, Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Zuwehiri held a war council Tuesday where they decided that while they had taken a beating, they were not yet beaten, contrary to reports in the Western media. The Taliban and al-Qaeda believe they can fight a successful guerilla war throughout the Afghanistan winter, and they evidently intend to try.

Israel Rejects UN Demands

Israel rejected a demand by the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council for the Israel Defense Forces to pull out of the last positions it still holds in Palestinian areas. They don’t believe Arafat is serious about peace, and even if he was, they have no confidence he could pull it off if he wanted to.

Arafat faces three sources of pressure, and that the force exerted by each is increasing. He faces pressure from the US and Europe; he faces military-economic pressure exerted by Israel; and he must address internal debates and misgivings in the PA leadership. And he is either unwilling or unable to satisfy everyone, so he has apparently decided to do what comes naturally. Stall, make promises, and continue the terror. And Israel isn’t about to pull out as long as the risk remains.

Russia’s War on Terror Continues

Russian forces have killed 14 Chechen rebels in the last 24 hours, Itar-Tass news agency reported. Authorities also arrested 31 people on suspicion of membership in illegal armed formations. Russian headquarters said that forces had conducted about 20 special operations in Kurchaloi, Nozhai-Yurt, Shatoi, Vedeno and Itum-Kale districts during the same period.

Jordan Questions US Categories of Terrorists

Jordanian government spokesman spokesman Salih al-Qallab has urged the US government to review its decision to add the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas and Lebanon’s Hezbollah to its list of terrorist organizations. He told the Jordan Times, “The Palestinian and Arab groups which operate for the sake of Palestinian independence cannot be classified as terrorist organizations.”

Get used to this kind of nonsense. Arafat has been pushing the notion that he is onboard with the US war on terrorism — as long as it doesn’t include him. Although President Bush told the UN that there is ‘no such thing as a good terrorist’ the White House has proved itself more than willing to compromise if it feels the end justifies the means.

The Bush Dilemma

The President has painted himself into a corner with his public support for Palestinian statehood. Senior Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said Tuesday that President Bush’s credibility would be on the line if he failed to make good on his vision of a Palestinian state.

That is the only part that was heard in the Middle East — a PA state. The part about ‘peace and security’ for Israel was just white noise. Bush gave Arafat a blank check with his endorsement — whether or not the Palestinians keep their commitments is a matter of perspective.

And if Bush says they are not, the Arabs can counter that he isn’t keeping his promise to work toward a Palestinian state. No matter what the Palestinians do. When it comes to double-dealing and misinformation, Bush is hopelessly outclassed, and we can expect to see him hopelessly outmaneuvered.

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Kabul Falls to Northern Alliance

Kabul Falls to Northern Alliance
Vol: 2 Issue: 13 Tuesday, November 13, 2001

In a stunning development, the capital city of Kabul fell to the Northern Alliance late Monday night as the Taliban apparently abandoned it and fled to the south. Northern Alliance forces began moving into the capital in pickup trucks loaded with soldiers armed with rifles and rocket launchers. There was no shooting as the opposition forces took over a military barracks that only hours before had been in Taliban hands.

Washington had been concerned that the Northern Alliance would take the city and not turn it over to a transitional government to be set up by Washington, Moscow and the six nations that border Afghanistan. Now that the Northern Alliance holds the Afghan capital, that concern has turned to alarm. Officials from eight nations including the United States, Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan converged in New York Nov. 12 to discuss the formation of a broad-based coalition government in Afghanistan.

bin-Laden May Have WMD, Evidence Shows

As American forces moved deeper into Afghanistan, they have uncovered evidence suggesting Osama bin-Laden may have been developing weapons of mass destruction, and indeed may have successfully obtained them. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told the New York Times he is worried bin Laden’s boast of having weapons that could kill hundreds or several thousands at time may be true.

The New York Times reported Sunday that the United States had identified three possible weapons-building sites in Afghanistan used by bin Laden’s Al Qaeda network, and had avoided bombing them.

Two of the architects of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program reportedly met with Osama bin Laden at least twice this year

Turkey Rules Out Participating In Attack On Iraq

Turkey’s military has ruled out any participation in a U.S.-led attack on Iraq.

“Any military operation in Northern Iraq is out of question for the time being,” Turkish Chief of Staff Gen. Huseyin Kivrikoglu said.

Kivrikoglu’s assertion was the strongest expression against the prospect that Washington would launch a military offensive against Iraq in any second stage of the U.S.-led war against terrorism. Turkey is a major trading partner of Iraq.

US To Sell Egypt Artillery Upgrade

Pentagon officials said Egypt plans to order an upgrade of its arsenal of M-109 A2/A3 155 mm howitzers. The proposed project would upgrade all 201 systems.

The M-109 was one of the first U.S. systems delivered to Egypt after the peace treaty with Israel in 1979. The systems, with a range of 21 kilometers, were deployed in 1984.

The Bush administration has approved the Egyptian request and notified Congress of a possible sale.

White House Planning To Announce Middle East Peace Plan

Diplomatic sources said the plan is being drafted by the State Department and White House. The plan will call for the establishment of a Palestinian state as a first step.

The White House’s intended plan has already been conveyed to both the Palestinians and Israelis. Colin Powell met both Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and PA Chairman Yasser Arafat in New York on Sunday. Powell said the administration is “moving more aggressively” toward the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Bush Caved To Saudi Pressure, Say US Officials

Saudi anger at the Bush administration prompted the president to revise his original speech to the United National General Assembly and include Washington’s support for a Palestinian state and a solution of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The original draft was to have dealt exclusively with the U.S.-led war against international terrorism, according to US officials.

The fact that the establishment of a Palestinian state is the moral equivalent to endorsing state supported terrorism will not be lost on global terrorists who have their own agenda. It is a strange position for us to take in the midst of our own war on terror, but there it is.

Although we believe that President Bush is unquestionably born-again, his policies suggest that his Biblical education has not progressed much past John 3:3.

James Bond Seeking Internet Informants

British MI5 has posted a message in Arabic in the discussion forums of several fundamental Islamic websites in the hope that users shocked by the 11 September attacks might approach the intelligence agency with terrorist information. The appeal message has been posted on a Saudi opposition site and a Chechen pro-jihad site as well as other unnamed Arab websites.

Taliban To Postpone Trial of Christians

The Taliban supreme court has postponed the trial of eight foreign aid workers, fearing that the recent air strikes would cloud the justices’ judgment and lead to an unfair ruling, according to the Pakistani Dawn. The defendants are two U.S. women, two Australians and four Germans who are all accused of spreading Christianity in Afghanistan.

Moscow Coordinating Oil Production Cuts

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov met with the leaders of Russia’s oil industry Nov. 12 to discuss plans to stabilize world oil prices. The meeting comes during a visit by Saudi Arabian Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi, one of the key proponents of production cuts and a powerful player within OPEC. Last week Russia announced that it would consider production cuts in line with OPEC in order to raise falling world oil prices.

Northern Alliance Planning Advance on Kabul

Northern Alliance Planning Advance on Kabul
Vol: 2 Issue: 12 Monday, November 12, 2001

Northern Alliance sources north of Kabul say they may begin an advance on frontlines north of the city today to capitalize on a momentum that has given them least 40 per cent of Afghanistan in the past two days. President Bush asked the Alliance not to take Kabul before a viable political solution is found for Afghanistan. Instead, Washington wants the Alliance to surround the city but not go in. Bush told a news conference, “We will encourage our friends to head south across the Shomali plains but not into the city of Kabul itself, and we believe we can accomplish our military missions by that strategy.”

Taliban Bets On Propaganda War

Pentagon intelligence officials said the Taliban militia continues to use disinformation in its propaganda war against the United States. One operation involved bringing a group of foreign journalists from Pakistan in a caravan at night with the goal of inciting a U.S. air strike on the vehicles. The Pentagon also released reconnaissance photos that showed the Taliban placing a helicopter near a mosque in a residential area of Heart with the goal of inviting a U.S. air strike that could also destroy the mosque.

US Seeking Expanded Cooperation

Gen. Tommy Franks visited the Uzbek capital of Tashkent to discuss expanded U.S. operations from Uzbekistan. He was turned down cold by Uzbekistan s President Islam Karimov. Franks wanted Uzbek government permission to use the US base there for offensive special forces commando operations.

Karimov is under pressure from the Russian government not to expand the military operations from Uzbekistan. Franks then turned to Tajikistan, where Taijik military experts are exploring the possible use of the Kulyab air base for operations by U.S. forces.

Up to 8,000 Uzbek Islamic radicals are fighting on the side of the Taliban. And Russian military forces are being reinforced on Tajikistan s border with Afghanistan. Troops from the 201st Motor Rifle Division would be added to the border region.

Journalist Killed By Taliban

A French journalist was killed in a Taliban ambush near Afghanistan’s north east border with Tajikistan. Johanne Sutton, of radio station RFI, was with a convoy which was attacked after leaving a Northern Alliance base in Khoja Bahauddin, Takhara.

In addition, there are unconfirmed reports of a missing man and injuries among those traveling in the convoy.

Russian Offering New High Tech Weapons For Sale

Russia s arms export agency, Rosoboronexport, is offering two new radio frequency weapons for sale. Washington is worried that China and Iran may be customers for the electronic warfare weapons. The weapons, Ranets-E and Rosa-E, represent non-flying weapon systems, developed by Russian researchers since the late 1990s.

Ranets-E is a mobile radio frequency defense system against precision guided weapons. It consists of an antenna, high-power generator, control and measuring equipment, and an energy supply sub-system. The system puts out 500 megawatts and produces impulses of 10-20 nanoseconds.

The Rosa-E is an anti-radar system with a range of 500 kilometers that can be installed on an aircraft. It produces 5 to 10 kilowatts of power.

Kremlin Tests Strategic Missiles

Russia’s strategic nuclear forces conducted test firings of two intercontinental ballistic missiles. The first test was of the SS-27 Topol missile from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome on Nov. 1. The Russian Navy also carried out a test firing of a SSN-18 submarine-launched ballistic missile.

China Continues Military Build Up Along Western Border

China s People s Liberation Army is continuing to build up military forces in the western part of the country. Additional ground forces were spotted by U.S. intelligence agencies as they moved into western Xinjiang province over the last two weeks. The redeployment comes amid growing anti-American sentiment in official Chinese news media.

Bin-Laden Admits 9/11 Attacks, Denies Anthrax Mailings

In a video that al-Jazeera has been sitting on for two weeks, Osama bin Laden admitted that he ordered the hijacking assaults on the World Trade Center and Pentagon that claimed the lives of 4,537 victims. But he told a Pakistani reporter on Thursday that he was not behind the anthrax mailings. Not that his denial necessarily means anything, but FBI profilers believe the anthrax mailer is a lone Unabomber-style nutcase, rather than a member of the al-Qaeda network.

US intelligence officials have expressed concern about a fertilizer plant in Mazar-i-Sharif, which had been run by al-Qaida and the Taliban until the Northern Alliance captured the area on Friday.

Equipment at the site could be used to make biological or chemical weapons. Another site in Kabul which made anthrax vaccine and was used by the Taliban was also a worry for intelligence analysts because of the equipment it contained.

Iraq Threatens US With Nuclear Retaliation

Iraq Threatens US With Nuclear Retaliation
Vol: 2 Issue: 11 Sunday, November 11, 2001

Iraq is threatening nuclear retaliation for any attack on the regime of President Saddam Hussein. U.S. defense sources said intelligence agencies and the Pentagon agree that Saddam has made the most explicit threats since the 1991 Gulf war that he is ready to use nuclear weapons. They said Iraq appears to be preparing either nuclear or radiation bombs in response to any U.S.-led attack on Saddam.

The Baghdad-based Babel daily, published by Saddam’s son, Uday, reported that the president met with the head of the nation’s nuclear and defense programs. The newspaper, reserved for the most authoritative messages from the regime, said Iraqi nuclear chiefs have pledged to accelerate their nuclear programs in defense of the nation.

al-Qaeda Planning Attack on New Delhi

According to the Times of India, Nepalese authorities have imposed strict security on Kathmandu international airport after receiving “credible information” that a terrorist cell linked to bin Laden was planning to hijack a Singaporean airliner and crash it into the Indian capital New Delhi. The warning was received from Chennai civil aviation authorities.

Saudis “Offended,” Threatens Coalition

Saudi media deemed President ush’s refusal to meet Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was a ‘calculated’ snub yesterday. They said Washington’s stand on Middle East peace could sink its anti-terror coalition.

“The refusal…is a calculated snub and it gives the lie to stories put out by Washington that it plans a new initiative to get Middle East peace talks back on track or that it supports a Palestinian state,” the Arab News daily said. “It is also an unbelievably ill-judged decision when Washington is desperate for Arab support in the war against terrorism,” the English-language newspaper said in an editorial.

And what is Washington’s stand on Middle East peace that they find so offensive? Bush said that “there is no such thing as a good terrorist.” Arafat, together with other Arab states bordering Israel, have been trying to make the case Hamas and Hezbollah are really ‘freedom fighters.” Bush said at the UN that ‘no national aspirations, no remembered wrong, can ever justify the deliberate murder of the innocent.”

And, as we published in yesterday’s Omega Letter, Arafat did not make the much anticipated declaration of Palestinian statehood at the General Assembly.

UAE Warns, “Arab Goals Will Still Be Achieved”

“Everyone must understand that the Arab world has not offered a blank cheque and is still able to achieve its rights by all possible means in spite of everyone,” the UAE Arabic-language Al Bayan said in an editorial following Bush’s speech.

Israeli Cabinet Ministers Warned Not To Sleep At Home

In spite of Bush’s pointed warning to the Palestinians that there is no such thing as a good terrorist, Israel is on high terror alert, going so far as to warn its ministers of Defense and Health not to sleep in their homes for fear they may be targets of assassination.

As we reported in a recent Omega Letter, the Palestinians are adopting Israel’s policy of targeted assassination, hoping to deflect the global condemnation suicide attacks have drawn in the aftermath of 9/11.

Northern Alliance At Outskirts of Kabul

Afghanistan’s opposition Northern Alliance says it has captured a town commanding the main road to Kabul – and is poised to attack the capital. The Alliance says it has “reached the gates of Kabul” by taking Pul-i-Khumri and could attack Kabul “at any time”.

Alliance forces also captured the province of Takhar, including the opposition’s former capital Taloqan.

The Politics of Fear

In Thailand, some 20,000 Muslims held a mass prayer for peace after their leaders rallied against the US and urged an end to bombing in Afghanistan.

President Bush is pressuring the alliance to bypass capturing Kabul, fearing that once they hold the city, they will attempt to form a government. Pakistan strongly opposes a Northern Alliance government, since it was behind the installation of the Taliban in the first place. Bush wants to compromise with Islamabad by installing a government made up of a wider balance of ethnic groups within Afghanistan — including supposedly ‘moderate’ Taliban officials.

The problem is, designating a Taliban as a ‘moderate’ is the semantic equivalent to designating a terrorist a ‘freedom fighter.’ Get used to the politics of appeasing Islam. It is undergoing a fundamental change. It used to be the politics of oil. It is morphing into the politics of fear. The fear of increased terror attacks — and the fear of looking afraid. But it’s fear, nonetheless. And it isn’t pretty to watch.

Editorial Note:

Today is Veteran’s Day. The Omega Letter salutes the veterans of the past who offered themselves to preserve our freedom, and to those veterans of the present who are putting themselves in harm’s way to keep us free. We pray the Lord’s protection on them all and offer them our profound thanks. To the veterans of the past, we say “well done.” To those now risking their lives in Afghanistan and who knows where else, we say “God bless.” Remember them as you worship this Lord’s Day.

The Omega Letter Staff

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